20 WWE Stars Who Spend Their Fortune On Crazy Cars

Contrary to popular belief, wrestlers do not get private planes to go everywhere. They’re used to doing shows in the same state on back to back nights and thus taking long rides. It’s home to everything from the bonding of friends to hijinks that put comedy movies to shame. WWE has even acknowledged that with a show on their Network, Ride Along, which follows stars on long car rides to see and hear their antics. It’s telling how many pro wrestlers are also serious car or motorcycle aficionados and that plays a lot into their work on the road. With success, many indulge themselves into buying cars or motorcycles that appeal to them and showing them off majorly.

They can vary from just a ride or two to guys having nearly 30 of them. The stars range from current to retired but they all show they have the money to spare to get some nice rides. Some like customized and flashy jobs or collector items. Others just enjoy a nice ride to go from show to show yet prefer to have it in style.

WWE has showcased some of these over the years in videos and it’s fun seeing how many gearheads there are in the locker room. Some guys have enough automobiles to warrant their own lists but a few that stand out from the pack. And even those who only have a couple of items still make sure they look good and stand out well. Here are 20 wrestlers who count have some seriously sweet rides in their garage.

20 Eddie's Lowrider


The late, great Eddie Guerrero is the rare case of a guy who hit the bottom in wrestling but bounced back. He had his issues with certain substances and a bad car accident and soon was kicked out of WWE. However, Eddie cleaned himself up and got back in shape and soon rose up, including becoming WWE champion.

He really took off with fans with his entrance that integrated a variety of Lowriders. Eddie truly loved it, having them bounce as he drove down the aisle and the fans enjoyed seeing them. In fact, in 2003, Eddie lived out his dream of getting his own spread in Lowrider Magazine, which he had read as a kid. Right up until his death in 2005, Eddie was still using the lowrider for his entrance and it remains part of his incredible legacy that makes him so loved by fans today.

19 The Lass' Ride


When Becky Lynch started in NXT, she was given the cliché “Irish lass” gimmick with an accent and green outfits. But she altered it, her hair becoming orange and giving herself more of a steampunk look. She was also allowed to be the goofball she is in real life with bad puns and a nutty manner. That led to huge success, including the first SmackDown Women’s champion and impressing with her fun entrance.

It was in 2013 that she proudly boasted of getting her first “Mericun” car and has added a few more as she’s grown to stardom. She prefers Mercedes, often black or silver, sometimes low-key for long drives but can get flashy at times. They play into storylines such as her “attacked” by foes while getting out of one. There was also a fun bit showing her wearing her goggles while driving at night. Either way, the “Lass Kicker” has a nice ride her fellow female workers enjoy and a popular driving companion.

18 Lana's Lush Ride


CJ Perry is a throwback to the days where Americans in wrestling played “Evil Russians.” She stood out from the start as the mouthpiece for Rusev, clad in suits meant to show off her great legs and she showcased a wicked accent. This led to odd popularity which continues as she just won her very first match in WWE. She shows a great style on Total Divas and other shows and this pic is terrific

It shows her in a lovely convertible, and she knows just how cool she looks with it. The picture itself is in reference to her husband, who gifted her the car. On camera, the duo would refuse to have anything to do with “the weak capitalist America” but outside the ring, Lana shows she loves a nice ride as much as anyone else in the company.

17 Batista's White Collection


For a guy who got into wrestling late, Batista sure made up for it. “The Animal” was a big success in WWE with several turns as champion and huge feuds with HHH, the Undertaker, Cena and more stars. But he was also hampered by injuries and also a pretty rough attitude backstage. Yet he had the money to spend on a car collection, and apparently white is his color.

It started with a Mercedes Benz SL 500 that was white and black but he decided to just go with white. Then two motorcycles and a white Hummer H2 that he had fully customized with a great sound system. It did seem rather odd for him to keep to this color but he says it makes it more unique and that’s certainly true. Today, he’s given up wrestling for movie fame like Guardians of the Galaxy which no doubt gives him lots more cash to build up this collection which is hardly “plain” by any means.

16 Roman's Corvette


WWE fans are not exactly happy with Roman Reigns. He may well be the most hated “babyface” the company has ever known. He has skills and the ingredients for stardom but fans despise how he’s been pushed so hard down their throats and thus he’s booed like crazy. But Vince McMahon seems to love the guy and does everything possible to make him the beloved hero.

Roman has had runs as champion, and has done pretty well for himself. That’s led to success which he’s been using to build up a car collection. Some see him just trying to once more mimic John Cena. That’s especially true as, like Cena, Roman owns a Corvette Z06. Cena nicknames his the “InCENArator” but Roman just prefers to drive it himself. But, as with so much involving Roman, it just drives fans away and makes him look a bit lamer. Too bad as it’s a sweet ride.

15 The Game's Big Bike


A longtime bike fan, Paul Levesque didn’t get much chance to carry that into WWE as his gimmick was a snobbish rich guy. But Hunter Hearst Helmsley gave way to HHH, the fantastic heel that would become one of the company’s biggest stars. In recent years, HHH has moved more to an office role as VP in WWE. He’s also been heralded for helping craft NXT into a terrific showcase for young talent. But he gets in the ring still and showed that at WrestleMania 33 for his match with Seth Rollins. HHH came down in a special monster motorcycle with wife Stephanie standing behind him, flaunting her own sexy way.

While impressive, there was a personal reason behind the ride: HHH was paying tribute to the recently deceased Motorhead leader Lemmy Kilmister. The man had been a friend of Hunter’s and even created some of his past theme music. Thus this ride was not only looking great but Hunter reminding folks of a legend.

14 The Boss Escalade


As the cousin of Snoop Dog, Sasha Banks had a great style already. She’s shown that in her successful turn in wrestling, rising up first as NXT champion and then the main roster. Aside from being a top-notch wrestler, “The Boss” is known for her amazing outfits with flashy jewels, mutli-colored hair, nice shades and an assortment of “bling” on her hands.

There’s also her beloved Escalade, a car she loves to drive her fellow Divas around in, and they love riding in it. For this Hell in the Cell 2016 battle, set in her hometown of Boston, Banks made a fancy entrance driven in her Escalade before showing off in the sun roof for the fans. It was a great bit to show how “The Boss” drives, like all else in her life, in high style.

13 The Zombie's Bike


From day one, the Undertaker was a star in WWE thanks to his fantastic act. An undead zombie in funeral clothes could have been ridiculous on anyone else, but he made it work, and became one of the best wrestlers ever. But even the most successful acts need a twist now and then to stay relevant.

So in 2000, after months away due to injury, the Undertaker came back with an entirely new look. Instead of the slow and steady undead figure, he was now a wicked biker talking in a tough manner and coming out to the ring in any number of huge bikes. This played into his real-life love of motorcycles, shown by this personal creation. This chopper was specially crafted for the Undertaker with his personal input, the color striking and designed to stand out easily. He enjoys it majorly and even though he’s gone back to the “Dead Man” persona, his bike is still among the most notable in wrestling like the Taker himself.

12 Rollin's Lamb


For years, Tyler Black was a familiar face on the indie circuit, his wild manner and great ring work winning him fans. He gained huge fame in Ring of Honor as champion, leading him to join WWE. Renamed Seth Rollins, he was the mouthpiece of the tough trio the Shield as he, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns ran roughshod on the company. Turning heel, Rollins won the WWE title and did a fantastic job as champ before a real injury cut it short.

Since then, he’s bounced between heel and face but still known for his great passion for the business. That shows in his car as he poses here with his black Lambo. It’s a fantastic sight thanks to its gold interior, and Rollins striking a pose with the Money in the Bank briefcase he had at the time helps. Surprisingly, Rollins prefers to stick to his hometown of Davenport, Iowa and thus, this car really stands out there. Trust Rollins to do his best to always make noise wherever he goes.

11 Nat's Nice Volks


As a member of the famed Hart Dynasty, Natalya Neidhart was out to prove herself in wrestling. She broke out in the late 2000s with her drive and passion, a strong lady who wanted real wrestling and not the usual “diva” antics. That paid off with the rise of women’s wrestling taken seriously and she’s been pushing for it. She got a run with the championship in 2017 to prove her worth to fans. She’s also a familiar face on the hit Total Divas show where she gets along well with her fellow wrestling ladies.

A passionate driver (her first ride was a 1979 El Dorado), Nattie jokes that Canadians are used to learning tough driving, thanks to their harsh winters. She prizes her 2011 Volkswagen CC which she loves for its durability. It pops up on the show with her driving around and occasionally taking it on the road trips with other ladies. While she’s not as outgoing as her other “Divas,” Nattie shows she loves a ride as tough as she is.

10 Rey's "Toy"


For a guy of such small size, Rey Mysterio sure rose up high in wrestling. The masked man became a hit in WCW with his high-flying style and colorful costumes. He was hit by bad ideas like being forced to unmask and that lowered his stock. But he bounced back in WWE, and quickly made some money by selling off Mysterio masks as kids loved seeing his outfits.

Mysterio is also into cars and bikes, something he got into in his youth and carried into his fame. For a WWE interview segment, Mysterio showed off his bikes, which were customized by old buddy, former wrestler Chuck Palumbo, who’s found a new career in bike building. This Nighster is specially crafted with Mysterio’s trademark 619 logo on plates on the side and an excellent vibe to it. The man made a recent surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble but it is uncertain as to whether or not he is returning full-time given his age and long list of injuries. At least he has this fun toy to play with.

9 The Hulkster's Dodge Viper


True, it’s hard to think of Hulk Hogan in the best of terms today. His infamous ego has rubbed many the wrong way, not helped by such things as a bitter divorce and an ugly racial rant. Yet you mention pro wrestling and Hogan is the first guy to come to mind for many.

He loved to show off expensive cars and motorcycles, one of the first in the 1980s to flaunt his motor stuff. His prize was this Dodge Viper which he owned and spent a lot of time restoring. Obviously, it was painted in Hogan’s iconic red and yellow colors yet still in amazing shape. It’s a personal thing for Hulk as he refuses to give it up or sell it, even during issues like his bitter divorce. Indeed, the Viper today is part of the grand exhibit at Hogan’s Orlando-based car/beach shop for fans to get photos. It’s loud and colorful and thus perfect for the Hulkster.

8 The Nature Boy's Camaro


For decades, Ric Flair was regarded as possibly the best wrestler ever. It wasn’t just his ring work or the fact he could wrestle 300 days a year (sometimes twice a day) and carry anyone to a great match. There was his great style with lush robes and fantastic promos that captivated us.

Flair lived the gimmick full time with a party lifestyle that is still legendary in wrestling circles. He admits that he did spend too much and could have been a lot more careful but just got into the lifestyle majorly. The man who once boasted of a “fleet of limousines” has seen this collection fade thanks to debts and age. But he did have this prized Camaro 578RWHP, 538 Torque. It was a great look for him, sleek and sure and Flair loved to drive it around a lot himself. He did have to auction it off and today, has cut down on driving after a near-fatal heart attack. But one look at this car and you can tell it belonged to the man who made “stylin’ and profilin’" a catchphrase, and the Nature Boy one of a kind.

7 Victoria's Hog


Believe it or not, this woman was actually a competitive cheerleader in college. But Lisa Marie Varon found wrestling more to her liking and was getting into it well. In WWE, she achieved fame as Victoria, a nutcase at first but turned face later on. In a time when the Divas were more about beauty, she showed amazing power and took some nasty bumps as well.

She later had a run in TNA as Tara with some title runs before eventually settling into semi-retirement. But she was an avid motorcycle fan and would enjoy showing her wares off at various events. Her personal favorite was this Suzuki Hayabusa that she would occasionally drive to the ring and pose in for some sultry publicity photos. While she wasn’t as famous as other ladies of her time, Varon had a real drive and that logically showed in her ride that was as sleek as she was.

6 Cena's Superbird


John Cena is clearly the face of WWE right now. A much better worker than he’s given credit for, Cena has proven himself with multiple championships and handling the pressures of carrying the company. He also gives out by setting a record for the most Make-A-Wish visits to sick kids and clearly pushing the company’s goodwill.

Cena has been into cars for years, using them when he broke out first as a heel then as the goofy “white rapper” act. Cena loves to show off his garage in TV shows and magazines, and his boost to fame in Hollywood gives him more money to spend on it. There are a lot of picks but one of the best is his 1970 Plymouth Superbird. The bright orange color makes it stand out and Cena clearly loves it, even using it for publicity photos. The man is a real car lover and his collection could inspire a separate list in and of itself but this is one of the best to show “his time is now” when it comes to car collections.

5 The Miz's Awesome Jeep


There’s an old bit in Hollywood of “the worst on-screen bad guys are played by the nicest people.” Michael Mizanin proves that works in wrestling too. As the Miz, he’s one of the company’s best heels, a truly arrogant jerk who gets crowds riled up, has had numerous championship runs and proven himself as a guy fans love to hate. Off-camera, fans gush that Miz is one of the best guys you can know, always warm in interviews and taking time to talk to folks and give autographs. He even helps out majorly for charity stuff in his home city of Cleveland.

Miz married wrestler Maryse who often accompanies him with her own matching arrogance. Naturally, he has a few cars but his prize is his 2017 Jeep Wrangler, which he proudly showed off to Hub Magazine. He says it’s needed as “you can’t really go grocery shopping in an Audi.” Given that that couple are expecting their first child, the Miz may need to “downgrade” to a family-friendly car but for now, it makes sense he has a ride as awesome as he is.

4 The RKO Hummer


Randy Orton is one of the best third-generation wrestlers ever. While his father and grandfather were basically mid-carders, Orton has won the Royal Rumble, headlined WrestleMania and held numerous titles in WWE, including several as the top champion.

“The Viper” has his great style and skill as well as the awesome RKO finisher, which became a huge Internet meme as fans loved to splice in video of Orton “performing” the move on people suffering falls. While he’s had attitude issues, Orton still remains a major star. His big car is not, actually, a Viper. Instead, it’s a Hummer 2 Dub. It was part of a storyline where Kofi Kingston smashed up Orton’s NASCAR entry so his then-partners of the Legacy bought this as a makeup. Orton has kept it since, looking great and showing the power he has as both a star and a driver.

3 Austin's Monster


Stone Cold Steve Austin helped push the Attitude Era to the fullest. Always in your face, his wild style got fans going, the audiences loved the redneck taking on the arrogant Vince McMahon. His fame grew bigger and bigger and WWE couldn’t help showing it off more.

That included Austin getting his own jeep with his skull emblem painted into it. But that wasn’t enough as Austin soon had it changed into a monster truck. He would use it to crush the cars of the Rock and McMahon and the fans going wild. Obviously, Austin is known for other vehicles in WWE from an ATV to a beer truck. But he ended up being gifted the monster truck by Vince as a “thank you” for all the big ratings and success and has kept it since. He’s even used it for a few monster truck shows.

2 Goldberg's Cobra


Bill Goldberg was the last ray of hope for WCW. This monster destroying all in his path, he had an awesome look and ring entrance and was pushed hard with an unbeaten streak and holding both the US and World titles. Of course, WCW screwed it all up in the end but Goldberg did his best to handle it.

The man didn’t make many friends with his ego and was pretty blatant about being in this business just for the money. But he sure used it well, as his contracts with both WCW and later WWE boosted him up nicely. That gave him the chance to pack in a garage with slews of great cars that make him among the best motor-obsessed workers around. There’s a lot of great cars but this 1965 Shelby Cobra may be the top. It’s a fantastic model, Goldberg doing his best to keep it up and enjoys showing off its upgrades. Goldberg hosted the series Bullrun and his last WWE tenure has given him more cash to ask “who’s next” in terms of his car collection.

1 The Rock's Classic


Given he’s the star of the mega hit Fast and Furious franchise, you’d expect Dwayne Johnson to have some fancy cars of his own. Before Hollywood fame, the Rock was perhaps the biggest star in WWE, his fantastic promos and great title runs making him the true idol of millions. That success just paved the way for movies with Johnson now among the highest-paid guys in film today. That gives him a lot of cash to play with and he’s done so in a variety of ways. That includes an extensive car collection.

This might be a tad ironic given that on his HBO series Ballers, Johnson is a former football player warning guys to be careful with their cash and not waste it on fancy stuff. But he lives with that, especially with his 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. It’s a fantastic classic car that Johnson bought and has spent a lot of time restoring. He has a garage full of great stuff but this remains perhaps his gem to showcase how, whether as wrestler or actor, Johnson is the People’s Champ.

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