Floyd Mayweather Owns 16 Rolls-Royces: 16 Most Impressive Cars The Boxer Bought We Can't Even Afford To Rent For 1 Day

Floyd Mayweather is part of the 1 per cent; he’s one of the wealthiest people in the world. He’s made millions from boxing because he’s a highly skilled fighter. He has a winning record of 50 wins and zero losses. Pretty impressive for a fighter. He’s been retired for years, though he seems to pop out of retirement if there is a fight that interests him such as the fight against Conor McGregor. He never has to work another day in his life because of the wealth that he has accumulated. He’s well known for his spending habits that usually fall on the extreme side.

He alone has $15 million worth of cars in his possession and that’s pretty impressive. There is one thing about Mayweather — he loves money and he loves to spend it. Over the years, he has spent money on some of the most ridiculously luxurious things. He can do it, however, because he has so much money that spending it seems like spending pennies to the average person.

He purchases tons of cars, some that he never drives. Many just sit in the garage of his Las Vegas home. It’s just the tip of the iceberg, though, there is much to know about Mayweather’s car-buying habits. Some of it just might blow your mind. Check out some of the most impressive cars that Floyd Mayweather has purchased.

16 The $4.8 Million Koenigsegg Hyper Car

Look at this beautiful piece of machinery and you will understand just how great it is to be Floyd Mayweather. The car is stunning, to say the least. You know you have a lot of money when you can spend over $4 million on just one car.

There is only one other car like it in the world, so Mayweather has a coveted car that only one other person owns.

His car is the only one in the United States. He must love being able to show that one off. The manufacturer boasts the car as the '"ultra automobile manufacturer for the super rich." Super rich indeed. A wealthy car for one of the wealthiest sportsmen on the world. Mayweather posted the car on Instagram with a comment, "My new 4.8 Million dollar car. $4,800,000.00 Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita supercar."

15 LaFerrari In Rosso Corsa Is A Dream

Some men can only dream of owning a Ferrari, it’s something that they work toward in their life, but for Floyd Mayweather, he can go out and buy one as easily as someone buys a Volvo. The car costs about $1 million which of course is pocket change to the boxer. When it comes to buying cars, Mayweather doesn’t worry about store hours, when he wants a car he goes to get one regardless of the hour. "We never know when Floyd will get the bug to come car shopping," Towbin-Mansour told USA Today.

"It can even be in the middle of the night. There was one time that he gave us a call at two in the morning and of course, we happily opened the store for him and he came in and bought a couple of cars."

Towbin-Mansour has sold the boxer 100 cars over the past 18 years.

14 He Has A Total Of 16 Rolls-Royces

Mayweather doesn’t own just a couple of Rolls-Royces; he owns 16 of them according toJosh Towbin of Towbin motors. You’re probably wondering what on earth someone needs 16 Rolls-Royces for, but that’s nothing to Mayweather. He couldn’t possibly use them all; it’s just a matter of collecting possessions for him. These cars are one of the most luxurious models in the world, so owning just one is a pretty big deal. We’re not sure why he buys so many.

He owns a Phantom Limousine worth $374,000, a Phantom Limited Edition worth $450,000, a Ghost Extended Wheelbase worth $358,000, and a Wrath worth $240,000, just to name a few.

Those are a lot of dollar bills for just cars. But men love their cars and when it comes to spending their wealth, they usually have the best ones out there.

13 A Sparkling White New Bugatti

One of the most beautiful cars Floyd Mayweather has purchased was the Bugatti. He added this beauty to his already growing car collection and as you can see, it’s a pretty sweet ride. In 2013, Floyd Mayweather was listed as the 14th highest paid athlete in the world by Forbes. We’re not really surprised. If you follow him on Instagram, you are likely to be blinded by his wealth.

Like the baller that he is, Mayweather usually buys his cars with cash. He'll go to the bank with duffle bags and take out a ton of money before heading to the dealership.

It has to be for attention since we’re not sure why else he would go through the hassle. He must have a platinum card that he can use. Towbin says he shows up at the dealership with duffle bags when he’s ready to buy another car. "Champ likes to pay in cash," Towbin told Rogers.

12 One Ferrari Is Just Not Enough

When it comes to owning a Ferrari, one is just not enough for Mayweather. He owns a total of two Ferraris and the other is a pearly white Ferrari 458 Spider. These cars are gorgeous, so it’s no wonder he wants more than one. His Ferrari runs around $1 million just like his previous purchase. We can tell how much Mayweather loves his cars. Jesika Towbin-Mansour of Towbin Motorcars has stated that they had to make adjustments to their dealership to accommodate Mayweather’s purchases. The man has probably made a fortune off of Mayweather alone, so changing things up at the dealership probably isn’t a big deal. Because of Mayweather’s method of payment, the dealership had to invest in a new cash-counting machine so that they could go through all the money that Mayweather brings in.

11 Mayweather Obviously Owns A Lamborghini

Don’t all wealthy men own a Lamborghini? It’s like the first car that you go out and buy to signify that you’ve made it.

“The base price for a Lamborghini Aventador is $500,000 but can go to over a million if the packs are added.”

The gorgeous car first appeared on the market in 2011. At the time that it came on the market there were only twelve units available. We’re pretty sure Mayweather would have snapped one of the first ones on the lot.

10 A Bentley Golf Cart For His Son

That’s right, Mayweather didn’t just buy any golf cart when his son asked for one. He went out and bought a Bentley golf cart. We didn’t even know that they made special golf carts like these ones.

“Mayweather is said to have spent $20,000 on the golf cart, which is pocket change for him. Just imagine the kind of car you can get with $20,000.”

He bought this for his son who was not old enough to drive but would be able to take this gold beauty for a spin. Mayweather wanted him to have the driving experience without putting him inside an actual car. Now that he’s old enough to drive, he must have a ball with all his dad’s cars. "My son @kingkoraun wanted a Bentley golf cart for his 15th birthday so I made it appear. Stay on the lookout for his gift for his 16th birthday!"

9 A Grey Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Many people will never own a Porsche in their life, but for Mayweather, it has to be one of the cheapest cars he owns. These cars run about $200,000 and these stunning vehicles have been in existence since the '60s.

“The new Porsche 911 comes with a 7-speed manual transmission and can go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds.”

As gorgeous as this car is, Mayweather has probably driven the car less than ten times. What a shame, but that’s the life of the rich. When they own multiple cars, it’s hard to spend a lot of time with just one. After all, he's owned 100 cars in the past 18 years. It’s easy to be jealous of someone who has cars that just sit in the garage all the time.

8 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG For Your Average Tuesday

This luxury 2 -seater supercar was one of the first produced by AMG production unit. Of course, Mayweather was one of the first to grab one of these beauties for himself. There aren’t too many celebrities that own the car. The ones that do include Al Pacino, Boris Becker, Lewis Hamilton, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Roger Federer. The car is amazing and there is a reason why it was one of Mayweather’s first choices. Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear said this about the car, “Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is the greatest car in the world and the thinking man's supercar." That’s a pretty great compliment. To get the basic model of this car would already cost you $200,000. It’s unclear in what Mayweather paid for his model, but we know the sky is the limit with his cars.

7 McLaren 650S Has Top Speed Of 207 MPH

These cars are stunning automobiles and after a while, they all seem to just blend together. If you want this car in the coupe version it starts at $30,000, but the Spider starts at over half a million and that’s for the basic model.

“It has a limited top speed of 207 mph and can go from 0-62 mph in under 3.1 seconds.”

Mayweather owns one of these stunning vehicles and it’s not hard to see why. He likes the flashiest cars out there and the McLaren is certainly that. There are many different versions of the car and Mayweather owns the 650S Spider. This car is all about excitement and luxury and that speaks of Mayweather’s tastes right there.

6 Mercedes G63 Is A Badass Ride

If you ever think of having to live amongst the zombies one day, then this certainly would be a sweet ride to do so. Not only does it look beastly but it’s a luxurious ride as well. You want to be driving in style when you are fighting off the zombies. This badass vehicle is part of Mayweather’s collection and it’s not surprising that he would want to get his hands on one.

“He owns the matte-black variant with the upgraded trims, and the price starts at $200,000. With 690 horsepower and 960 lb-ft, the car can manage 0-62 in 4.9 seconds.”

Not only is it luxurious, but it’s the kind of vehicle that you can use for daily driving. He’s likely to use this one more often because he can put his whole crew into it.

5 Mercedes W140-Chassis S-Class Is All Class

Did we mention that he loves Mercedes? They are probably his favorite vehicles to purchase, aside from maybe Rolls-Royce. He has a lot of both. We can probably line this one up as one of his favorite cars in his garage as it’s a throwback that he’s had since 1996. “The car has just covered 30K miles in 22 years, and Mayweather still takes it out for a spin once in a while.

The car uses only cassette tapes for music, and Mayweather has his collection from back in the day that he still listens to.”

Cassette tapes? Yes, it certainly is an oldie, but a goodie. Mayweather doesn’t love it because of its speed or luxury, though it does have both. He loves it because of personal attachment. It’s unlikely that this is a vehicle he would ever consider selling.

4 Bentley Flying Spur Another Luxury Car

What a gorgeous vehicle and we know how Mayweather likes luxury vehicles. When you talk about luxury, then this is the car that you want. It has over 17 HID colors inside the interior and there are different comfort specifications that make sure that you have the smoothest ride possible.

“The Flying Spur has a 6.0L supercharged W12 engine. With the W12 comes a roaring 616 horsepower. The car can go from 0 to 60 in 4.3 seconds and has a top speed of 199 mph.”

Mayweather loves his Bentley because of the comfort level of the vehicle. The car even offers computer-controlled suspension so that you have optimum stability on the road. Really, what more could you want out of a luxury vehicle? It seems to have everything.

3 We're On The Third Bentley Mulsanne

What can we say? Mayweather loves his Bentleys and in this case, it’s the Bentley Mulsanne. There’s no doubt about it, Mayweather likes white cars. The Mulsanne is another luxurious vehicle and it’s all about having the finer things in life, which is probably why Mayweather has so many of them. “

The car has a 6.7L twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine, 505 hp, and 752 lb-ft of torque, which is insane power for a vehicle designed for luxury. It can go from 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds.”

The first Mulsanne that was made was eventually sold in auction for a whopping $500,000. Mayweather owns a few of these and it just goes to show how much he loves acquiring new cars.

2 His Aston Martin Is Unique

These cars are always striking vehicles and if you are driving one, you are sure to draw the eye. Maybe that’s why Mayweather loves them. This vehicle is like owning a piece of art because it is so aesthetically pleasing.

They only made 77 cars like it

and one even crashed in Hong Kong in 2012, so that means that there are now only 76. Mayweather is one of the owners and he purchased it at the same time that he also purchased the Pagani Huayra which we will see next. “The Aston Martin One-77 has a top speed of 220 mph and can go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds.” Mayweather probably paid close to $3 million for the car.

1 Pagani Huayra Is Like The Batmobile

You might be surprised to know that this is one of the most expensive cars that was ever made. So, of course, Mayweather owns one, not to mention it’s very exotic. There are only 100 cars like it that were made up until 2015.

“It boasts of a twin-turbo V12 engine developed by Mercedes AMG specifically for Huayra. The engine produces 720 hp and 778 lb-ft of torque. Its speed limit is 238 mph, and it can go from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds.”

The car is worth $1.4 million which is probably why Mayweather has one. He has some of the most expensive cars in his garage; we just hope he’s using them. The car was named “Hypercar of the Year” in 2012 by Top Gear.

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