Celebrity Cars

Kanye West Cars

Kanye West owns some of the most luxurious wheels. The $100 million He is often spotted driving them in every event he attended.

Chumlees Cars

"$10,000 dollar Picasso painting? I'll give you $2,000 for it." Pawn Stars, what a fun show. At first glance one might think that pawn stars is nothing other than a reality show about pawn store owner...

Drake Buys a $2.5 Million Bugatti

Rapper Drake was reported to have purchased a new Bugatti worth $2.5 million.  When on lease, it would cost you $24, 000 a month with a maintenance of $300, 000 per year.

David Beckham Cars

Now that he has settled down away from his more than 20 years in football, David Beckham can now focus on his second passion which is driving his luxury and sports cars.

Shahrukh Khan Cars

As a big dreamer, Shahrukh Khan has acquired several highly prized properties such as his home listed on world’s most amazing residences. A smart entrepreneur, SRK is the proud owner of IPL cricket te...

LeBron James Cars

LeBron James is not only a basketball superstar but also an entrepreneur with smart investments. As a celebrity endorser of huge companies, and has acquired an impressive car collection over the years.

Justin Bieber Cars

He is always set to purchase automobiles that are totally outrageous and are a great representation of his fame and fortune. Justin Bieber considers "transport" with "particular respect" – he evidentl...

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