Owen Wilson Net Worth

Net Worth: $60 Million
  • Source of Wealth:

  • Age:

  • Birth Place:

    Dallas, Texas, United States
  • Weight:

    162 lbs (73.48 kg)
  • Marital Status:

  • Full Name:

    Owen Cunningham Wilson
  • Nationality:

    United States
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About Owen Cunningham Wilson

Owen Wilson has an estimated net worth of $45 million. Self-proclaimed troublemaker, Owen Wilson grew up in Texas with his mother, Laura, a photographer, his father who was an ad exec, and his brothers, Andrew Wilson (the eldest) and Luke Wilson (the youngest). Expelled from St. Mark's Academy in Dallas Texas in the tenth grade, Wilson finished his sophomore year at Thomas Jefferson School and then headed to a military academy in New Mexico.

He then attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he met his future mentor and friend, Wes Anderson. They wrote a screenplay, Bottle Rocket (1996), and sent it to their family friend, screenwriter L.M. Kit Carson, who sent it to producer Polly Platt, who gave it to James L. Brooks, who gave the Texans $5 million dollars to make it into a feature film. Despite critical praise, Bottle Rocket (1996) only grossed one million dollars.

After making the film, Wilson moved to Hollywood, setting up a house with his two brothers and Anderson. Fairly quickly, Owen found himself acting in a series of big budget films that scraped the bottom of the critical barrel, such as the dreadful The Cable Guy (1996), The Haunting (1999), Anaconda (1997) and Breakfast of Champions (1999).

ACTOR's Agency: United Talent Agency

Salary according to Vanity Fair:

2010 Earnings according to Vanity Fair Magazine$19.5 Million (2009 rank: 16)

$8 million: Hall Pass (fee for starring in upcoming Farrelly-brothers comedy)$8 million: The Big Year (fee for co-starring in upcoming comedy with Jack Black)$2.5 million: Cars 2 (fee for voice work for upcoming Pixar sequel)$1 million: Older film revenue

Salary according to IMDB:

The Big Year (2011) $8,000,000Cars 2 (2011) $2,500,000Hall Pass (2011) $8,000,000Little Fockers (2010) $15,000,000How Do You Know (2010) $8,000,000Marmaduke (2010) $1,000,000Wedding Crashers (2005) $10,000,000Starsky & Hutch (2004) $10,000,000Behind Enemy Lines (2001) $3,000,000Zoolander (2001) $2,000,000Shanghai Noon (2000) $4,000,000

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Salary from Hall Pass
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Salary from Cars 2
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Salary from The Big Year

Earnings 2010 $19.5 Million

Salary 2010
Salary from the film "Hall Pass"
Salary 2010
Fee for voice work for upcoming sequel Cars 2
Salary 2010
Salary from Little Fockers
Salary 2010
Salary from How Do You Know
Salary 2010
Salary from Marmaduke
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