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Record 'Lucifer' Heat Wave Roasts Europe

With the massive heat wave that is striking Europe right now, nicknamed ‘Lucifer’ this is a case where global warming actually means warmer temperatures. Many were easily confused with the term “globa...

Top 15 Most High-Tech Countries In The World

Once upon a time, high-tech products were only found in cutting edge offices or in the houses of the very wealthy. Now, technology is everywhere—in our homes, our workplaces, our gyms, and of course, in our pockets!

15 Celebrities Who Refuse To Use Cellphones

Could you imagine living without your smartphone for an hour? How about for the whole day or maybe even a full week? If the concept of being completely out of touch with your friends, as well as being...

15 Jobs Robots Are Stealing From Humans

It would be reasonable to assume that fears about the mechanization of the workforce are a recent phenomenon fueled by improving technology and employers’ eagerness to save money by replacing workers ...

15 Stupid AF Patents People Filed

If you’re a budding inventor and want to make sure that you get credit for your creations, then you might want to consider filing a patent with the US Patent Office. For a fee, you can protect your in...

15 Most Savage Deaths Caused By Robots

The idea of killer robots is something out of science fiction for most of us. We probably picture the futuristic Terminator marauding through the streets rather than the more mundane factory-based mac...

What Are The 15 Highest Paying Science Jobs?

Science isn’t just a fascinating subject. It can also be a lucrative one. A glance at the fifty highest paid jobs in the US shows that many require qualifications in the so-called STEM subjects—Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

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