10 Car Maintenance Hacks Every Driver Needs To Know

Have a car maintenance check coming up but short on cash? Maybe it’s time for another oil check? Three thousand miles doesn’t last nearly as long as it should, does it? Maintaining a vehicle can be expensive. People think paying the down payment is the hard part but really, it’s only the beginning of our car troubles. Signing that dotted line locks us in a long-term commitment that’s both loathsome and necessary. Owning a car is just something most of us can’t live without. When it comes to driving to work and getting around in general, a car is a must-have. Owning a vehicle, however, means having to meet a maintenance schedule and no one should be subjected to paying a hefty cost for car repairs. Here are 10 car maintenance hacks that'll help drivers save money!

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10 Fix Busted Exhaust Pipes With Beer Cans

The most important car hack every driver needs to know is how to fix a busted exhaust pipe with the use of a beer can. It’s not the most outstanding hack out there, but it works temporarily and gets us from point A to B. Sometimes having a half-baked solution is better than not having one at all, especially in an instance that our car might catch on fire!

This driver came up with idea to use his empty beer cans to fix a damaged exhaust pipe, claiming that it works better than the “penny hack” that has been circulating on the web. The only tools drivers need to complete this DIY car hack is a file, sandpaper, acetone, a tough-as-nails epoxy, a razor blade, wire clamps, and a few hose clamps.

9 Prevent Foggy Windows With Shaving Cream

Driving with a damaged exhaust pipe is a car problem most people want to avoid. They also hate the nuisance of dealing with foggy windows on frigid winter mornings. Car maintenance scheduling is a hassle, especially when weather conditions aren’t ideal.

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There are several store-bought products that target foggy window issues but why pay when the solution is sitting right in our bathroom cabinet? Shaving cream is one household item used to defog mirror surfaces, including car windows. Just apply it to the inside of the windshield, smear the shaving cream along the surface, then take a dry towel and wipe it off until the glass is clear.

8 Thaw Out Frozen Car Doors With A Blow Dryer

While foggy windows wear on our nerves, so do frozen car doors. Just defrosting the car takes a long time and can make us late for work. Luckily, there’s a solution to this common car problem. There are several ways to thaw out a frozen door or lock but the best has to be the hair dryer trick. Just get a wireless blow dryer and apply heat to the ice-covered areas of the vehicle until completely thawed. No need to wait until the defroster kicks in. It’s a great trick to use for those troublesome winter months!

7 Fix A Broken Taillight With A Food Storage Container

Car hacks sometimes have the strangest solutions to the biggest vehicle maintenance issues. Some don’t work but others, like the blow dryer trick, are quite effective. This next hack sounds wacky at first, but this car owner insists that it worked for him - even if the fix was temporary.

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This man had broken taillights and found a cheap way to solve his problem by taping a food storage container onto the back of his motorcycle. This trick works for cars, too! To achieve this hack, drivers need to cut a hole at the bottom of the plastic container large enough to fit the lightbulbs and secure it with a wad of tape.

6 Use A Bathroom Plunger & Hot Water To Remove Small Dents

Turns out using household utensils get the job done just as well as car repair jobs. Rather than coughing up $500 to $1000 to fix a dent, drivers can do it themselves. Just as this car owner did, pour a pint of hot boiling water onto the damaged areas of the vehicle, then place the plunger directly over the dent and slowly pull back. Drivers should know that this hack only works with smaller dents. Large ones will be more complicated to fix on our own and require the assistance of a mechanic. A dent that’s smaller than our pinkie isn’t worth losing a few hundred dollars over. Save the money!

5 Use Black Pepper To A Fix Radiator Leak

With gas prices, car market values, and maintenance costs on the rise, people have no choice but to become their own car mechanic. Fixing car dents is a simple fix for most drivers but repairing a leaking radiator is intimidating for any driver.

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It’s not as scary as many think, especially if it’s only a small leak. Just get a can of ground pepper to seal up those holes in the radiator. According to this hacker, "once the seasoning is introduced to the system, the particles travel to the leak where they’ll expand and cover up the holes.” The pepper doesn’t weaken over time and lasts for a while but will require repair work at some point. Who would’ve thought that ground pepper could stop a leaking radiator?

4 Use Pool Noodles To Protect Car Doors

Hitting our car doors against the walls of the garage isn’t nearly as costly as a radiator leak but it is a pain to deal with. Fighting with our garage isn’t worth the effort, the time or the headache. It’s especially annoying when blemishes appear. Scratches are not appealing and when they’re bigger than a penny, people tend to notice. To protect our car doors, use those extremely cheap pool noodles the kids love so much. Just cut them in half and attach the noodles lengthwise to the wall of the garage. Make sure to place them near the spot the car door is most likely to hit. No need to worry about those pesky scratches anymore.

3 Remove Old Bumper Stickers With White Vinegar

Removing outdated bumper stickers is just as tiresome as hitting our car door up against the garage wall. Springtime is the perfect time for change, anyway. Whatever the occasion, bumper stickers represent our interests and being reminded of past ones can be a drag.

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There are plenty of hacks out there for removing bumper stickers but the best one is the white vinegar trick. Just spray the sticker and let it soak for a few minutes. Meanwhile, find a putty knife and wrap it in duct tape. The tape itself protects the car's paint from being scraped off by the knife’s metal. Once the bumper sticker is completely soaked through, proceed to scratch it off with the knife. Sounds easy enough, right?

2 Clean Car Interior With Laundry Detergent

Vinegar also works with cleaning our car's interior. If drivers can’t handle the smell of the solution, laundry detergent works, too. Arguably it offers a stronger and more efficient clean. It’ll have our car seats and floors looking pristine in no time! There are detergent solutions that specifically target car upholstery but since saving money is our jam, use household utensils to make the mixture instead. Combine laundry detergent with hot water and apply drops of it to the stains. Then use a towel with cold water to rinse off the detergent residue from the seat and begin scrubbing away the stain. This method keeps our cars looking nice and tidy.

1 Use A Herbal Tea Bag As An Air Freshener

Speaking of keeping things orderly in our cars, it’s also important to keep them smelling like they’ve just left the lot. Nothing compares to a new car smell. In fact, it’s hard to get back once the scent is gone. Most think using air fresheners will solve the dreaded car-odor problem but after a while, that starts to get expensive. Let’s face it, no one wants to waste money on several packs of air fresheners that don’t even last past three days. Instead, drivers can just use their tea bags. For best results, thoroughly clean the car and pick up any leftover trash. Tea bags not only leave the car smelling great, but they also eliminate those unpleasant odors. Turns out tea bags serve another purpose besides brewing hot tea.

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