Apple Gets Patent For A System That Uses Facial Recognition To Unlock Vehicles

Apple has secured the rights to a facial recognition system that will allow users to unlock a vehicle without the use of a key.

According to Futurism, the magnates filed for the technology two years ago but it was only published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on February 7 under the title "System and Method for Vehicle Authorization".

The patent explains two methods with which a user could employ facial recognition to get his/her vehicle to unlock, with the first being to install the tech on the vehicle itself, allowing the individual to stand in front of sensors and have his/her face scanned before the door is opened.

The second method could use the Face ID unlock feature on the Apple smartphone to complete the unlock.


via live.racq.com.au

Additionally, the facial recognition tech can remember specific vehicle settings for different users, such as music, seat position, and temperature preferences.

There is no word on if and when this system will be made available on the market, however. Apple dismissed more than 200 workers involved in their autonomous vehicle group, Project Titan, last month, a move which is said to be the result of a setback where their automotive aspirations are concerned.

This technology, despite sounding quite novel, is actually not all that new. There is at least one such automobile facial recognition system out there. The Faraday Future FF91 prototype boasts something similar but the electric car is also very unlikely to ever hit the market.

The only production vehicle that implements biometrics is the new Hyundai Santa Fe, a car which will only be available on the Chinese market. The model uses fingerprint sensors to unlock the doors and start the engine, but not facial recognition.

If Apple is successful in its endeavors on that front, this feature should be pretty neat. Forgetting your phone in your car, though, will have to be something you simply cannot afford to do, unless the phone would be necessary for locking as well.

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