10 Great Places to Go After a Divorce

A divorce will rock your world; send you crashing into the abyss so deep you feel you can’t find your way out. If there ever was a time to baby yourself, it’s now. Doing so seems fitting, afterall, you’re starting over.

10 Incredible Yachts of the Future

Life in the fast lane is getting faster and images of what was considered futuristic are getting closer and becoming more of a reality. Although we still aren't seeing flying cars, these incredible ya...

The World's 10 Most Exclusive Hotel Suites

With summer winding down, lots of us are panicked, researching last-minute breaks to make the most of the sun. While the less extravagant among us would be looking for motels, hostels and bed and brea...

15 Strange Hotels You Need To Stay In

For those looking to discover something unusual and quirky, here are fifteen of the world’s strangest hotels. This list goes above and beyond what most travellers are generally accustomed to. These ho...

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