25 NBA Players With The Most Baller Cars In The League

Without a doubt, the NBA has a host of prolific players who are flashy in the court. But, they’re also flashy in another way: with their collection of cars. Some opt for a more classic, luxury look, a handful for an SUV over a car, and the rest go for the sports car that get up in speed. But all of the NBA players on this list share one thing in common: a fine choice in purchases. Everyone on this list made the list for their speed, power, or look, or for all three reasons combined. So, just as you are amazed by their skills on their court, take a look at and be amazed by them off the court. From the likes of the top NBA players of today (and also East Coast/West Coast rivals) Chef Curry and vets like Michael ‘Air’ Jordan and The Black Mamba, we explore the sickest cars in the NBA. Try not to get jealous. (It’s not like you weren’t already by their scoring power, defensive stamina, and competitive play. We’re talking about the cars’ owners by the way, not the cars.) We know it will be hard, but at least try. Or you always could get drafted into the NBA, lead a team to grab about two back-to-back championships to gain a $50 million contracts, and pen a Gatorade sponsorship, then you can join this list too.

25 Vet Pick I: Kobe Bryant – Ferrari 458 Italia


Kobe Bryant might not only be arguably known as one of the best basketball players of all-time, but he might also arguably be known as having one of the sickest cars out of the players of all-time. His Ferrari 458 Italia ranked up more numbers than his historic 81-point game from January 22, 2006 against the Toronto Raptors. The luxury sports car cost the NBA star a whopping total of $250,000, which is a quarter of a million dollars. This supercar is more than its 199 mph, it’s red and sleek and just so doggone pretty. That’s enough reason to buy a car, right? Well, at least it is when you have the money to spend on purely superficial reasons other than a normal everyday person’s considerations of fuel efficiency, warranty, and maintenance. Kobe’s net worth is an estimated $320 million, by the way.

24 Steph Curry – Porsche GT3 RS


Ah, yes. The Shooter. Mister Steph or Chef Curry. The NBA’s golden boy or, The Good Boy. The Splash Brother. The best shooter known to the NBA. The…okay, let’s just get to his cars. At an estimated net worth of $60 million a year with a possible co-ownership of the Carolina Panthers on the way if he and Diddy are successful, this Golden State Warriors shooting guard can afford his share of luxury cars. This Porsche GT3 RS is certainly one of them. Speculation says it must’ve cost at least $200,000, but when you have one of the highest-paying contracts in the NBA, that amount is nothing but a little drop in the bucket.

23 Kevin Durant – Ferrari California


Since we’re on the topic of the Golden State Warriors, we might as well discuss another one of the team’s-and the NBA’s-prolific scorers: Kevin Durant. KD, K-Smoove, K…O-K. (See what we did there? O-K-C?). Let’s move on before we make a few people (OKC fans) angry again. With a net worth of about $60 million a year like his golden boy teammate, Durant can easily purchase his own arsenal of sports cars. This Ferrari California is believed to have costed the 29-year-old $200,000, again like his teammate Curry. What do they say? Great things come in pairs. The shooting assassin’s two-door assassin brings a top speed of 196 mph.

22 Dwyane Wade – Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren


Yep, good ole Dwyane “Flash” Wade. This longstanding guard who won many a championships with his old dynasty teammate LeBron James (Don’t worry, he’s going to be discussed in just a minute.), separates himself from the others so far in this list because his car is completely customized. Of course with that comes more money was tacked on in the purchase of his car, but this $500,000 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is worth it. With the WADE insignia all over, his signature on the interior, and a V8 engine with 650 horsepower, this winning $36.2 million a year player made a purchase for the win.

21 Paul George - Ferrari 458 Spider


This $20 million a year shooting guard playing for the OKC Thunder purchased this car back when he was the frontman of the Indiana Clippers. However, it still needs an entry on this list because it’s that bad (bad meaning good). The $300,000 vehicle was acquired by the talented player no doubt for its V8 engine with 458 horsepower. So, dropping just a little over a quarter of a million is no thing when you have a contract with a premier brand like Gatorade. The 27-year-old also owns an equally formidable Porsche Panamera, but that’s not for the faint of heart.

20 Russell Westbrook – Lamborghini Aventador


Speaking of OKC Thunder, this list wouldn’t be complete without talking about the team’s leader (and one of the NBA’s leaders in dynamic play and athleticism) last year’s MVP Russell Westbrook. That particular award was very well-deserved for the hard-working and quick player so buying a hefty-priced car was well-deserved just the same. Therefore, while Wade bought the most customized car so far in this list, the $41.5 million shooting guard bought the most compatible car. This Lamborghini Aventador that he purchased for $380,000 has a top speed of 217 mph. It also has a custom paint job, custom rims, and blacked-out windows. So, while his former teammate KD might be on the more winning team, he obviously has the more winning car.

19 Dwyane Wade - Ferrari F12 Berlinetta


His cars are so nice, we had to mention him twice. Or rather, them. The second car in Dwyane Wade’s collection is this Ferrari F12 Berlinetta that was bought for $330,000 and might be even more gorgeous than his McLaren…maybe. It has a pearl blue finish with 700 horsepower and a 6.3 L V12 engine. Yes, a V12. This bad boy brings the speed and the turn of heads certainly when Wade goes zipping around in it. This car lacks any of the custom signatures found in his Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, but it more than makes up for it because it certainly doesn’t lack in swiftness. Wise choice, Wade. Wise choice.

18 LeBron James – Ferrari F430


Yes, yes. Finally, he has arrived. Wade’s former teammate of which he amassed 2 championships while on the Miami Heat. One of the best NBA players of all-time. Of course he has to be discussed on this list. Without further ado, the Cleveland Cavalier’s LeBron “The King” James. While this GOAT might not have the GOAT car in this list, it’s definitely not the weakest either. This $500 million NBA star’s $200,000 Ferrari was obviously nothing in terms of cost, but it something in terms of look and functionality. It has a 4.3 L V8 engine with up to 503 horsepower. Translation: this baby gets up.

17 Dwight Howard – Bentley Mulsanne


This NBA center has taken the more luxury car approach out of the lot, but it still is not a weakling in terms of power. It has up to 530 horsepower. It’s also compatible to Dwight with a wide body to match his own wide-shouldered, tenacious build necessary for any contending center to have. Since the basketball player makes about $25 million a year, this $400,000 car was nothing in terms of cost. It delivers a classic and sophisticated feel with a certain stockiness fit for a leading role, or at least a cameo, in a Migos video. A possible business deal, anyone?

16 James Harden – Rolls-Royce Wraith


Houston Rocket’s star James “Chef Harden” Harden has an estimated net worth of $80 million, which means that this $500,000 car was a huge, but capable, purchase for the shooting guard/point guard. To be honest, he just might have both the most expensive and the most fly car out of this list. No, seriously. This car really goes away in the speed of light with horsepower of 600. So as you can see, this luxury coupe is not for the weak. Just because it’s pretty, doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. It also has a beautiful custom paint job fit for a dynamic player such as Harden.

15 Anthony Davis - Mercedes-Benz S550


As one of the youngest NBA players on this list, this 24-year-old star for the New Orleans Pelicans also has one of the cheapest cars on this list. But, less money spent doesn’t mean less flair or reason to not be a part of this line-up. At just $150,000, this car still has a 449-horsepower engine, which means it is not to be counted out. This car can get up and Anthony Davis definitely made a smart, but still fly, purchase. At an estimated net worth of $40 million, Davis understands how to plan out his financial earnings for the long-run while still pampering himself to the finer things in life. With a five-year contract extension of $145 million, however, one can see how that’s not too hard.

14 Vet Pick II: Michael Jordan - Aston Martin DB9 Volante


Of course, no NBA list would be complete, or right, without the arguable GOAT player, Michael ‘Air’ Jordan. During his prolific career with the Chicago Bulls, he led the team to win three back-to-back championships twice in a single decade from the years 1991-1993 and again from 1996-1998, which made the team one of the greatest dynasties in NBA history. However, Jordan’s car collection is just as prolific. In particular, this $220,000 Aston Martin DB9 Volante has a polished appearance fit for a polished vet (with his 5 sure-to-have-just-recently-been polished MVP trophies). But, what it lacks in major stylistic design on the exterior, it makes up for in the interior with a whopping V12 engine and 540 horsepower.

13 John Wall - Ferrari 458 Spider


John Wall, the PG star for the Washington Wizards, purchased this Ferrari 458 Spider for around $210,000 with a custom paint job and a speed acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in just three seconds. Yeah, it’s really fast. But, even more than its impressive interior with such a powerhouse engine, its exterior is just as worthy of attention. To be more accurate, it demands attention and gains it easily because the exclusively designed rims are not hard to look at in the least. This car matches its owner because Wall’s game is not hard to look at either. It’s actually downright entertaining.

12 Dwight Howard - Knight XV


The 7-foot center visits this list again, this time with a SUV instead of a car. More accurately, its name is the Knight XV and it’s even bigger than Dwight Howard. To make Howard stand out even more (as we’re sure he does when walking out on the street within his gigantic frame), this made by hand powerhouse is one of only 17 other builds of its kind. Its price is just as huge, Howard having purchased the vehicle for $600K. But, it was definitely worth the investment with a bulletproof 13,000 lb body and a strong V10 6.8L engine.

11 LeBron James - Lamborghini Aventador


Now that we look at it, maybe this car should’ve been the first one mentioned from LeBron before the Ferrari F430. This is one sick car with its custom décor that ended up totalling to $670,000. It’s a true piece of art that’s so pretty, the average person probably wouldn’t even want to drive it so much as just admire it. We’re sure that’s what fellows drivers and bystanders do as LeBron zips around in this V12 trailblazer with 700 horsepower that was designed by Toys for Boys Miami, Lou Va Vie, and more artists. It’s also roofless and a 2-door vehicle that is sure to turn heads out on the street. The King’s car just might be more royal than him.

10 Vet Pick III: Earvin Magic Johnson - Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe


Of course Mr. Magic Johnson and one of his cars had to be included on this list. As not only a premier, starting player during his NBA career on the court, but also as a Los Angeles Dodgers owner and Los Angeles Lakers President of Operations during his post-NBA career off the court, Johnson has more than enough money that he can rightfully spend on some toy cars. However, this Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe is far from a basic plaything. It is a drop-top coupe that was customized for the NBA king and is one of only 237 of its kind in the world. It also cost a weighty $500,000.

9 Derrick Rose - Bugatti Veyron


For a roadrunner like Derrick Rose, this equally rapid contraption of 1,200-horsepower with an 8.0L V16 engine was the perfect match. It was a match made in…a racing track. A Bugatti Veyron is a legit race car with a speed of 250 miles per hour. It’s probably the only thing faster than D. Rose himself. It also was $1.7 million, which is truly nothing when placed up against his $40 million annual income thanks to a 13-year, $185 million contract with Adidas that has helped him gain a $70 million net worth. The talented point guard might not have yet won a championship, but this car is definitely a prize.

8 Vet Pick IV: Kobe Bryant - Lamborghini Murcielago


Now, let’s dedicate a small section of this list to some more vets. Making the list a second time is The Black Mamba with this Lamborghini Murcielago. Purchased way back in 2003, this limited release luxury vehicle was bought by Bryant at a price of $380,000 with a rapidity of 210 miles per hour and up to 661 horsepower. The NBA superstar spent more bucks on this car and it shows. The style and finesse is just dripping off its bright yellow build and non-bumper frame. It certainly isn’t an everyday, normal car, but that’s fine because Bryant was not an everyday player.

7 Vet Pick V: Shaquille O'Neal – Rolls-Royce Phantom


Now, come on. You can’t talk about Kobe (especially not twice) without talking about Shaq, his former long-running Lakers teammate. That’s like talking about peanut butter and not the jelly, cereal and not the milk, the sun and not the mo-…Moving on. They were a force to be reckoned with and are easily one of the most dynamic duos in NBA history having won three championships together. But, this car might be the fourth championship for the big guy. And this Rolls-Royce Phantom is a big guy on its own at a price of $500,000 with fully customized suicide doors and a shiny blue finish. You keep the championship rings Shaq and we’ll take your other shiny metal: the car keys and the Phantom that it unlocks. It’s not like you can’t go and buy another 500 or whatever more of these anyway with your net worth of $400 million.

6 Vet Pick VI: Shaquille O'Neal - Lamborghini Gallardo


Somehow, we think that Shaquille wouldn’t be so happy about Kobe getting two mentions on this list and him only getting one (remember they kept up a ‘friendly’ rivalry…while playing on the same exact team). Therefore, here is Big Diesel again, this time with his Lamborghini Gallardo. Shaq was much more modest with this car, in both appearance and cost, since it only had a price tag of $190,000 and a simpler, gray sleek build. It might be low and small, but this supercar is far from measly with a huge V10 engine and an extra 12 inches added to its frame in order to fit the tall superstar. And get this-the hood is actually the trunk of the car. Yes, you read that right. Now, that’s what you call customization.

5 Joe Johnson - Ford F-650 Super Truck XUV


This huge (and we do mean, huge) truck tops both of The Bigs (and we’re talking their cars and them, themselves: Shaq and Dwight Howard). This monster truck Ford F-650 owned by the 6’7” Houston Rockets shooting guard/small forward Joe Johnson is priced at about $250,000. But, while it might not be the costliest vehicle on this list, it’s definitely at the top for the glitziest. It has 55-inch tires, 3 TVs (for the front, middle, and back rows, duh), cameras (also spread out in the front, the back, and the sides), a train horn, a back seat that folds into a bed, and a whopping 200-gallon diesel gas tank. At the time of this purchase, Johnson was playing for the Utah Jazz as a star line-up pick so it’s safe to say, dropping a couple of hundreds of stacks was no big for this Big.

4 Carmelo Anthony – Corvette C7 Stingray


What kind of list about the NBA would be a true list without Carmelo Anthony? However, this time, he’s not the star like he is on the court. His car is the star. What makes his car unique out of the rest mentioned here is that the premier athlete didn’t drop any dollars on this ride. His now-estranged wife LaLa Anthony did as a 30th birthday present to him. (That’s an awesome birthday gift.) Regardless of who bought it, Anthony’s car was the wisest pick out of the others here with estimated starting prices of Stingrays being $50,000. This Corvette C7 Stingray has definitely stuck us like Cupid’s arrow with looks that can kill. It’s sleek and all-black. The inside is just as dynamic, having a 6.2 L V8 engine.

3 Blake Griffin – GMC Yukon Denali


This blacked-out GMC Denali is what you call a boss SUV. Do you see those wheels? With up to about 403 horsepower and a 6.2 L V8 engine, this GMC model is not one to be played with. To be honest, it almost looks like a bodyguard’s vehicle with the dark tinted windows and thick build. It basically matches Blake Griffin’s own physical presence so it was the perfect match. In terms of its cost, the starting prices for the Denali are about $56,000, but with that full-on paint job (that was a lot of paint) and those rims, we predict that Griffin dropped at least $100,000 for this ride. With a net worth of $28 million, what’s a $100,000?

2 Kyrie Irving - Lamborghini Aventador


While this young star player might have purchased this car when he was a Cavs and now plays for the Boston Celtics, this car brings The Heat (See what we did there? The Heat. Miami Heat. The team his former teammate LeBron James played on. Okay, moving on.) It’s all-black and all style with a futuristic-like design. If you’ve ever taken the time to watch, Kyrie’s own ball handles are like something from the future too. They’re really out of this world and they’re also what helped the Cleveland Cavaliers clinch their championship in 2016 against the indomitable Golden State Warriors. With a net worth of basically $30 million, the amount of cash he spent on this car was undoubtedly like pennies.

1 Kevin Durant – Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG


KD had to make another feature-or rather, one of his vehicles in his car collection had to make another feature-on this list. This Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG has a cool, slick black paint job with dark tinted windows that puts one in mind of Batman. (Batman called. He wants your ride, KD). The custom rims are also a nice touch and not hard to look at either. The two-door coupe must be perfect for easy riding and with a 6.2L V8 engine and 583 horsepower, we’re sure it’s some fast riding happening. But, as a sports car, that is rightfully so.

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