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Sarah Winchester Net Worth

Sarah Winchester Net Worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

  • Full Name Sarah Winchester
  • Nationality American
  • Occupation Television actress
  • Children 1

About Sarah Winchester

The net worth of Sarah Winchester is estimated to be $15 Million as of March 2012. She is best known for the wealth from the Winchester Rifle fortune. She is an heir to this, though there are others too like her. Sarah also belongs to the same family that owns the Winchester Mystery House that is famous for its many corridors and staircases that go nowhere. The house has become an extremely popular tourist draw over the years. It was believed before that the members of the Winchester family were all cursed by those whom the Winchester rifle killed. But we see no signs of this with Sarah Winchester at least.

Sarah Winchester appears on television as well. She is a cast member of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” – the 7th season. However, Sarah Winchester is not in the main cast of this television program. She appears off and on as a housewife. The most striking thing about Sarah in the program is the disagreements she has with some of the other cast members who are regulars in the show like Heather and Vicki Gunvalson. She is friends with just a few cast members who are appearing now.

Sarah Winchester has a child as well who is presently 13 years of age. She tries to balance her life between her family and television appearances. She is certainly many things to many people, but Sarah Winchester is of course best known as the great great granddaughter of the person who created and marketed the Winchester Repeating Rifle.