Meles Zenawi Net Worth

Net Worth: $3 Billion
  • Source of Wealth:

  • Age:

  • Birth Place:

    Adwa, Ethiopia
  • Marital Status:

    Married (Azeb Mesfin)
  • Full Name:

    Legesse Meles Asres
  • Nationality:

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About Legesse Meles Asres

Meles Zenawi Asres his net worth currently stands at $3 billion. He was the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia who presided over the country from 1995 to his death in 2012. He was also the President of Ethiopia from 1991 to 1995. He was one of the most recent literate and forward thinking leaders of Africa. Zenawi had an MBA from the United Kingdom, and a Masters of science in economics from Netherlands.

He joined the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) as a member in 1975. Eventually, he was elected as the chairperson of TPLF and EPRDF. Lead by him and other leaders, TPLF was able to assume power in the country in 1991 as the civil war came to an end. Upon becoming the Prime Minister, he introduced a multi-party political system and allowed private press in the country. He agreed to work with the United States against groups and organizations such as Al Qaeda operating out of the country.

He was awarded the Rwanda’ National Liberation Medal and also the “World Peace Prize” for his contributions to global peace. Zenawi also received the “Yara” prize for carrying out a green revolution in the country. Some other awards he had received included the Africa Political Leadership Award in 2008, and the Good Governance award.

He married Azev Mesfin, who is currently a member of the Ethiopian Parliament. Meles Zenawi died at the age of 57 years on the 20th of August, 2012. He died from an infection after having an operation due to a brain tumor.


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