The 20 Most Extra Rides NBA Players Spend Their Cash On

NBA players are the kind of guys who can pretty much swim in their money. These players make millions and millions of dollars every year. And we are not just talking about the cream of the crop here. It is not only the LeBron James and Kevin Durant's of the world who get huge paydays at the end of every month. No, every single NBA player gets paid a ridiculous amount of money. Would anyone care to guess how much the minimum yearly salary for a rookie is?

A player with no NBA experience has the right to receive a minimum of $582,000 a year. Yes, this is the lowest of the low. That number only escalates with experience. A guy with one year of experience in the league has a minimum salary of almost $937,000. Two years gives you the right to earn at least $1.05 million, and the list goes on and on. With that out of the way, everyone must have realized that NBA players have a lot of money to spare. And what is the one thing young guys who just got a big payday look to buy? If not a house, it is a car. As fate would have it, NBA superstars have an amazing taste in cars. You don't believe us? Well, just check out these 20 cars and let us know if you changed your mind.

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20 James Harden's Large Variety Of Cars

Via: gq.com

The front runner for NBA MVP this year is also one of the guys who have the coolest cars in the league. Like many other players, James Harden has a fleet of amazing cars everyone wishes they had. But since James has so many cars, it is hard for us to choose just one of his cars to put on our list.

Harden is the kind of guy who has one car for each occasion.

For example, he has the workhorse car that he uses to go to practice or when he wants to work out, which is his Range Rover. At the same time, he also has cars for every other occasion. When he is heading to a game, he will drive his Bentley. But the magic happens when he needs to blow off some steam and go out with his friends. That’s when he brings out the Rolls-Royce.

19 Russell Westbrook's Lamborghini Aventador

Via: sokkaa.com

Since we decided to show James Harden first, what better way to continue this list than showing what the guy who beat him in the MVP race last year drives? Yes, Russell Westbrook is famous for his fashion sense and style. But one would be wrong to think that Russell's style only had to do with the clothes he wears.

The truth is that this guy has an amazing style sense even when it comes to cars.

His sense is so perfect that even the car resonates with him. Russell is a guy who is always playing in high gear, so what better car for him to have than a Lamborghini Aventador? The car might not pick up triple-doubles on its own, but it does have a top speed of 217 mph.

18 LeBron James' Lambo Worth About $670,000

Via: uvnimg.com

It is only fair that the richest guy in the NBA would have some of the craziest cars anyone in the league has. When it comes to cars, LeBron James is so ridiculous that people have made lists of top 10 cars he has bought in a couple of years. He really loves cars, and no one can deny that his taste in them is pretty good too. One of the best ones he got was similar to Russell Westbrook’s Lamborghini. It was also

a Lamborghini Aventador, but it was custom-made by Nike in order to celebrate the launch of LeBron’s new line of sneakers.

It was back in 2014 and it is still, to this day, one of the coolest cars we have ever seen. The price tag on it was also pretty hefty, as the estimations put its cost somewhere around $670,000.

17 Paul George's Ferrari 458

via Modern Ghana

Free agency this summer is going to be a crazy time for almost every single NBA team. The biggest spotlight, however, is on the Los Angeles Lakers. It is no secret to anyone that they have their sights set on acquiring both LeBron James and Paul George. It will all depend on whether or not LeBron and Paul can agree to terms with the Lakers, but if we were to take their taste in cars as a hint, we could easily say that the two of them will fit in very well with the LA crowd. We have had a little taste of the secrets LeBron hides in his garage, but George also has a few gems of his own.

The coolest car we have ever heard of him buying was acquired while he was recovering from his gruesome leg injury. And it was nothing less than a Ferrari 458.

16 Lonzo Ball's Classy Rolls-Royce

via Twitter

Since we are talking about guys who the Lakers want to acquire, why not talk about the real king of LA at the moment? While he might be injured, Lonzo Ball is still the guy making headlines for the Lakers. For example, even after the Lakers played a part in a blockbuster deal to bring Isaiah Thomas to LA, the biggest news in town was that Lonzo's girlfriend was pregnant. Yeah, we just hope that that kid doesn't spend too much time with his grandpa. That being said, to maintain his status as the head honcho in LA even as a rookie, Lonzo had to fit in with the celebrity crowd. Part of it is that you need a cool car. And despite his youth, this young blood knew very well that

he could not go wrong with a Rolls-Royce.

He was right...

15 Kyrie Irving's Jeep Wrangler (And Ferraris) 

Via: cavsnation.com

Kyrie Irving is a weird guy—from the rumors of him believing the Earth was flat to the many times when people could not understand what he meant when he said whatever he said during an interview. When it comes to cars, however, Irving is closer to the average person than many people would think. Sure,

he has a lot of money and spends a good deal on cars like Ferraris and Audis. But he is also a guy who cannot steer away from that classic American flavor that is a Jeep.

Back in 2014, there were a bunch of commercials that teamed up Jeep and Kyrie to promote the 2014 Jeep Wrangler. And it does seem like a car he likes. Irving even had a Jeep break down on him on his way to practice the first week in Boston.

14 Gordon Hayward's Tesla

Via: autodetective.com

When you think about Gordon Hayward, you think about an upstanding guy who does everything he can to save the world. Well, it turns out that even when he buys cars, he is thinking about the environment. After all, Gordon Hayward might just be the one NBA player you will hear about buying a Tesla. Yes,

this guy has enough money to buy whichever Ferrari he wants, but he decided to go green and bought a—more specifically, a P85 Model S Tesla.

And don't think he only did it to be green. Hayward did his research and found out that this car was the number one rated car on Consumer Reports ever. Despite being electric, this is quite the fast car as it can make 0 to 60 in just 3.1 seconds.

13 Isaiah Thomas' Expensive Gift From Floyd Mayweather

Via: cloudfront.net

Being an NBA player means that you make a lot of money. Seriously, even the guys making minimum wage in the NBA are making way more than the average person. That being said, it also doesn't hurt to have some very wealthy friends who will give you gifts. Isaiah Thomas might be struggling to return to good form after being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers and subsequently to the Los Angeles Lakers. But if he is having trouble in the basketball department, he should still be doing pretty well in the friend department.

Of course, we are saying that because everyone knows Isaiah is good friends with boxing champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather. How tight are these two? Let's just say they are tight enough for Floyd to buy Isaiah a Bentley for his birthday.

12 Dwyane Wade A Lot Of Amazing Cars

Via: autotrader.ca

Another guy who was traded right before the trade deadline this season was D Wade. His trade, however, made a lot of sense. D Wade is now a guy who is returning to where he belongs. And the place where he belongs is South Beach. Wade has won championships in Miami, and he has built a life down there—a life that includes a lot of amazing cars that he will again be able to show off in the streets near South Beach. Sure, they won't stand out as much as they did in Cleveland, but it is still a better place for this future Hall of Famer to be.

This is a guy who loves cars and has bought anything from Porches to Ferraris.

But the most amazing car we have found in Wade's fleet was his McLaren MP4-12C.

11 Dwight Howard's Exquisite Taste In Cars

Via: ppcorn.com

Ever since he left Orlando, Dwight Howard has not been the player everyone thought he would be. He is still a force to be reckoned with inside the paint, but he is not nearly as effective as many people thought he would be earlier in his career. This is a guy who averaged more than 22 points and 14 rebounds per game at one point. He is still pulling down a lot of boards, but his scoring has been nothing short of dreadful in comparison to other centers in the league.

The only thing Howard managed to keep from his time in Orlando is his exquisite taste in cars.

And when we say exquisite, we really mean it. This is the kind of guy who would buy a tank if they let him. Just check out his Knight XV.

10 Derrick Rose's Bugatti Veyron

Via: sokkaa.com

Another player who was supposed to become one of the all-time greats in basketball but ended up falling by the wayside was Derrick Rose. This was the one guy who managed to take away an MVP title from LeBron James back in a time when LeBron James was the only name in the race. However, things did not last long for Rose as he fell to an injury in 2012, which kept him away for an entire season. After that, it was all downhill and his play got poorer and poorer in Chicago, falling again on the Knicks, and then we had the fiasco in Cleveland.

If there is one silver lining for Rose, it is that at least he made enough money to buy all the cars he could ever want.

One of those cars was this incredibly expensive Bugatti Veyron.

9 Kevin Durant's Fav: His Ferrari California

Via: amazonaws.com

If there is one guy aside from LeBron James who came into the NBA with a lot of hype and lived up to every ounce of it, it was Kevin Durant. Sure, he might have had his villain moments like when he decided to leave Oklahoma City and join the Golden State Warriors. But it is hard to deny the greatness of Kevin Durant. He is arguably one of the greatest scorers ever to play the game of basketball, and with all that height and wingspan, we find it hard to believe that someone like him will appear anytime soon. That is unless Giannis Antetokounmpo becomes a great shooter. But going back to the car game,

Durant's game is also as strong as most other NBA players.

Although he might have a bunch of cars, his favorite does seem to be his Ferrari California.

8 Draymond Green's BMW

Via: turner.com

Draymond Green was one of the main articulators or conspirators (if you are an Oklahoma City fan) in the decision Kevin Durant made to change airs and become a Golden State Warrior. There were even reports saying that after the Warriors lost the finals to the Cavs a few years ago, Green immediately called their GM and said he had to bring Durant into the mix. Minutes later, he decided to call Kevin himself. And while no one really knows what was said during that conversation, we can all guess what he said. On another front, Green is not as much a conspirator as he is an NBA Cares kind of person.

He was the big name in a partnership between the Warriors and BMW to bring awareness to water conservation. And it seems that he had the perfect BMW to pose for the camera with.

7 Steph Curry's G-Wagon

Via: azureedge.net

Since we started talking about the Warriors, we might as well just go and mention all of them. The big three in Golden State is not just great on the basketball court. They also ride in style when they hit the streets. Draymond Green is the glue that holds together their defense. Kevin Durant is the best scorer of his generation. But the one guy they will live and die by is Steph Curry. The two-time MVP is still the best player on that team depending on who you talk to. His contribution is unparalleled, and he might just be the greatest shooter of all time.

He also has some of the coolest cars of all time in the NBA.

A perfect example of that is his beloved G-Wagon that he drives everywhere.

6 Michael Beasley's Bentley Flying Spur

Via: celebritycarz.com

Early in his NBA career, it became clear to everyone that Michael Beasley would not become the best basketball player ever. But he is still a player who can contribute very well to a team that needs scoring. Beasley never had a breakout season or made it to an All-Star game, but that has a lot to do with the fact that he never really got a chance to be a regular starter in the NBA.

He only had two years as a regular starter—first in Miami where he averaged 14.8 points per game, then in Minnesota where he averaged more than 19 points per game.

Much of his career has gone by without him ever getting another real shot at a starter's job, but at least Michael managed to make a lot of money with his backup contracts—enough money for him to buy this Bentley Flying Spur.

5 Nick Young's 1962 Chevy Impala

Via: mirror.co.uk

Nick Young's name became notorious within the community of people who love music after one of his teammates leaked a video of Young bragging about cheating on his then-girlfriend Iggy Azalea. Not that anyone can defend a guy who brags about cheating on his girlfriend, but you have to feel at least a bit sorry for Swaggy P. If there is one place an athlete would think himself to be safe from cameras and controversy, it would be when he is hanging out with his teammates. Apparently not when D’Angelo Russell is around. Nevertheless, while their relationship might've gone sour,

Swaggy P did manage to get one sweet gift from his girlfriend while they were still together. We are talking about this beautiful 1962 Chevy Impala.

Unfortunately, it seems that he gave it back to her after they broke up.

4 Zach Randolph's Impressive Collection

via PinsDaddy

Perhaps the oldest guy on our list, Zach Randolph has been in the NBA since 2001. And in all of his years, he has always received a starter's salary. Even now at 36 years old, he is a starter for the Sacramento Kings. With that kind of playing time, you can imagine how much money Z-Bo has made throughout his lengthy career.

One way to gauge how much money he has made and spent since 2001 is to check out the impressive car collection this guy has.

Yes, many NBA players have a bunch of cars, but not that many have collections this extensive. Randolph has everything from Ferraris to Jeeps, Porsches, and Hummers. But perhaps the most impressive part of his collection are the many Convertible Chevrolet Impala Customs he has on display.

3 Eric Gordon's Porsche Panamera

Via: wikimedia.org

Although he doesn't get much credit, Eric Gordon is one of the premier scorers in the NBA. Many people might remember him for his stellar college career in Indiana. Others may talk about the time in his early 20's when he was a knockdown shooter for the Clippers. But what many people should recognize Gordon for is how much he has helped the Houston Rockets squad of this season become the number one threat to the Golden State Warriors. The guy is averaging 19 points per game in a team that has James Harden and Chris Paul. That is not easy to do. Gordon is also shooting a respectable 33 percent from beyond the arc even though he shoots at least nine per game.

One place he doesn't miss very often, though, is when he is choosing cars. A testament to that is his Porsche Panamera.

2 George Hill's Amazing Taste

Via: celebritycarsblog.com

Another player who was involved in the insane trade deadline deals brokered by the Cleveland Cavaliers was George Hill. This 31-year-old point guard will finally have his shot at playing for a contender in the NBA since leaving San Antonio in 2011. We don't know how well Hill will fit in playing alongside LeBron James and the rest of the crew, but if his efficiency is what really counts, you can expect the Cavs to put up a good fight in the playoffs. A guy who will not cause as much trouble in the locker room as it seems Isaiah Thomas was causing, Hill is also great shooter and passer.

When it comes to cars, he has one hell of a taste.

All you need to do to corroborate that is take one good luck at this beauty of a Custom Oldsmobile Cutlass the Cleveland guard owns.

1 Anthony Davis' Mercedes-Benz S550

Via: complex.com

The future is now, and it seems like Anthony Davis is the guy who will inherit LeBron James' throne when the King decides it's time to hang up his sneakers. Very similar to Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis is a talent we usually see once in a generation. While Durant might be an amazing scorer, Davis is the kind of guy who can out-muscle people down low and save your team with rebounds and blocked shots. This guy might just be the ultimate two-way player. The only other player we could think might challenge him for the throne of best player in the world once James and Durant are gone is Giannis Antetokounmpo. And this is a duel we cannot wait to watch as these two will unavoidably battle for MVPs in years to come.

While the throne might be on the horizon, the money is in the bank now,

and Anthony Davis did not waste any by buying beautiful cars like this Mercedes-Benz S550.

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