The Most Coveted Cars From Ron Pratte's Collection

Ron Pratte is known for his awe-inspiring collection of old cars. He has so many in his collection and he decided to sell them. The collection values to $40 million. Well, his cars are pristine quality! The vintage cars sold for thousands of dollars. The rich couldn't wait to get their hands on the luxury collection.

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People will pay as the cars are featured in series from the olden days. Ron owned the car from I Love Lucy and Stephen King's Christine. Most of his collection is from the 60s and 40s. Here are the 10 cars in Ron Pratte's collection that we wish we could get our hands on.

10 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake

This car is the most worthy of Ron's collection as it is one of two Super Snake Cobras built in history. Bill Cosby owned one of them. It's a 3 speed automatic but what makes it unique is the exhaust on the side instead of the back.

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According to Historygarage, it was the number one at the Ron Pratte auction as it sold for $5.1 million. Lucky buyer! The car has personality because of its small size and curved features. The bonnet has a hatch and the front is open.

9 1954 Pontiac Bonneville

This car is rare and has a history. The designer, Harley Earl designed it after witnessing a speed record at the Salt Flats in Utah. It was never made into production as it didn't get enough excitement during the promotion. Luckily, Ron managed to add it to his long list of cars.

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It's a unique car for the 50s because it's small and has curved features. The hood is made out of mirror and it's tiny for a two-seater. Someone must love this beauty as it sold for $3.3 million.

8 1936 Delahaye “What-The-Haye” Street-Rod

This model is one of the earliest eras in Ron's collection. The 1936 model is a one-off creation by Boyd Coddington. It's an all steel fabrication and a strange design for a 30s car as most of the designs were similar to the 40s. It looks more modern than other models from that era.

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It's very powerful as it has a Viper V10 power plant and 6-speed transmission. It's open back and it has a curved shape similar to Ron's 60s collection. The black beauty sold for $671 000.

7 2007 Blastolene B-702 Custom Roadster

Pratte had cars which were really all out there but this one tops it. The model was a concept by Blastolene Brothers, Michael Leeds, and Randy Grubb. They got their inspiration from the luxury 1930s cars. It's an original and Ron was lucky to own it.

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The shape is unique as it has different designs and the rearview mirror is on a slant. The seat curves and the sides of the bonnet are unusual. The car is also flat and all the tires are covered. It sold for $550 000.

6 2005 Ford GT

This car is one of Ron's modern collection. It fits for his more modern car type as it's known as a supercar for its 6-speed transmission. It's a sports car as it's used for racing. A celebrity will definitely want to be seen in this car.

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What makes it so lavish is the silver, wheels, and shape. It's a V8 and it'll be perfect for people who enjoy living life with a thrill. At the auction, it sold for $605 000. Imagine driving on the highway in this silver beauty.

5 1955 Plymouth Fury

If you're going to have a car which is worth a lot, the best bet is to have cars from iconic movies and tv shows. Ron had a 1955 Plymouth Fury sitting in his garage. The car was featured in Stephen King's movie, Christine.

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It's a classic 50s car with the wings at the back and curved hood. It stands out with the red color and shiny wheels. It sold for $198 000. Whoever bought it must be collecting cars from the movies. It is a worthy one to own.

4 1969 Chevrolet

It's a Yenko Chevelle and it has the gnarly COPO 9562 which is a special performance package. It's a car which you would expect from the 60s because of its Super Sport hood, grille and rear panel. The black color suits the model and the classic old fashioned small circle like shaped side-view mirrors.

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It's a two-seater and looks like an action-packed Fast and the Furious racing car. It sold for $275 000. The price tag reveals it must be a special car to own in a luxurious car collection.

3 1941 Packard D’Agostino

Many 1940s cars had an open hood and unique vintage shape. This classic beauty was featured in an iconic Hollywood film - Clark Gable. The classic car back tires are hidden. The boot sticks out instead of being flat and it has an emblem. The windscreen is special as it's almost flat.

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It's also slanted and very short, unlike modern windscreens. The two-seater is perfect for a drive-in movie date. The car sold for $495 000. It's clear why as it won two first-place trophies at car shows. It's a desirable car!

2 1949 MG TC Roadster Race Car

The 40s was a period of war but humanity still loved their cars. This model is a vintage race car and it doesn't look like the modern version at all. It's tiny and the wheels are bigger than the norm! It has a history as it started Carroll Shelby’s racing career.

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It was the first car he drove and it still has his number on the side. Anyone who has an interest in racing will want this one. Someone lucky bought it for $539 000. It's perfect for a show off collection.

1 1969 Shelby GT500 Convertible

A Mustang is a must have especially for a collection. The owner, Carroll Shelby sold it to Ron in 2008. It's a vintage Mustang because of it's open back four-seater and bonnet. The mirror is also slanted which is a classic 60s model.

The slanted windscreen has a more modern design because of the black frame and width. The convertible looks like it could be fast and Ron liked his cars with speed and power. It sold for $550 000 which is a fair price for a convertible Mustang.

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