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Top 20 Worst Animated Movies Of All Time

Children's movies have always been a great way to give kids enjoyable entertainment and as a plus, they come in a wide variety of different forms. Many of them exist with real time actors while others...

The 20 Worst Reviewed Actors In Movies

We all have our favorites, the actors and actresses we watch and love in whatever film they show their faces. But this goes both ways. We also have our least favorites, those sad stars who, no matter ...

11 Things The Internet Killed

Most of the seniors who are graduating college in 2016 were born in 1994, which many point to as the year the Internet started to make major in-roads into people’s home with services like America Onli...

worst celeb mustaches

Movember Madness: 10 Of The Worst Celebrity Mustaches

There are many things that I do well. I am very good at thumb wars, and I have nearly a 50% success rate when it comes to guessing heads or tails. One of the things that I do very poorly however, is grow anything that resembles manly facial hair.

10 People Whose Dumb Tweets Got Them Fired

One might be surprised to learn how much damage he could do in 140 characters. Twitter can be a great tool to interact with faceless strangers and with friends, but it can also be a dangerous weapon i...

10 Rappers Who Have Lied About Their Fortunes

There’s no reason for rappers to brag about how much money they have. Some successful rappers have done just the opposite, for instance Eminem and Drake. But there is a contingent of rappers who consi...

10 Times Facebook Shockingly Got People Fired

Fired over Facebook. It is a tale that makes headlines far too often. In September of 2015, a Polaris Marketing Group employee posted what seemed to be an innocent picture of himself and the son of a ...

strangest craigslist ads

10 Weirdest Services Offered on Craigslist

Since it started, Craigslist has been more than just a classified site for jobs, housing, items and services. It has been a market to sell and seek out unique needs and services that you wouldn't norm...

The 15 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits Ever

The United States is a notoriously litigious place. When free market business practices trickle down into every sector of society, you end up with $3.50 per Lipitor pill  and ambulance-chasing lawyers eager to snatch up clients.

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