10 Celebrities Who Let Themselves Go

Life is hard. Stress about money, love and work overwhelm us on a daily basis. It’s easy to let some things slide. When it comes to food we find comfort, especially in food that tastes good and is awful for our bodies. If television shows like The Biggest Loser are any indication, even the most normal person can slip and suddenly gain a ton of weight. Maintaining a pristine collection of hair, that cover-girl assembly of make-up, and a stylish wardrobe on top of a trim figure is a full-time job. For celebrities it’s not just a job but a way of life, an image, a brand. But for some, when the spotlights fade and the movie roles slow to a trickle they care less about their image. Many also battle addictions like drugs and alcohol, or lose their fortunes and means of maintaining a classy image. Others grow old and wise and gain a Derek Zoolander-like insight that there’s more to life than being really, really, really good looking. Here are ten celebrities that for whatever reason, let themselves go.

10 Axl Rose

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The Guns N' Roses front man blasted his way into the 1990s with a river of shimmering red hair, an ear-piercing voice and a wardrobe filled with leather pants. In the mode of Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger, Axl Rose was long and lean and often appeared shirtless. Like all of us Rose has grown older and gained a bit of weight since his heydays as a 1990 hair-band rock legend. Unlike most of us, Rose did drugs and drank vats of alcohol and was prescribed medications for manic depression, which he may or may not have had. Living the life of a rock star certainly puts one onto a path of luxury, and Rose seems to have taken full advantage of that. He may have gained a bit of weight but he can still belt out a tune even at the ripe old age of 52.

9 Kirstie Alley

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We almost don’t want to put this poor woman on this list. She’s had a very public battle with her weight since the early 2000s. Kirstie Alley claims she’s always just eaten whatever she wanted and never gained weight until hitting early menopause. Making a life altering change to something you’ve done for forty-plus years of your life was obviously tough on her. Alley’s weight has fluctuated up and down ever since, but there’s hope. Alley lost over 100 pounds in 2011 and went on to appear on Dancing with the Stars. Alley appears as if she’s finally managed to keep the weight off and looks great. She’s even become a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig.

8 Brendan Fraser

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7 Val Kilmer

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Speaking of aging men who put on some weight… What happened Val? We loved you in Top Gun, Willow, The Saint, Top Secret, Tombstone, Heat, and everything else you did, but then again…all those movies are pretty damn old. Kilmer never left the industry but the popularity of his movies has dwindled. His weight certainly is not the reason for that, but it’s obvious he doesn’t put the emphasis on a trim figure that he once did. Kilmer continues to appear in film and on stage. He’s active in a variety of charitable efforts and even considered running for Governor in New Mexico.

6 Ozzy Osbourne

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5 Pamela Anderson

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We aren’t the best model for aging gracefully – but neither is Pamela Anderson. Seems to us that when you stop being what made you famous it’s rather hard to go back to being whatever it is that you were before. Pam has apparently decided that despite the evidence to the contrary she’s going to maintain that sexy, big-breasted model look that got her to where she is – even if she isn’t quite able to pull it off at her age. At least she’s trying, even if she looks at times an aging woman clinging desperately to the last vestiges of her youth.

4 John Travolta

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It’s really inevitable. Men get older and grayer and fatter. We wouldn’t make a big deal of it normally, but sometimes it feels like all that is right in world is dashed just by gaining a bit of weight. John Travolta was once a slick, dancing sex-machine with a Brooklyn accent and slicked back hair. He could sing and brought his unique brand of sex appeal to every role he had. But then, like all us men, he got old and a bit heavy. It’s a shame because if Travolta can gain weight and grow old what hope is there for the rest of us normal men?

3 Mickey Rourke

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This type of list isn’t complete without a Mickey Rourke sighting. Rourke was a boxer before becoming an actor. He made it big staring in 9-1/2 Weeks and went on to not only star in a number of other films, but actually turn down several notable roles. However, in 1991 Rourke decided that his boxing career remained unfinished and went back into the ring. He fought eight more times and suffered a number of injuries. He broke his nose, suffered a broken toe, rib and a collapsed cheekbone. He also suffered from short term memory loss. The fights noticeably changed his appearance. He also gained a bit of weight, but later built himself back into shape. Today Rourke is a rather well-known actor who still seems to turn down notable roles that he doesn’t feel would fit him. He appeared in the Iron Man franchise and worked on well-known films like The Wrestler – but we can’t help but wonder what his career might have been if he had not gone back to boxing.

2 Nick Nolte

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Nolte has been a Hollywood icon for decades. He’s appeared in dozens of films, but in in 1960s and 70s he got his start as a model. That’s right the dude who looks an awful lot like the guy who lives under that bridge in your city was once a male model. As a young actor Nolte was a true leading man, but later on in his career he made a living off of supporting roles – some of which he’s won awards for. He’s had a variety of legal troubles over the years but his appearance has degenerated and his wild hair, gravelly voice and aging face make him rather terrifying to behold at times.

1 Lindsay Lohan

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Ah, the poster child for Hollywood child actress gone wrong. The fact that Lohan hasn’t done any work of significance in years and we still talk about her is rather sad. She's like a car wreck, we just can’t turn away. Part of that is because no one can figure out just how it all went so wrong. Well, that’s not true, we have some ideas (money, drugs, alcohol, crazy parents, and bad choices) but really she was a leading lady on a career trajectory that would have made her extremely employable for years to come. Now she’s sort of on the list of “people I hope my daughter doesn’t turn out to be.”

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