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Wolfgang Herz Net Worth

Wolfgang Herz Net Worth

Net Worth: $3.8 Billion

  • Source of Wealth Coffee
  • Full Name Wolfgang Herz
  • Nationality German
  • Occupation Businessman

About Wolfgang Herz

Together with his siblings Gunter, Joachim, Michael and Daniela, Wolfgang Herz received a massive fortune from his father’s inheritance. Wolfgang, together with his mother Ingeburg and brother Michael, own Tchibo Holding which is now known as Maxingvest AG. The company now holds 50.47% shares of Beiersdorf AG and Tchibo GmbH, which is known as Germany’s maker Tchibo, the country’s best brand of coffee.

In 2003, there has been a controversy regarding the persistent effort of Wolfgang Herz together with others to kick out his siblings Gunter and Daniela from the company. In 2008, his brother Joachim died due to an accident while swimming in a lake in Georgia. Joachim’s remaining fortune was donated to a charitable foundation.

Wolfgang Herz has an estimated net worth of $3.8 billion as of April 2016 according to Forbes.