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Use Whiskey To Fuel Your Car

Have a nice sip of single-malt whiskey and know you are doing your part to help with climate change. Scientific researchers raised their glasses to the successful launch of a car that runs on biofuel made from the remnants of making whiskey!

Study Reveals the World's Laziest Countries

Though many in North America might not walk to work or school,  those who live in countries like China or Ukraine do, statistically speaking. That’s what a brand new study from Stanford University revealed about global walking patterns.

The Fastest Personal Drones

The 8 Fastest Personal Drones

Do you have a need for speed? Then drones may be your new best friend. These little electric dynamos are capable of acceleration so extreme that no human could ever endure them without passing out from the g-forces.

Most Expensive Personal Drones

The 9 Most Expensive Personal Drones

Extreme sports enthusiasts love them, government survey workers use them, police are gobbling them up as fast as they can be made, and Amazon wants them to deliver straight to your door. The humble dr...

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