10 Hot Wheels Cars That Exist In Real Life!

Whether we’re a toy collector, a sports car fanatic or just a car lover, we can’t deny that Hot Wheels delivers the best of the best. This mega toy brand has been around for 50 years and continues to revolutionize their designs; becoming one of Mattel Inc. top selling products of all time. Over the years, Hot Wheels has transitioned from selling their staple American muscle “pony” cars and iconic Originals to the modern-day vehicles.

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Hot Wheels has even dared to do the impossible by making their creations a reality. That’s right, Mattel Inc. has just made every toy car collector’s dream come true. The best part is that these cars are completely functional. Here are 10 Hot Wheels Cars that exist in the real world!

10 The Bone Shaker

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To jump-start this awesome list of Hot Wheels Cars with a modern day twist, is the 2011 Bone Shaker. Bearing the Hot Wheels signature flames on its side’s and the huge skull-encrusted hood, there’s no doubt it’ll get a reaction out of people.

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The car has a haunted Gothic look mixed with a wacky design that probably came out of the pages of the Ghost Rider comic book. After all, Mattel Inc. does own DC Comic’s as well. Not only is the design more than eye-catching, but this car can also hold its own on the road. It has a 420 horsepower and can travel at 160 miles per hour at top speed! It can keep up with probably half the fast cars today.

9 The Twin Mill

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Since we’re on the topic of speed let’s not forget about this Hot Wheels veteran, the 2001 Twin Mill. Shaped like a rocket on wheels, this car’s engine packs some serious muscle at 1400 horsepower. Don’t be fooled into thinking those big block engines are just all for show, they’re the real deal.

Not only is the Twin Mill a fast car, but it also offers other features that’ll thrill drivers and collectors alike. It has B & M Blowers, Wilwood Hydraulic Breaks and KMC Rims that were fitted for Goodyear Tires. The 1969 Twin Mill’s modern-day version is a classic we just can’t ignore.

8 The Chevy El Camino

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We love it when cars come with crazy gadgets, even if they are just for decoration. While this 1972 Chevy El Camino looks pretty in its bright yellow coloring and clean wheels, it’s boring compared to the Hot Wheels revamped model. The 1970’s vehicle is a classic staple of the brand and when its real-life counterpart hit the scene, it blew everyone away with its Twin Pratt and Whitney Jet Engines.

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Sadly enough, they were only used as a ploy to attract customers. If only those jets were functional. Just imagine how much faster the Chevy could go. Luckily, the Chevy has a 502 V8 Crate Engine that makes up for the jets, putting out 605 horsepower and a top speed of 180 miles per hour. The Chevy may not need those jets after all.

7 The Chevy Corvette

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Similar to the Chevy El Camino, the 1968 Chevy Corvette got its big break as well. The creators of Hot Wheels and a car restoration company known as Gas Monkey Garage came together to bring the toy car to life. Let us keep in mind that this was a huge moment in history for both companies as this was the first official car produced through their collaboration.

For those of us that watch the reality show Fast N’ Loud we’ve probably seen the episode for when the Corvette was crafted. The employee’s at Gas Monkey Garage took a very basic model of the coupe and redesigned the entire car from top to bottom. Everything from the suspension and steering wheel was replaced with new components, the most interesting being the huge block engine. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and probably just about every collector’s dream car.

6 The Lincoln Zephyr Scrape

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It’s always fascinating to watch car builders take a basic model and turn it into something new. The same happened again for the 1939 Lincoln Zephyr when a former Hod Rod magazine editor and NASCAR race driver redesigned it, offering a sleeker and elegant-looking vehicle that every driver would love.

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With its low-riding body, the car acquired the name Scrape. It even gained legendary status when Hot Wheels came out with its own toy version of the car. The Lincoln Zephyr gained so much media attention that eventually it was sold to the Petersen Automotive Museum and put up for auction shortly after. Nonetheless, the 1939 Lincoln Zephyr is the coolest looking car ever to bear the Hot Wheels brand name.

5 The Darth Vader

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Whenever someone decides to do a reboot of the Stars Wars movies, there’d better be merch in every store across America. So many companies leaped at the opportunity to profit off the biggest blockbuster of 2017 that they could barely contain their enthusiasm.

While some put in the time to create action figures and comics, others, like Hot Wheels, brought fans not only a toy version of Darth Vader but its real-life twin. The hood and overall body of the car takes after the King of Darkness himself, making it a total baddie. Of course, we’d expect Hot Wheels to bring us a Star Wars-inspired car, especially one that’s drivable.

4 The McLaren 720s

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Though we love to watch these Hot Wheels car designs come to life, we also enjoy when a toy takes after a modern-day vehicle. As we’ve mentioned before, Mattel Inc. has widened its horizons to meet its customer demands. Hot Wheels spans over generations and whether we’re old or young, we can always find a collectible item we love.

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Those of us who are into the new era of car engineering and excellence will be happy to know that one of the best known fast cars, a McLaren 720s, came out with a pint-sized version in the Hot Wheels 2018 Series. Not only that but the toy is cheaper on eBay and Amazon put together than buying its real-life counterpart off the lot. It wouldn’t be a total lie if we told our friends we owned a fast car.

3 The Deora II

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As we have seen with the McLaren, Hot Wheels not only takes inspiration from original designs but also modern-day vehicles. However, it’s a lot more fun to see what new creations the brand has in store for us, especially when they’re brought to life. In 1968 Hot Wheels introduced toy car enthusiasts to the Deora, a vehicle that clearly takes after the Dodge A 100 from the 1960s to ‘70s with its dramatically long rear-end.

As customers began to outgrow its vintage look, Hot Wheels decided to release the Deora II in 2003. Given the toy car’s long-held legacy of being one of the original 16 Hot Wheels cars in 1968, it eventually became the real deal. Though this car is not nearly as good in performance as its competitors, it does offer a few unorthodox features that are awesome. It has an electric powered opening hatch in the front, rear-mounted surfboards and Firestone tires complete with Hot Wheels signature brand wheels. Not too shabby!

2 The No-Nomad

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Another collectible item that Hot Wheels fans remember well was the 1955 Chevy Nomad. With its 60’s vintage appeal and signature Hot Wheel flames ablaze along the sides, the toy car was a must-have and gained legendary status.

The toy was so popular that it was also crafted into a real-life version years later. Though this version isn’t as suited up as its toy counterpart, it stands out with a deep mauve finish and low-riding body. Much like the 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Scrape we saw earlier, this car is obviously a taste of the better times where style, elegance and romance meet.

1 The Rip Rod

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As for our last Hot Wheels car, it’s anything but graceful. In fact, this 21-century car was made for the fast lane. We hate playing favorites, but it’s been a long time coming for the Rip Rod to be made into the real-life version. Of course everyone wants to see how fast the Rip Rod can go on the racetrack. Originally showcased at the 2013 SEMA to give a demonstration of Fords new EcoBoost Technology, the Rip Rod eventually turned into a real project for the automaker.

Ford decided to make the Hot Wheels vehicle into a race-car. Though we aren’t sure of the actual performance numbers, we do know that the Rip Rod is a beast on the racetrack. While other cars hold the trademark name brand, the Rid Rod is a true Hot Wheels car at heart.

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