Nicki Minaj's Aventandor (And 14 Other Celebs Who Made Their Expensive Cars Look Bad)

Celebrities and expensive toys are a combination that can be amazing, hilarious, absurd, and sometimes even downright hideous. It's hard to say why exactly so many celebs love to flaunt their bad taste but it's probably partly because they have more money than they know what to do with, partly celebrities clearly loves any attention they can get, and partly because many celebrities surround themselves with people who tell them that every thought and idea they have is brilliant, even if it's awful. At least this perfect storm gives regular people the opportunity to witness how tacky, over-the-top, and senseless some rich and famous people can be.

Making a car a personal fashion statement has been a facet of celebrity culture for as long as cars and celebrities have existed. Celebs seem to have no limit to the kind of rides they're willing to buy and they're almost always willing to spend thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even over a million dollars to get an automobile that makes them feel extra special. If the ridiculously expensive car doesn't satisfy them, they're willing to trick out their cars in outlandish ways just so they can look exclusive and unique. Out of all of the famous folks out there, which ones managed to pour the most money into their hideous cars? Here are 15 celebrities who managed to make their expensive luxury cars look ugly.

15 Amber Rose's Pink Jeep Is An Eyesore

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A lot of little girls dreamed of having their own Power Wheels Barbie Jeep and apparently, Amber Rose decided to make that childhood dream into a very adult reality with this bubblegum pink Jeep. Making everything pink seems to be one of the most popular and obvious car modifications that female celebrities like to do. Frankly, you'd think that if they were going to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a custom paint job on an already expensive car, they'd want it to look a little less cheap than so many pink paint jobs do, including this one. The color really does make this SUV look like an oversized toy and it's not a particularly unique or beautiful color either. It's no surprise that Amber Rose might be into this kind of automobile but spending a pretty penny on making your car an obnoxious shade of pink will always seem like a waste.

14 Austin Mahone's Range Rover Is Super Tacky

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If you were to give a teenage boy millions of dollars to do whatever he'd like with it, Austin Mahone's bizarrely patterned Range Rover is pretty much exactly what you'd expect them to buy. Mahone seems to be a big fan of wrapping and rewrapping his Range Rover but this particular wrap pattern is probably the strangest looking one that he has tried. What is this pattern even supposed to be? Is it supposed to look like cooling lava? Is it some weird red and black giraffe print? According to the creators of the wrap, the pattern was inspired by a pair of Nike shoes and they call it the "red elephant Range Rover wrap" but it's difficult to see what this pattern has to do with a pair of Air Jordans or with elephants. As far as bizarre car mods go, Austin Mahone really never disappoints. He has given his Rover multiple different wrap jobs, including a pink camo wrap and a black and white tag-inspired wrap.

13 Cam'ron's Range Rover Is So Bad

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Hip-hop star Cam'ron certainly isn't the only celebrity who decided to turn his automobile pink but he was one of the first guys to start rocking pink in a very traditionally masculine corner of the entertainment industry. Cam'ron was rolling around New York City in his pink Range Rover in the early 2000's and actually created a trend of dudes surrounding themselves in all things pink. Ironically, Cam'ron said that he originally transformed his Range Rover and started rocking pink because he wanted to be unique but now it seems like the most popular car modification among celebs is turning their car pink. As a result of the ensuing pink fad and general popularity of the color, the rapper actually said that he was over it because it was no longer a shade that made him stand out from the crowd.

12 Chris Brown's Camo Lamborghini Looks Childish

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Chris Brown is apparently a pretty big fan of custom auto modifications and few car retrofits could demonstrate that more clearly than the red, white, gray, and black camouflage paint job on his Lamborghini Aventador. It's definitely not the most inconspicuous paint job he could have chosen and the inspiration for this hand-painted car work (that most likely cost Brown upwards of $10,000!) is even more absurd than you might initially think. Apparently, Brown liked the pattern on a pair of his sneakers (Nike Foamposite One Fighter Jets), so he brought the shoes to a custom car modification place and asked them to paint a similar pattern on to his car. It's certainly nice to find a pair of kicks that you really love but it's pretty wild to be so enamored with a pair of shoes that you'd be willing to spend that much money to plaster it on a $400,000 vehicle.

11 Chris Brown's Tupac Lyrics Lamborghini Is So Cheesy

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It's pretty impressive that Chris Brown's Lamborghini Gallardo with Tupac Shakur's song lyrics to "Lord Knows" painted on the hood isn't even his tackiest-looking luxury car that the singer owns. Perhaps bad behavior and bad taste go hand in hand. The lyrics that cover the top of the black car aren't very legible but Brown actually paid a professional tattoo artist do this custom paint job for him. It would appear that the artist took a lot of artistic liberty with the actual writing portion of the project. Brown eventually tried to unload the car and was selling it at a paltry $89,000 but apparently, he didn't have much luck. Perhaps owning one of Chris Brown's old cars was not the hot commodity he thought it would be. Also, covering his car with song lyrics that are barely legible was probably not the best plan for a car he was going to try to resell.

10 Josh Gordon's Porsche Likvia Looks Like A Toy Car

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Camo print is generally an outdated and cheap-looking fashion choice to go with but Cleveland Browns player Josh Gordon somehow managed to make it look even cheaper when plastered onto his absurdly expensive Porsche. It doesn't even really look like a professional paint job, it kinda looks like someone bought a paint stencil for a camo print and just spray painted it on to the car or something. While Cleveland is certainly a part of the generally woodsy Midwest, it seems kind of odd that Gordon appears to have gone with a hunting theme for the car. A camo print paint job with bright orange rims on the wheels totally falls within the color scheme of your standard hunting gear. It's a much more costly version of your standard hunting gear too, so I guess he really managed to give himself a one-two punch there.

9 Deadmau5's "Purrari" Is Leaving Us Speechless

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Could you imagine customizing your ridiculously expensive car into something so hideous that the car company actually asks you personally to stop it? Well DJ and electronica musician Deadmau5 managed to do just that with his customized "Purrari." Deadmau5 decided to wrap his Ferrari 458 in custom emblems of the Japanese internet meme, Nyan cat, and even paid to create custom Purrari labels to replace all of the Ferrari logos on the car. It's possible that that's why Ferrari sent the musician a cease and desist letter about the state of his car but Deadmau5 decided to ignore their request and keep his car in the same state. He only removed the outer designs when he decided to sell the car. It's still a mystery why exactly the DJ decided to outfit his entire vehicle with a random internet cat meme. It presumably cost a pretty penny and was a bit of an odd choice.

8 Flo Rida's Bugatti Is In The Worst Shade Of Pink Ever

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If you're going to paint your super expensive luxury car a really obnoxious color, at least you can do it in support of a good cause. Flo Rida reportedly paid 1.7 million dollars for his Bugatti Veyron and has switched up the look of his crazy expensive ride a few different times. This Pepto Bismol pink might not be the most beautiful paint job he's given to his Bugatti but at least he did it with a great cause in mind. The rap star temporarily changed the look of his Veyron to this ultra bright pink to raise awareness for breast cancer, hence the giant cancer ribbon imprint on the hood. It may be an unconventional way of expressing your support for breast cancer awareness month but it is certainly enough to get some attention. If the musician likes to change up the look of his ride on a semi-regular basis, using it to promote a charitable cause is a pretty decent thing to do.

7 Justin Bieber's Leopard Print Audi Is Ridiculous

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Pop star Justin Bieber isn't exactly well known for his good taste and his leopard print Audi is an example of why. The idea of doing a print on a car can be more interesting than painting it an unusual color but for whatever reason, it seems like the celebs who are willing to shell out the cash for a custom print go for the cheapest looking, tackiest prints possible. Leopard print is an exceptionally cheap and tacky print, even among the cheap and tacky prints. On some level, it shouldn't be a surprise that Justin would go for it but it's also absurd to think that he paid for his car to look this bad. This Audi looks like the kind of car that one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey would buy, which was probably not the kind of look the Biebs was aiming for.

6 Nicki Minaj's Pink Aventador Is A Waste Of A Great Car

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Nicki Minaj is obviously a big fan of loud, bright, and attention-getting things. When she got a custom matte bubblegum pink paint job for her Lamborghini Aventador, it was not surprising. A $400,000 Lambo is one heck of an expensive toy but making it actually look like a toy might be taking things a bit too far. Frankly, turning your car pink isn't exactly a unique style statement for custom celebrity automobiles. While Miss Minaj clearly doesn't try to make herself look inconspicuous at entertainment industry events, you'd think that being a hip-hop superstar and having a ridiculously expensive car that's about as attention-getting as a road flare might get tiring after a while.

5 Snooki Managed To Make Her Cadillac Escalade Look Just Plain Bad

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This pink and black Escalade isn't the most elegant or classy look that you could choose for a custom job but honestly, it's considerably more subdued than what you'd normally expect from Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. The super loud, electric pink detailing doesn't exactly jive well with the luxury image that Cadillac tries to present with its cars. The matte black paint is a baffling stylistic choice and essentially looks like primer paint. And not for nothing, but buying one of the biggest luxury cars you can buy might not be the best move for one of the tiniest stars of reality TV. The Jersey Shore squad are a perennially ostentatious bunch, so it's no great shock that Snooki bought herself one of the most noticeable cars in all of New Jersey. Good to know that her MTV money is being well spent.

4 Paris Hilton's Bentley Looks Like Barbie's Dream Car

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Buying a really expensive car and turning it a ridiculous shade of pink seems to be the most popular ugly modification among celebrities. Paris Hilton being one of those celebrities who wants to turn her expensive car into a ridiculous shade of pink is really the least surprising thing ever. Paris Hilton's Barbie pink Bentley is also one impressively ugly custom paint job. Or rather, it's a top-to-bottom custom retrofit that makes a car that costs nearly a quarter of a million dollars look like it's a life-sized toy. I guess if you can afford to spend $220,000 on your car, you should feel comfortable doing whatever the hell you want with it. Paris seems to have a unique ability to buy insanely expensive products and make them look absurdly tacky and cheap but at least Barbie would be proud.

3 Tyga's Chrome Audi Is Indescribably Tacky

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It's certainly not a big surprise that a rap "star" like Tyga would want his own customized ride but this chromed-out Audi R8 might have been more trouble and cost more money than it was really worth. Chrome wraps are easy car modifications to come by but Tyga's chrome car is the result of an actual paint job. Maybe it's just the lighting but the gold paint actually seems to look more like a metallic yellow or something. While having your own tricked-out car was a mainstay for rappers in the early 00's, it's really not a necessity or even as impressive now. Not to mention, if your biggest claim to fame is creeping on the youngest Jenner sister while she was still underage, maybe you shouldn't be spending all of your money on creating an image of your hip-hop star lifestyle.

2 Will.i.am's Custom Car Is Inexplicable

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No, this custom car built for Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am isn't an actual cartoon come to life but it's probably about as close as anyone can get to that in reality. While this car is surely unlike anything you've ever seen from any car company, it isn't actually a car that will.i.am paid to have built from scratch either. This car is actually a heavily modified 1958 Volkswagen Beetle. When we say heavily modified, we mean that will.i.am spent about $900,000 on modifications for this car to make it completely unrecognizable. It's an interesting choice for a car that was made more than half a century ago but I guess if you have the money to spend then by all means, spend it. While this is one bizarre looking ride, it certainly must have taken a lot of skill to redesign a car so completely.

1 Dennis Rodman's Hummer Is Inappropriate

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Former basketball player Dennis Rodman is definitely known for liking a unique look but this custom paint job for his H1 Hummer was an extremely odd and unusual choice. What exactly is the theme here? The overall paint job looks like it's supposed to mimic stone but there's a basketball on the door and a bunch of half-dressed ladies (which we had to blur out) placed randomly throughout. The basketball makes some sense but the rest is totally weird. Honestly, it's surprising that rolling around in public with that kind of paint job is even legal. Oh, and then there's a set of yellow emergency lights on the top for good measure. This looks like the kind of car that some really rich, crazy guy would have in a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max world or something, but apparently, that is exactly the kind of look Rodman is into.

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