The First Electric Vespa Is Coming But It Will Be Expensive

The Vespa is a method of transportation that makes zipping around streets on a scooter cool and fun. While it's not as popular as a car or bike for getting around, most can say that they've seen a handful of Vespas on their own travels. If you've been considering buying one of your own, an environmentally friendly option is on its way to help sway you.

According to The Verge, the Vespa Elettrica will be the first electric Vepsa to hit the consumer market all across Europe. Piaggio, Vespa's parent company, is selling their newest product for €6,390, which is about $7,300 USD. The Vespa Elettrica has roughly 62 miles of range and has a peak power of 4kW, which is about 5.2 horsepower. Its battery pack only takes four hours to charge from an ordinary wall outlet, and is set to last for over 10 years of riding.

Via The Verge

While this bit of news is exciting for consumers, Piaggio has yet to release any more information regarding the Vespa Elettrica X. It's supposed to be a hybrid version of its aforementioned sibling. It had been mentioned during last year's Milan Motorcycle Show as a strong pairing for the Elettrica because its gas generator can help expand its range from 62 miles to 124 miles. With the 2018 Milan Motorcycle Show set to take place from Nov. 8, 2018, to Nov. 11, 2018, many hope that Piaggio will divulge more details during the event.

Despite little currently being known about the Vespa Elettrica X, European consumers are still extremely excited about pre-ordering the Elettrica. While similar electric scooters are available from start-up companies or large corporations based out of either Europe or Asia, Vespa has been slow to release their own offering. Consumers that enjoy Vespa's gas-powered scooters but are trying to lessen their carbon footprint on our Earth will most likely be eager to have an Elettrica of their own.

The Vespa Elettrica is currently available for pre-order on their website in Europe only, with no official release date known right now. Unfortunately for those across the U.S. and China, consumers will have to wait until early next year before they can get their own.

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