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Stephen Bing Net Worth

Stephen Bing Net Worth

Net Worth: $590 Million

  • Source of Wealth Inherited, Movie Production
  • Nationality American
  • Date of Birth March 31, 1965
  • Ethnicity American
  • Occupation Movie Producer, Humanitarian
  • Education Stanford University (dropped out)
  • Children Damian Charles Hurley, Kira Bonder

About Stephen Bing

Stephen Bing’s Net Worth is estimated to be $590 Million. He is a heir, film producer and businessman. Stephen Bing is the founder of Shangri-La business group, a business with interests in construction, property management, music and entertainment.

He was born on March 31st 1965 to Helen and Peter Bing. Helen is a nurse and Peter is a doctor. When he was 18 years old, he inherited a total of $600 Million from his grandfather (Leo S. Bing). His grandfather had accumulated his wealth from real estate in New York from the 1920s. He went to school in Los Angeles at Harvard-Westlake private school. He wrote the screen play “Missing in Action” before graduating from Harvard-Westlake. This screenplay later became a Chuck Norris film. Bing later joined Stanford University but dropped out in his junior year to go to Hollywood. The animated film “The Polar Express” is one of his most successful projects that earned $285 Million and was one of top box office successes of the year.