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Julie Heselden Net Worth

Julie Heselden Net Worth

Net Worth: $435 Million

  • Source of Wealth Defence equipment
  • Nationality United Kingdom

About Julie Heselden

Jimi Heselden’s accidental death last year, when he rode a Segway scooter off a cliff, robbed Leeds of a benefactor.

His £290m estate has been split between his widow, Julie, 52, who sits on the board of Hesco Bastion, his military fortification company, and the rest of his family

In 2008,Heselden donated £1.5 million to the Help For Heroes fund through a charity auction bid for nine people to fly with the Red Arrows and, in the same year, set up the Hesco Bastion Fund in his home city with a £10 million donation to the Leeds Community Foundation. A further £3 million was added to the foundation in 2009 and an additional £10 million in 2010.