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Peter Sperling Net Worth

Peter Sperling Net Worth

Net Worth: $1.22 Billion

  • Source of Wealth Education
  • Nationality American
  • Date of Birth 1960
  • Ethnicity American
  • Occupation Chairman of the Apollo Group
  • Education University of Phoenix

About Peter Sperling

Peter Sperling’s accumulated net worth is $1.22 billion in May 2016, making him one of the richest and most prominent people in Arizona. He is the son of John Sperling, a successful educational entrepreneur. Peter Sperling is a graduate of B.A Economics in the University of California- Santa Barbara. Furthermore, he went to earn his M.B.A from the school that is founded by his father, The University of Phoenix. At present, he currently serves as the Director and Senior Vice President of the Apollo Group, as well as the numerous educational institutions that it governs.

Adding to his list of success, he’s also the president and co-founder of FuzeBox, Inc., originally known as Callwave, Incorporated. In the late 90’s FuzeBox started as an internet and fax answering machine company, but has shifted to video conference call and movie editing platform in an endeavor to remain profitable. He’s also a benefactor of Proposition 7 in 2008, a bill in which all utilities in California are required to get half of their electrical power from renewable energy by the year 2025.