10 Celebrities Who Ruined Their Hair With Extensions

Bad hair days happen to each and every one of us, including celebrities. Stars may have personal hairstylists who travel around with them and access to the latest and greatest hair products, but that does not mean that they don’t experience the occasional bad hair day. Sometimes celebrities dye their hair unflattering colors. Other times they try new haircuts that are just a bit too experimental. Sometimes they get the wrong extensions that do nothing to enhance their natural manes.

When done right, hair extensions can be great. They can add length, volume and thickness. Hair extensions have the power to turn a thin, flat hairstyle into one worthy of a shampoo commercial. They can also help conceal damage from too much styling or dyeing. And that is a common problem when you’re a celeb who is constantly doing red carpet appearances. There is a reason why countless celebrities in Hollywood wear extensions.

You may not even realize that a lot of celebs with great hair actually get a bit of help from extensions because their weaves look so good. However, even when a celebrity goes to a high-end salon and pays a hefty price tag for their extensions, there is no guarantee that their manes will turn out looking flawless. When hair extensions go wrong, it is painfully obvious. A set of scraggly extensions can kill an entire look. A celebrity could be wearing the most spectacular custom-made designer gown but if their extensions look like they have been glued on in the most random spot, that is all people are going to notice. These 10 celebrities got hair extensions and actually made their hair look worse.

10 Britney Spears

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You would think that Britney Spears has been in the music industry long enough to find a good hairdresser to do her extensions but that isn’t the case. She has been the victim of multiple bad weaves. Some have looked blatantly obvious while others have looked like matted, stringy messes. Some have looked so bad that a hairbrush could not even salvage them. There has also been an issue with the color of her weave. Britney has sported some yellow hair extensions that stood out for the wrong reasons against her golden blonde hair. Britney deserves much better and she needs to get a better hairstylist ASAP.

9 Courtney Stodden

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Reality star Courtney Stodden’s look is definitely "more is better"–except when it comes to clothing. She goes for dramatic eyelashes, lots of cleavage, layers of eyeshadow and piles of platinum blonde extensions. She could reduce the number of extensions on her head by half and still have more than enough. Furthermore, her extensions do not look to be in the best condition. The bleached blonde color is to blame and so is the length. Plus, her weave does nothing to flatter her face. Even the shorter pieces do not do anything. The shorter Marilyn Monroe-inspired bob haircut is much more flattering than all the scraggly extensions.

8 Christina Aguilera

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One of the first images that comes to mind when someone thinks about bad hair extensions is Christina Aguilera–or “Xtina” as she was known at the time–during her “Dirrty” period. She added chunky, black, zebra stripe-like extensions to the under layers of her mane that contrasted with the white blonde layers on top. Christina ditched the two-tone extensions awhile ago but that doesn’t mean that her bad extension days are over. Sadly, she still has trouble getting her regular blonde extensions right. Christina has sported various weaves that have been too long with no natural movement. They obviously looked like fake hair.

7 Lindsay Lohan

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6 Paris Hilton

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5 Beyonce

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4 Jenny McCarthy

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Long blonde hair may be popular but it isn’t always the best look, as evidenced by Jenny McCarthy’s hair extensions. The ends of her extensions aren’t straggly but they would be better if a few inches were chopped off. Jenny looks like she has two walls of hair on either side of her face. The issue with her weave isn’t just that her extensions are too long and lifeless, it is also the color. Her hair color stretches the definition of blonde. Her mane is a pale yellow color. No one would have that shade growing naturally out of their head. It is blatantly obvious that it is fake. The bad color only further emphasizes the too-long hair pieces.

3 Pamela Anderson

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2 Betsey Johnson

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Fashion designers are known for their creative designs and it appears that designer Betsey Johnson took the same imaginative approach to her hair as she does her clothes. Whether her hair is long or short, Betsey always has some sort of hair extensions in it. She often has some multicolored pieces added in random spots all over her head. Plus, she is never without some sort of chunky bang hair piece. The resulting look is messy and in need of a hairbrush to tame it. Betsey’s wild piece-y hairstyle is a long way away from her shorter, simpler hairstyle.

1 Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner may have a burgeoning beauty empire complete with her own wig line, but even she has sported a bad weave or two. She likes to frequently switch up her hairstyle. She can go from a short blue and black bob one day to long blonde extensions the next. One issue with Kylie’s hair pieces is that they are way too long. She goes for piles of long extensions that do nothing but overwhelm her. All you see is long hair. It is too much. It takes away from her face and her outfit–it doesn’t matter how bold the rest of her look is.


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