The 15 Most Exclusive Cars In The World (And The A-Listers Who Own Them)

Many celebrities acquired their lavish taste while moving up in Hollywood or rapping their way to fame. So if you are rich and need a car, you're not going to schlep down to the Kia dealer on Figueroa Street to purchase something called "The Optima," and which is worth $22,7600. Please. That's how much Gwyneth Paltrow's dinner costs, a piece of lettuce and a cup of strawberry Yoplait. Can you imagine Kylie Jenner riding in a Kia, painted orange like the orange Lamborghini Aventador she owns and which costs her just a few bucks, $450,000? She would have matching cars! And maybe she couldn't tell them apart and would drive the Kia to a red carpet?

The thing is, celebs like expensive things, and the higher the cost, the higher they want that private jet, that mansion in Bel-Air and that summer house in Southhampton. But it seems more than anything, they want expensive cars for two reasons: they like to drive fast and they like how they look in them. Bugatti Veyrons, which are worth in the $2 million range, are all the rage right now for rappers. And if you think you're going to just go out and buy a car, think again. Ferrari, for example, is so exclusive that management determines who can buy one of their cars. They even have a Special Projects Division where the company will build you a one-of-a-kind Ferrari personalized to your taste, but only if you have discriminating taste and an estimated net worth of over $200m.

And where do you put these lavish cars? You can't just park it on a metered street with alternate side of the street parking. Well, you can, but don't blame us if someone has spray-painted "Free Amanda Bynes" on the hood of your Mercedes SLR Mclaren. Scary right? Do what Jerry Seinfeld does and protect his Porsches in a $1.4 million three-story underground garage located on Central Park West in Manhattan made not with concrete floors but actual marble. Marble!!! And there's a kitchen too. WE ARE NOT MAKING THIS UP! So who else in La-La Land owns an expensive car? You'll have to scroll through this list of 15 expensive cars owned by celebs to see.

15 Jay Leno - the Audi R8 Spider, Royce Silver Spur, and Mercedes SLR

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Jay Leno, hands down, is the ultimate luxury car collector. No one has more cars than the former talk-show host. What does he have? Well, he opened his garage to us by starring on a television show based around the fastest and most expensive cars that he owns.

Leno owns approximately 286 vehicles--169 automobiles and 117 motorcycles.

Each of Leno's cars are customized, and most are rare. We wonder which car Leno likes the best. There's the $14 million Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limousine, which is one of his most luxurious and most expensive cars out there. And then there's the Mercedes SLR Mclaren, which costs a more affordable (!) $500,000 and which Leno has said that it's one of the best performance cars he's even driven.  But design wise, the Audi R8, which is one of the go-to cars for celebrities, is one of the best, and Leno drives a stylized metallic-grey version with a top speed of 197 mph. That's nowhere near the Hennessey Venom GT’s 275mph, but the Audi is way much more affordable, costing only $157,000.

14 Jerry Seinfeld - Porsche 959

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Remember in Seinfeld where Jerry owned a Saab? Well, that was decades ago and we don't think the car is even made anymore. Jerry Seinfeld, America's funnyman, wouldn't be caught dead in a Saab back then and now, because he has a passion for one car maker,  Porsche. He reportedly has 47 Porsches that, collectively, are worth around more than $15 million. Even the specially-designed garage he made, which was finished in 2004 to keep his Porsches protected, is pricey, costing him $1.4 million for a three-story underground garage in CPW.

But if you're thinking it's like the underground parking lot you park your car in at the Ikea in Paramus, NJ to buy salad plates for a $1.00 each, think again. If anything, the swank 16-by-52-foot garage is more like man cave and has terrazzo marble floors, a custom kitchen and enough room for about five of his many cars. One of the Porsches that he owns is a 959, which is so rare that you have to do a lot of digging to find your own to purchase. The ultra-rare speedster costs around $700,000. It has a 2.85 L engine which can reach top speeds of over 200 mph. This was way back in the late 1980s, where that speed was unheard of then.

13 Halle Berry - Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante

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Halle Berry, Hollywood's most sought-after actress, is known for hits like Catwoman and Monster's Ball, for which she won an Academy Award. The natural beauty owns an Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante. Berry is famous for driving her super car around West Hollywood, and there are plenty of paparazzi pics to prove that.

Compared to other stars, whose cars run in the millions, the Aston Martin, at $110,000, sounds cheap in comparison.

And Berry looks very fabulous driving her black Martin. Many celebrities also own the Aston Martin, and the cost of their versions can skyrocket past its sticker price when stars want to add their personal touch to it, fully customized and with the best equipment. Berry is in good taste. Prince Charles owns a version, the Aston Martin DB6 Mkll. And Prince William famously borrowed the car from his father to drive after his wedding to Kate Middleton.

12 Paris Hilton - Lexus LFA, Bentley GT Continental

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Reportedly, the socialite and recreational user Paris Hilton has two cars. But we're not sure if she bought another or a few, as she's worth so much money. What we do know is that she owns a Lexus LFA and a Bentley. But we give her a thumbs-up because if you get literal, Hilton has only bought one car so far for herself, the Bentley.

The yellow Lexus was given to her by her boyfriend at the time, Cy Waits, for her 30th birthday. That's a $375,000 birthday present!

The Lexus is so exclusive that only 500 have been made and goes from 0 to 60mph in 3.9 seconds. But the Bentley is what Hilton bought, a fully-customized GT Continental that costs around $285,000. The car is sheer refinement, except when Hilton customized it to make it her own. So the Bentley has been completely painted pink, and the interior has been customized in Hilton's style. We guess this style is pink, as her dashboard and all-leather seats are covered in pink. But we could be wrong. Maybe her style is blue jacquard.

11 Rowan Atkinson - McLaren F1, The Royce

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Funny man Rowan Atkinson bought a Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe,  the special edition one-of-a-kind 9.0L V16 one, after it appeared in his movie Johnny English Reborn. But Atkinson is most famous for his McLaren F1, which he owned since 1997. He painted the car purple and the value of the car is around a half a million. Mr. Bean is the second fastest celebrity driver round Top Gear's racing track. So he must know a thing or two about luxury cars.

Still, he crashed his beloved McLaren into a tree and the accident cost his insurance company $1.53 million. 

The Phantom Coupe, referred to as the "Royce" was secured by Rowan himself to having it star in the Johnny English movie. The comedian actually owns more cars, including a 1939 old-school silver racing car by BMW 328, and an Aston Martin V8 Vintage, which has a top speed of 170 MPH and can go from 0-60 in 5.2 seconds. It is considered by many to be one of Great Britain's first supercars, and costs a whole lot of money, around $180K.

10 David Beckham - Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead


Like most luxury car collectors, David Beckham has numerous cars that he owns. One of the wealthiest people, as well as the most well-known soccer player in history, Beckham likes to splurge and shop for fine things. In 2008, he bought an all-black Royce Phantom Drophead that is estimated to cost really little, only $407,000.

A Rolls Royce still carries a lot of cache in the world of luxury cars, and Beckham's coupe has a 6.75L V12 engine and goes from 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds. Since then Beckham reportedly got rid of the Phantom Drophead. But he still needs to drive a car, right? Beckham is the ultimate collector, so he's not going to buy just one expensive car. He bought several, including the Porsche Turbo 911, the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, and the Jaguar XJ. The XJ is the most expensive and fastest Jaguar, and has a supercharged 5L V8.

9  Lindsay Lohan - Maserati Quattroporte


Lindsay Lohan owns a Maserati Quattroporte, which is worth over $100,000. Maserati sports cars are rare and exclusive. Behind the wheel, you feel like a star. Everyone passing you by looks at the car. But Lohan shouldn't even have such an expensive car as she's broken the law so many times while driving it. Her assistant collided with a Subaru once. Lohan apparently hit a woman with a stroller with it.

In May 2007 in Beverly Hills, she had a car accident and was also charged with DUI, possession, and misdemeanour hit and run. As a result, she went into rehab. In July of the same year, she was arrested again in Santa Monica on all the same charges except swapped her hit and run for driving with an expired license. This year was the worst for Lohan because in August, she was charged with seven misdemeanours and plead guilty to two counts of being under the influence of a controlled substance and plead no contest to charges of driving under the influence and reckless driving. Still, Lohan has been a longtime fan and owner of a variety of Maserati vehicles. Perhaps because she needed space or money, she ended up selling the white version of her Maserati Quattroporte, which she put up for auction on eBay.

8 Simon Cowell - Bugatti Veyron


The Bugatti Veyron is refined and understated. It's not as flashy as the cars on our list, but it is made for those who love fast cars. The Bugatti Veyron reaches speeds up to 260 miles per hour and because it has an excess of 1000 horsepower, it can go from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds, holding the title for a while now as the fastest car in the world. Yep, it's that fast.

But with speed comes cost, and the Bugatti costs $1.7m.

Producer Simon Cowell and the former judge for American Idol, bought the million-dollar-and-over car in 2008 and owned it for four years. In 2014, he later sold it at an auction in Arizona, and the car was in mint condition because Cowell rarely drove it. While it was expensive, the car took a big hit during the auction and only fetched around $800,000. So what is he going to drive now? Well, there are spares--thank gosh!--and those include a Ferrari, a Bentley, a Rolls-Royce, and even an old Ford Model B Roadster.

7 Tom Cruise - Yet Another Bugatti

The Bugatti Veyron was made for discriminating tastes, as well as for those who have deep pockets. You can customize your Veyron, making the car more expensive. Before Simon Cowell sold his, it was the most expensive Veyron on the market. It is also known as being the fastest car on earth, reaching speeds up to 260 miles per hour. No wonder it seems as if everyone in Hollywood has one.

Tom Cruise arrived at the premiere of Mission Impossible III in his own Bugatti Veyron (pic above). Beyonce gave Jay-Z a Bugatti Veyron worth over $2 million for his 41st birthday. Tom Brady, Jay Leno, Ralph Lauren, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Cristiano Ronaldo all own one too. Right now, what's fashionable for rap stars is the ultimate accessory, the Veyron, which is why Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, The Game and Birdman all own one.

6 Eric Clapton - Ferrari 458 SP 12


Eric Clapton is known for his love of Ferraris. But he would never buy off the rack. For only those with discriminating taste and an estimated worth of over $200m, Ferrari has a Special Projects Division that will build you a one-of-a-kind Ferrari personalized to your taste. So Clapton purchased the fully customized Ferrari 458 SP 12 that'a designed to look like, and is a tribute to, the old-school Ferrari 512 Boxer, and is based on the impeccable 458 Italia, so there's no V12. Nevertheless, this retro car has all the style of the old boxers.

The car cost $4.7 million to build and is worth even more since there it is the only one of its kind.

And what better way to say how wealthy you are! Gather your friends and let them drool over the customized license plates that say, "SP12 EPC" which is an homage to the Ferrari SP team, and it stands for "Special Projects V12 Eric Patrick Clapton." Nice way to show off your wealth!

5 Jay-Z - Maybach Exelero

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J-Z is the highest-earning celebrity on this planet, so it didn't surprise us when his wife Beyonce bought him a private jet for his birthday. And we didn't even blink when the producer and rapper bought the highly-sought-after sports car, the Maybach Exelero, which cost him only $8 mill and is one of the most expensive cars that a celebrity owns. How do you even justify buying a car for that much? We mean, it's a car! It may not be a Subaru Legacy, but a car is just something we drive to get from point A to point B.

So we guess when Jay-Z drives the $8 mill two-seater coupe to The Dollar Tree, he must look good stepping out of it to buy a bag of pork rinds for only $1.00. And can you imagine him at the register as he pays $100 because he thinks a $1.00 is too affordable to buy? We mean, why not just burn money! So about this car. The Maybach Exelero has a 700HP V12 engine that reaches 60 mph in 4.4 seconds, and can reach speeds of up to 200 mph. And if you think $8m is way over the top, try $15m, which is the estimated cost of all the cars in his garage.

4 Floyd Mayweather - Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita


Floyd Mayweather may be the world's most famous boxer, but when he's out of the ring, he's a respected car aficionado who owns many rare sports cars and who has the money to buy a few more. One car, in particular, is the ultra-exclusive Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, made for millionaires.

Mayweather spent $4.8 million to buy the Trevita, and it turns out that the vehicle is not only expensive, but also ultra-exclusive, as only two of these Trevitas were built.

Trevita means "three whites" in Swedish, and is in reference to the car's special diamond-weave, carbon-fiber bodywork. But Mayweather has so many cars that he put this special car up on auction. Can you imagine the frenzy this auction would've been? We mean, if there were only two of the cars produced and you have millions to burn, why not pick it up, knowing you're the proud owner of a car that's no longer being made! At last, excitement in our impoverished lives!

3 Kim Kardashian - Bentley Continental GTC, Porsche Panamera, Rolls Royce Ghost, Ferrari


Of course we know Kim Kardashian is famous for the sake of being famous, and has done nothing on her own or on her show Keeping Up With The Kardashians to prove us wrong. If you tune in to the show--and perhaps you shouldn't--you get to see her hair blown out or her mother going to Williams-Sonoma Home to pick out whatever she wants. That's the show. Seriously.

But while Kim lacks talent and still loves selfies even though selfies are over, she has good taste when it comes to cars. She has a white Ferrari; a 4.5L V8, generating 650 HP, that can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds and it is worth $325,000. But relax. Because she has made millions just by being herself, so she can afford the Ferrari, as well as many more. Yep, Kardashian also owns a Porsche Panamera, a Rolls Royce Ghost, and a blacked-out Bentley Continental that she uses while shopping.

2 Kylie Jenner - Ferrari, Land Rover, Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster


Kylie Jenner, like Kim, has good taste in cars as well and can keep up with her by collecting as many cars as Kim can. She has a Ferrari Spider, just like her sister Kendall has, a fully-customized Land Rover that she bought for herself on her 19th birthday that costs $200,000, as well as her favorite speed car, a white 458 Ferrari Spider, which she loves so much that she dresses it up during the holidays.

She also owns an orange Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster, which costs $450,000, and can go from 0 to 62mph in only under 3 seconds, the perfect getaway car for Kylie when she needs to get rid of the paparazzi. Kylie also owns a Mercedes G-Wagon G550 4x4. Her newest car was actually given to her just this past month, in February 2018. Kylie didn't plunk down $1.4 million for a black Ferrari LaFerrari. Rather her boyfriend rapper Travis Scott gave it to Kylie Jenner as a push present. As Harper Bazaar suggests, this car is actually worth more than a million. Because it is no longer in production, its exclusivity is secured and will become one of the most sought-after cars when word gets out.

1 Nicolas Cage - Ferrari Enzo


Nicolas Cage is one of the highest paid actors in the movie industry. Good thing, as he has expensive taste.  And when we mean expensive, we really mean it. In 2007 Cage went on a crazy shopping spree and bought three homes costing more than $30 million, 22 cars, including nine (!) Rolls Royces, as well as four yachts. 4! What if his yacht sunk? Doesn't matter, he's got 3 to replace it.

The car that Cage misses the most is the Ferrari Enzo, which, unfortunately, he had to sell to help pay his unpaid taxes and other debts.

Cage bought his bright red Enzo for $670,000. He purchased it because it matched his out-sized, flamboyant attitude, someone who is a show-stealer, just like his car. First built in 2002, it's one of the rare sports cars that tops off at 221 mph. It's so rare that only people allowed to buy one are specially selected by Ferrari’s management. Because of how exclusive the car is--only 400 were ever made--it now has an estimated worth of a million and over.

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