Audi Is Making An All New Electric SUV To Compete With Tesla

Audi is really putting themselves out there with their all-new electric SUV! If you are familiar with luxury cars, then you have definitely heard of Audi before. The company has just announced their newest addition to the Audi family, and that is a state of the art electric SUV!

When we think of electric cars, one company that immediately comes to mind is none other than Tesla, however, it appears Audi is giving them a run for their money as the two now fall into competition with one another. Audio isn’t the only company makes moves when it comes to electric vehicles, Mercedes Benz introduced the EQC, while BMW showed us the iNext, but they all better get in line, because Audi is following suit with their version, called the E-Tron.


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This SUV will be heading to showrooms within the next few weeks; all while the production of this new Audi is beginning at a carbon-neutral plant located in Belgium. The car will first be introduced to European streets, and while electric SUV’s remain to be a rare find in the United States, US deliveries for the E-Tron will begin in mid-2019. If you’re wondering just how much something as luxurious as the E-Tron might cost, try $74,800.

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The SUV doesn’t come at a low price tag, however, it gives off a lot of power, 300kW to be exact, which is a staple feature the car possesses. According to CNN, the car has not undergone EPA testing just yet, therefore there is no official word of how many miles of range the SUV’s lithium-ion battery gives off. The car, which is quite aerodynamic for its size, is a quiet beast, with the drag coefficient being 0.27 and noise control, people wouldn’t even realize there was an engine under the hood.

According to Audi, they claim the E-Tron’s regenerative braking is the “best in class”, and uses a liquid-cooling system for the battery. The response from the public was somewhat mixed when Audi first announced their newest SUV, however, people have definitely warmed up to the new design and its overall appeal. Electronic SUV’s are not common when it comes to the world of luxury cars, however, we’ll be keeping our eye out for this bad boy as it begins to hit the road!


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