Brad Pitt Involved In Multiple Car Accident

Brad Pitt was involved in a three-car accident, according to reports. And most reports claimed that the collision was his fault.

According to Daily Mail, Pitt was driving his black Tesla through the posh neighborhood of Los Felize, in Los Angeles, just east of the Hollywood Hills. His Tesla rear-ended a gray Nissan, which then ran into a black Kia. The accident happened at low-speed, so it was more of a fender-bender, and no injuries were initially reported.

Normally, the person who rear-ends another car is usually the one held responsible. Since Pitt was in the rear, his insurance will likely have to compensate the other drivers.


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Perhaps that’s why Pitt was out taking several pictures with his cellphone after the wreck happened. He surely wanted to document that the accident was at low-speed and that nobody seemed hurt at the time. If he knows he may be at fault, he doesn’t want to have to pay too much. After all, once the other drivers saw that Pitt was the guilty party, they surely saw dollar signs, and suddenly felt a harsh pain in the back of their necks.

Perhaps Pitt failed to stop because his mind was elsewhere, and worried about his divorce proceedings. Pitt and Angelina Jolie split up in September 2016, after twelve years of marriage. There are six kids involved too; Maddox (16), Pax (14), Zahara (12), Shiloh (11), and the twins Vivienne and Knox (9). Divorce is terrible with zero kids, so just imagine how difficult this must be. It does help a little though, to be filthy rich.


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The children currently live with Jolie in the former Cecil B. DeMille mansion, which is located in the area where Pitt’s car wreck took place. Pitt's six-bedroom home is also located nearby. He often visits the kids, and so far the divorce has remained amicable.

Ever since the divorce Pitt (54), has been surrounded in tabloid gossip. First, he was linked to dating Ella Purnell (21), who is obviously half his age. More recently, the actor was linked to Kate Hudson (38). Hudson called those rumors, “the craziest of all time.” And then, of course, Pitt was inaccurately linked to his famous ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. Some reports even say he’s back with Angelina. With all of the stress and nonsense swirling around, a car accident was just what this guy needed to relax.


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