Apple Hires Ex-Tesla Designer, Rumors Swirl About Apple Car

There have been rumors about the creation of the Apple car for quite a long time. For their part, Apple employees have refused to address the whispers in any shape or form. While this has understandably annoyed and frustrated Apple fans, it's also added to their growing curiosity. A new development related to this has only added more fuel to the fire.

As reported by Mashable this past Monday, a former Tesla designer has recently been hired on by Apple. The designer in question, Andrew Kim, previously worked for Microsoft before leaving to work for Tesla as a senior design manager. Two years after that, Kim left the company for unknown reasons.


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But Kim has recently posted hints about joining Apple. His LinkedIn profile is now sporting an Apple logo and a start date as December 2018. He also uploaded a photo of the Apple logo onto his Instagram profile, along with the caption, "Day 1". Finally, his Twitter bio simply says, "Design, @apple", which could not make his employment with the massive tech company anymore obvious. This personal website has yet to be updated- but given the fact that he's updated his social media platforms about his new job, Kim will surely get around to updating his website sooner than later.

The fact that a former Tesla designer has recently been hired by Apple will no doubt add to the rumors that an Apple Car is something that will exist. Even if it the person hired hadn't been Kim and instead another ex-Tesla designer, all of this speculation would surely take place. But to be fair, Kim might not have been hired to design the rumored Apple Car. It's been reported that their self-driving car ideas have been placed on the back burner for now in favor of creating a self-contained on-campus shuttle, as well as more software-related matters.

So, it's currently hard to know what exactly motivated Apple to hire anyone who used to work for Tesla, let alone Kim. The former Tesla designer could be tasked with working on the aforementioned shuttle project, or another project no one outside of Apple knows about. Or maybe Kim is indeed working on making self-driving cars for the tech giant. Whatever the case may be, one thing is clear — Kim will no doubt fit in Apple nicely.


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