Selena Gomez Mother

Selena is going to be a big sister! Her 37-year-old mom Mandy Cornett is pregnant again. Selena shared the good news on Mother’s Day via Twitter with a photo of her caressing her mom’s baby bump.

Jennifer Aniston House

Jennifer Aniston’s $22 million house in Bel Air was designed in 1965 by A. Quincy Jones. The 8,500 square-foot house is mainly white with geometrical shapes and streaks of vibrant colors, complete with a vineyard.

Mariah Carey House

Mariah Carey has recently had her eyes on the Beverly Hills estate called "Fleur de Lys," that has a whopping price tag of $125 million. The 5-bedroom, 41,000-square-foot mansion was previously owned ...

Taylor Swift House

Taylor Swift now 23 owns four highly prized houses. The most beautiful of them all is her Rhode Island home. The home had an asking price of $20 million but the country pop star bought it for $17.5 million in cold cash!

Floyd Mayweather House

America’s richest athlete has an estimated net worth of $115 million, boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has no problem buying such a lavish home located in downtown Las Vegas. The 22,000 square-f...

Britney Spears House

 Britney Spears' mansion is worth $8.5 million and is located in Thousand Oaks, California. Thousand Oaks is 40 miles away from Los Angeles and is a famously closed community for movie stars looking f...

Shahrukh Khan House

Shahrukh Khan's house is one of the most amazing houses in India, a true reflection of Khan’s lavish lifestyle and great sense of decor. Shahrukh Khan's house was renamed "Mannat" which means “Vows to the Gods” and is located in Bandra, Mumbai.

Oprah Winfrey Hawaii House

"I know for sure that what we dwell on now is who we become"..one of Oprah's famous quotes that showcases her true values. A multi media phenomenon,renowned billionaire making her the wealthiest celeb...

Will Smith House

Will Smith's home is worth $20 million dollars, a 25000 square foot castle located in Calabasas, California. This lavish Malibu estate is cozy while being huge and extravagant. It was designed as Will...

Tiger Wood's house

After the scandal that brought Tiger's life  into a slump, he now seems to be making great strides to put that memory behind him. He still remains one of the richest sports figures in the world.

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