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Michele Bachmann Net Worth

Michele Bachmann Net Worth

Net Worth: $2.8 Million

  • Source of Wealth Politician, Lawyer
  • Birth Place Waterloo, Iowa, United States
  • Marital Status Spouse: Marcus Bachmann (m. 1978)
  • Full Name Michele Marie Bachmann
  • Nationality United States
  • Date of Birth April 6, 1956
  • Ethnicity American
  • Occupation Politician
  • Education Marshall-Wythe School of Law (1988), O. W. Coburn School of Law (1979–1986), Winona State University (1978), Anoka High School (1974)
  • Children Sophia Bachmann, Lucas Bachmann, Harrison Bachmann, Elisa Bachmann, Caroline Bachmann
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About Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann’s net worth is believed to up to $2.8 million, according to media reports based on her disclosure filing. Bachmann is a Republican congresswoman from Minnesota who came to national attention during the presidential election of 2008, after a television appearance in which she encouraged the media to “take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out, are they pro-America or anti-America?” She was running for re-election in Minnesota’s 6th district that year, and the remarks sent more than a million dollars in donations to her opponent in the race, but Bachmann won anyway.

A former lawyer for the U.S. Treasury Department, Bachmann began her political career in the 1990s as an advocate for charter schools and a critic of taxes. She was elected to Minnesota’s state senate in 2000 and for six years made her name in local politics as an opponent of taxes, gay marriage and the teaching of evolution in public schools. Although a newcomer to national politics, Bachmann’s congressional campaign in 2006 was strongly supported by the Republican National Committee, and she had help in her campaign from such luminaries as Karl Rove and then-president George W. Bush.