Mexican Farmers Sue Volkswagen For Damages Caused By Weather Altering Technology

Popular German car company Volkswagen has faced several issues in the past. With things calming down in the last few months, they seemed to have finally gotten back on track. However, a growing group of angry farmers from Mexico threatened to unravel their progress with a brand new lawsuit against the company and their factory in the city of Puebla.

According to Driving.ca, Mexican farmers are suing Volkswagen to the tune of 70 million pesos ($4.8 million USD) for compensation on damage done to their crops. The damage, caused by the factory's weather protection technology, is believed to have affected over 2000 hectares of farmland. This has resulted in angry farmers, who are losing both money and crops in vast quantities.


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The lawsuit alleges that the reason Volkswagen is responsible for such damage is because of weather altering technology at the factory in Mexico. The technology in question involves hail cannons that send shockwaves skyward in an effort to destroy ice stones that had been destroying freshly built vehicles. The cannons were installed at the factory earlier this year to address hail concerns.

But Mexican farmers have argued that these weather altering cannons have negatively impacted their crops. That's due to the cannons inadvertently creating a drought that has starved said crops of the rain that they need to flourish properly. In response, the Volkswagen factory turned off the cannons' automatic setting in favour of it being manual. The factory also revealed that they would begin using netting to continue preventing their freshly built vehicles from being damaged by hail.

This Volkswagen plant in Puebla, Mexico is the second biggest for the car company- the largest factory is located in their home country of Germany. According to CBC, about 15, 000 people are employed, and many more are most likely involved in the related supply chain process. This means that it's likely that Volkswagen will want to do everything in their power to fix the situation to not only make the affected farmers happy, but to keep their Mexican plant open so people don't lose their jobs due to Volkswagen's actions.

As of now, the lawsuit is still pending.


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