This Replica Lamborghini Costs A Fraction Of What The Real Thing Is Going For

Someone is selling a replica Lamborghini that looks almost identical to the real thing for less than a fifth of what that real thing would cost.

There are a few things in life that we splash out on in terms of money, providing we don't have more of it than sense. A house is the big one, and the odd once-in-a-lifetime holiday is probably up there too. However, for many people, the ultimate goal when it comes to one big expenditure is a luxury car.

The trouble is, depending on the car your heart desires, the sheer cost of it can mean it is a goal never reached. If your dream car is a Ferrari, or Aston Martin, or Bugatti, then it is going to cost a pretty significant chunk of change. More money than most of us will ever have. If you fall into that category along with us, we might have a makegood.

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A Lamborghini that costs just $40,000. Okay, before you rush off and try to buy it, you got us. It's not technically a Lamborghini. But take a look at the photo below. It looks pretty similar, right? Even sports car fans with the keenest of eyes won't be able to tell the difference when you whizz past them.

Tennessee native Randy Morrow is selling the replica Lamborghini which he built from scratch himself, reports HotNewHipHop. Morrow built most of the car at a body shop but added some of his own finishing touches in order to make it look as much like a real Lamborghini as possible. That goes for the inside of the car as well as the outside. It even has a carbon fiber steering wheel.

As for how you can go about trying to get your hands on it, the replica is currently for sale at LamborghiniReplica.com. If you're thinking of giving it a miss and saving up for the real thing, just a head's up, they tend to cost well north of $200,000. So the question is, do you want the real thing, or do you just want it to look like you have the real thing? If it's the latter, this opportunity could save you an awful lot of money.

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