10 Wrestlers With More Ego Than Talent

Wrestlers are supposed to have huge egos. We all know that, it just makes sense.  Fans love a confident wrestler that believes in himself and is good at talking trash on the mic.  Not only that but a ...

Top 10 Heaviest Wrestlers Of All Time

The sport of wrestling as we know it is a place where big men get in the ring and mix it up. Usually the guys that we watch in the ring are huge, and are very quick and muscular as well as being extre...

Old Maids: 10 Of The Hottest Unmarried Celebs Over 40

In today’s day and age, it is becoming more socially acceptable for people to choose the single life. Guys, girls; some people just don't like the idea of marriage, cohabiting, having kids or anything to do with getting hitched.

10 Awesome Golf Carts You Won't Believe

Golf may be known as a gentleman’s game, but that’s not always evident by what they are driving on the golf courses. For the filthy rich, owning a high-end golf cart is a must. These fine “mini” autom...

10 Video Games That Are Shockingly Racist

Video games are being made with increasing creative and artistic merit behind their conception. Whilst everyone marvels at how far graphics have come or how much better the storytelling has become, vi...

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