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Jon Huntsman Net Worth

Jon Huntsman Net Worth

Net Worth: $900 Million

  • Source of Wealth Chemicals (Huntsman Corporation)
  • Nationality United States

About Jon Huntsman

Donations: $1.2 billion
Education: BA/BS, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School; MBA, University of Southern California
Marital Status: Married ,Children: 9

Jon Huntsman turned Huntsman Corp. from fast-food container supplier into America’s largest private chemical company via acquisitions. Took public 2004; personally netted $275 million. Sued Apollo Management after firm backed away from buyout agreement; settled for $1 billion 2008. In 2010 won $1.7 million settlement from Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank over roles in spoiled deal.He is the father of former United States Ambassador to China and former Governor of Utah Jon Huntsman, Jr.

In 1992 Jon Huntsman Sr. was diagnosed with prostate cancer; on the way to the hospital for treatment, he made three stops: First the chemicals mogul dropped by a homeless shelter and left a $1 million check. Then he stopped at a soup kitchen and handed over another $1 million check.

Finally he dropped off $500,000 at the clinic that had found his malignancy. Since then Huntsman, who says he plans to give it all away before he dies, has donated the majority of his fortune to his cancer foundation.