Volkswagen Reveals Plans To Build EV Plant In North America

Volkswagen is not only planning to release a new electric car, but they are also working on building a plant in North American that will focus solely on electric vehicles.

According to Engadget, the automobile company is currently searching for the right site to build their new plaint. The new Volkswagen Group of America CEO, Scott Keogh, recently spoke out about the company's desire to focus more on electric vehicles. Volkswagen will release its first electric car in 2020, which will hopefully build momentum for them in this new are of automobiles.


VW has not yet shared their electric car, but reports are indicating it will cost consumers around $35,000. Even though the company plans on building its own plant specifically designed for the new vehicles, it won't be ready in time for their scheduled release. In order to not have to push back the launch date, the cars will be built in a plant near Shanghai. Once the North America plant is finalized, production will move there.

When it comes to the specialized plant in North America the company is taking its time to find the right location, there are a few possibilities of expanding or utilizing current plant locations, such as Chattanooga, Tennessee where one of their largest factories exists. Keogh did not share exactly how far along in the search process Volkswagen is but considering they have some hefty goals coming up in the next five years, it will benefit them to get the site done.

Keogh did share that the plant is 100 percent happening and the company is dedicated to finding the right space. He also admitted several conversations are taking to place to ensure space for the plant is found sooner rather than later. Volkswagen recently announced it has plans to invest $50 billion in its electric vehicles and other mobility services in the next few years.

The news of the VW electric car plant in North America comes days after General Motors announced it would be closing five of its plants in North America. It just goes to show how the car industry is changing and each company is finding their own ways to deal with changes.

What do you think about the news Volkswagen opening an electric car plant in North America?


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