10 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone Right!

As we age our skin tends to lose elasticity and our muscle mass decreases. For any person this can be a harsh reality to face nut for a celebrity it may be a bit more difficult to face. Celebrities are no different than all of us the only thing that is for certain is the fact that their appearances are what their careers depend on.

Many of us have heard of horror stories about people who have gone under the knife and  only to wake up to a harsh reality. Today we would like to take a different approach and we are going to talk about 10 celebrity plastic surgeries that have actually gone as intended.

Megan Fox

This young celebrity constantly denies any accusation about having gone under the knife in order to improve her looks, however; most tabloids and fans beg to differ. The two major areas where improvements have been noticed are her lips and nose but, be that as it may; she looks so natural that it is in fact hard to tell whether or not she received an artificial boost or not. Due to these amazing results, Megan Fox is definitively worthy of mention.

If you enjoy movies such as monster in Law, then you know how good Jane Fonda looked as the evil mother-in-law. This is all due to the magic of plastic surgery which has made her look even better today than what she looked 10 years ago. If you are wondering what her most recent improvements have been, then you have to pay close attention to her chin and cheeks.

Kate is one of those celebrities that you would not even consider to put on a list such as this, however; the fact remains that Kate as well as Nicole Richie both use the extremely delicate and accurate services of Garth Fisher who happens to be one of the finest plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. Kate sought to augment her breasts in a way that it wouldn’t look unnatural. That is exactly what Garth Fisher accomplished. Thumbs up for boobs well done!

Ashley Tisdale

This rather young Disney star went under the knife to have rhinoplasty for a deviated septum. Those are all big words to describe her nose job which as you can imagine created quite a frenzy amongst her fans. Ashley proves that you are never too young to "get things done!"

This newly acclaimed “most beautiful woman in the world” admitted to have tried Botox injections in order to enhance her looks however; she clearly said that she will never do it again as it made her look like Joan Rivers which is something that’s hard to picture. Gwenyth has said that she usually says no to plastic surgery with the exception of boob jobs. If you are a fan of the Iron man saga then you might want to pay close attention!

As you can imagine, Jennifer Lopez plastic surgeries have all been quite successful. Simple comparison of a picture of her from 1997 to 1 taken in 2008 can quickly reveal the magic of her plastic surgeon. From nose to Botox to chin, she has had them all fixed in a way that is quite pleasing to the eyes. Jennifer Lopez is one of the best examples of what good plastic surgery can do for you.

If you follow the sitcom comedy “Friends” then you definitely noticed quite an evolution when it comes to Jennifer Aniston’s looks. A quick glance at a picture from 1992 quickly reveals that she has had a nose job. She has also experimented with Botox in a very successful manner and she has had her chin done as well. Her plastic surgery procedures have been so successful that it is virtually impossible to tell how old she is at this point.

If you are a dancing with the stars fan then you absolutely noticed that rather thick celebrity that try to keep up with professional dancers. Kelly Osbourne has gone through an incredible transformation and she adamantly denies that it has anything to do with plastic surgery however; losing 70 pounds seems rather difficult without a little “help” if you know what I mean.

This famous movie star, recently known for her role as the black widow in the movie “the Avengers ” denies rumors of having gone under the knife to improve her looks. Be that as it may, a quick glance pictures from five years ago clearly shows that the nose has become even more perfect than it was in the past and her boobs have grown considerably. If all of those contributions are God-given than all we have to say is: thank you Jesus!

Yes, I can hear you questioning the reasons as to why someone like Brad Pitt would even resort to plastic surgery as he is one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. Even if you look at one of his pictures from 15 years ago compare it to one of his most recent pictures, it is quite hard to tell what he had fixed. Pay close attention to these ears though, as they weren't always “that perfect.”

With this we conclude our list of the 10 most notorious celebrity plastic surgeries which have actually gone right. All the credit must be given to those hard-working plastic surgeons who are able to take something pretty and turn it into something beautiful.

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