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Sal Governale Net Worth

Sal Governale Net Worth

Net Worth: $400 Thousand

  • Birth Place Clemson
  • Height 1.74 m
  • Full Name Sal Governale
  • Nationality American
  • Date of Birth September 4, 1967
  • Occupation comedian, writer, former stockbroker
  • Education Pennsylvania State University

About Sal Governale

Sal Governale is a radio personality. His estimated net worth stands at $400 Thousand as of March 2012. He is an American comedian, writer and former stockbroker. Popularly known as “Sal the Stockbroker”, Sal was a stockbroker in New York City where his job was to make frequent call-ins to make fun of Gary Dell ‘Abate. He has also participated in the contest named “Win John’s Job” on the show, and stood second. Though he secured the second position, but interestingly, Sal was hired as writer for the show.

The main source of his wealth was from “The Howard Stern Show” where he has worked as a writer and comedian. Governale is also known as a prankster, as he has done prank calls homoerotic show stunts with Richard. Another of his quality is giving stand-up appearances and creating humor on the show. Sal is also a part of the killers of “Comedy Tour” along with some others like Richard Christy, Jim Florentine, Reverend Bob Levy, Yucko the Clown, and Shuli. This group keeps traveling through the country and gives many standup comedy performances, jokes and skits. They are also joined by Gary the Retard, Bigfoot, The Iron Sheik and Beetlejuice.

There have been many rumors about Sal. Some say that he is not really a stockbroker. Others say that he used to work as a con-artist for a fly-by-night company, which actually sold innocent people fake stocks. But there is no official statement in support of this rumor.