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Christopher Reid Net Worth

Christopher Reid Net Worth

Net Worth: $100 Thousand

  • Age 48 years old
  • Birth Place Bronx, New York City
  • Full Name Christopher Reid
  • Nationality American
  • Date of Birth April 5, 1964
  • Occupation Actor, Comedian, Rapper
  • Children 3

About Christopher Reid

Christopher Reid, the rapper, singer and actor as of March 2012, has a net worth of $100 Thousand. Most of the money that he has earned has come from the work he did in films like the House Party, and the sequels House Party 2 and House Party 3. He has also made a considerable fortune from the, War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave. Reid has performed in TV sitcoms like Martin and Sister Sister.  Christopher Reid has made good money from his appearance on the reality magician game show Celebracadabra and by hosting a number of contest shows like the It’s Showtime and Your Big Break. He has been seen performing as a guest on The Dawn and Drew Show and Comics Unleashed.

Christopher Reid is however best known for his performance in the hip hop musical Kid ‘n Play along with Christopher “Play” Martin. His performance here was such a huge hit that Reid has since then been often referred to as “Kid”. Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin together recorded several albums like “Kid ‘n Play’s Funhouse”, “Face the Nation” and “2 Hype”. He earns royalties from them to this day.

Christopher Reid is many things to many people. He has a big fan-following because of his rap performances. But there are those who love his television hosting and the guest appearances too. To others, he is an enigma due to Reid’s extreme fad hairstyle.

There was some trouble with the law-keepers recently. Reid was charged for driving under influence in 2010 and put on probation. He was eventually arrested and jailed when he did not appear before a judge. He was subsequently released from prison.