20 Cars These Super Rich Celebs Should Be Embarrassed They Bought

Image is everything. Especially in the modern age when people can take a picture of literally everything and publish them literally everywhere! Nothing is more important to someone’s image than having all of the right things attached to them, either a physical entourage or an entourage of things. So alongside the army of stylists, wardrobe people, drivers, cleaners, security such as bodyguards, they even have friends, family and hangers on. For that reason, cars are a very important aspect of a famous person’s life, as they have to ferry around a lot of people apart from themselves, which is why cars like an Escalade is common.

But cars are also a badge of status too, an emblem for the wealthy and the famous to show the world how much money they can lay out on what to others is a simple vehicle used for transport. For many superstars, a super car is a must and most of the top of the range cars cost more than a decade of someone’s average salary and more than plenty of houses worldwide. Many celebrities have garages for their motors that are actually bigger than many people’s houses!

Everyone expects this to be a companion for those who are so rich that for some celebs, buying a new car is loose change to them! But what about the celebrities that do not take the opportunity to splurge out on lavish cars and instead stick with vehicles that are quite simply, eyesores?

20 Gimme More…Well, Less

Britney Spears never was one for doing things in half measures. She burst onto the pop scene with a provocative video for Hit Me Baby One More Time, kissing Madonna on stage at the VMAs, not to mention her extreme melt down that saw her shave her head in front of the media.

Nowadays, Ms Spears has mellowed a little compared to her once wild child days but spending years at the peak of the pop world has meant she has some serious amount of cash to splash! Even though her lifestyle is more laid back now, people would likely expect that she would still get behind the wheel of some cool wheels, well no. Britney has been spotted driving around in a cheap convertible, a Mini Cooper!

19 Steering For The Environment

Hollywood superstar and Oscar winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his career defining and eminent roles on the silver screen. Many thought it was long overdue when the actor won his first Oscar for Best Actor for his role in The Revenant. Also, in recent years, Leonardo DiCaprio has begun work to raise awareness on climate change, using his significant star power to lend his weight to help halt global warming.

It is probably for this reason that a snap of the movie star saw him getting in and out of an environmentally friendly car, the Toyota Prius. However, a Prius is still a hybrid engine that combines gas with electric charging and Leonardo DiCaprio can easily afford luxury electric brand of cars, Tesla… go figure!

18 Harry Potter And The Terrible Car!

Daniel Radcliffe shot to superstardom at a very young age when he assumed the role of the young wizard Harry Potter in the movie series of the novels of the same name. He is also one of the rare exceptions of a child actor that have managed to not have a complete meltdown and go off the rails when they reached adulthood.

Daniel Radcliffe also bucked the trend of a child actor landing big parts after their turn as a child star, maybe it is this grounded mind-set that means Daniel Radcliffe does not feel the need to buy an expensive car? Although maybe there is something else going on here, maybe there is some kind of wizardry at work and the small Fiat Grande Punto is a palace inside?

17 Ari Gold’s Bronze Truck

The TV series Entourage featured the professional team around Hollywood A-List star Vincent Chase, the team that also happens to be his childhood friends. Vincent’s talent agent is Ari Gold, a cocky Harvard Graduate that is extremely flashy and what one would typically imagine from the usual talent agent.

In the TV series and the movie that followed the end of the last season, it shows off the lavish lifestyle of Hollywood and its biggest celebrity names and beautiful cars would be included in that too. Yet in many occasions real life does not always correctly mirror the fiction of TV and movies. With Ari Gold actor Jeremy Piven, this is true. Instead, he drives a 1977 Ford truck, which admittedly he has at least dressed up a little.

16 Wal-Mart Wagon!

Riches aren’t everything and some people seem fully aware of this, no matter how wealthy they are. Some rich people intentionally buy less extravagant products for the actual reason to remind them that money is not everything and to keep themselves grounded. For this reason, we see insanely wealthy people sporting the most ordinary of cars, just like the ones a person could pick up in Wal-Mart (if you could get a car in store).

Founded in 1962, Wal-Mart has gone from strength to strength and spread around the world, becoming the largest retail chain on the planet. The fact of such huge amounts of cash fails to daunt Wal-Mart heiress Alice Walton, and the world’s richest woman continues to drive a $40,000 pick-up truck!

15 Holy Mobile

A man of God is supposed to be humble, but a man of God is still a man and as a human being, they are still prone to the typical temptations of wanting to indulge in gluttony, lust, greed and all of the other apparent “Seven Deadly Sins!”. However, as God’s representative, or Vicar of Christ on Earth, the Pope is allegedly supposed to rise above the pettiness of his fellow humans, although history has shown many people becoming Pope for political rather than holy reasons.

The current Pope, Pope Francis, bucks that trend. When assuming office, he refused the lavish Papal palace in Rome and instead of a car that is armoured with bullet proof glass, he instead drives an old Renault 4 hatchback.

14 Only I May Drive (This Car)

For such a person that is used to constantly mixing with the stars and is therefore regularly soaking up their lifestyle, one would think that eventually he would pick up certain celebrity habits? Although it might be perhaps for that very reason, dealing with cocky celebrities all the time that has kept Conan O’Brien grounded over the years, stopping him from making huge cash buys?

Conan O’Brien is used to making fun of celebrities too of course, having wrote for Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons in the past before getting his own talk show. He is clearly quite a busy man and also one that needs a vehicle that is purely for function, like 1992 Ford Taurus SHO. Maybe he is not really into cars or spending money.

13 I Volunteer (To Drive This Car) As Tribute!

Jennifer Lawrence seems to have only been famous for five minutes, but it has been six years since her role in The Hunger Games which shot her to fame. Now she is a household name. Now Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar winning actress as well as the world’s highest paid actress, and all of this at the young age of 28!

Perhaps it is because she conquered the world so much at such a young age, that she knows that she has all of the time in the world to blow her money on whatever she wants. Maybe expensive cars will come later in her future. Or maybe she does not care for cars very much personally but either way, her wheels of choice remain a very humble Volkswagen Eos.

12 The Fear Of Not Being Able To Brake Spins

For a woman who named one of her most famous songs “The Fear,” she clearly demonstrates none when putting her driving skills to the test. The British singer and songwriter has not been busy on the music scene but has been busy as a mother. Besides that, she is well known to take Twitter and vent her views on a variety of topics.

So as a mother it is far more practical to have a car that you won't worry about getting messed up by the children in the backseat. God knows that owning a luxury car would send her into a constant panic attack. It is sensible for Lily Allen to drive a Ford Focus RS, lime green though, that she uses to spin around on race tracks.

11 Legendary Actress, Not A Legendary Car

She has been involved in Hollywood movies for 70 years and has managed to stay relevant and continue to be a famous person for that long. Angela Lansbury has had a number of iconic roles, such as Bed Knobs & Broomsticks, author and sleuth Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote and voicing Mrs Potts in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

At the age of 92, Lansbury is still going strong, starring in the recent adaptation of Little Women, so she is well known enough. Like everyone else, she needs a car to get around in. But with a woman of her age it is obvious that Angela Lansbury won’t own a Ferrari and would opt for the practical run around instead to get her to the studio.

10 Forks In The Road

The Twilight movies, based on the novel series of the same name was hugely popular and spawned an even bigger book and movie series, Fifty Shades of Grey that was written originally as Twilight fan fiction. The Twilight films made stars out of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. The star power and attraction of the three young actors has dimmed somewhat over the last few years, but that does not mean that Kristen Stewart has lost all of her money. She can still spend on some luxury items, but she does not.

Many celebrity photographers and paparazzi have taken snaps of Kristen Stewart arriving and leaving places in a basic and plain Isuzu SUV. Although maybe as a wanted vampire, she may need a rather incognito vehicle.

9 Car Crash Colin

Hollywood always had a bad boy in every generation, and ten years ago that bad boy was Colin Farrell. Although he has mellowed down somewhat in recent years, his past included partying with various different substances, and the release of a certain tape.

Now a little more on the straight and narrow, Colin Farrell still gets roles, but not so many as he used to, but this does not mean that he gets ignored by the media. As usual, there are plenty of snaps courtesy of the paparazzi that show Colin Farrell out and about, often in his car. For a former wild child, most people may think that Colin Farrell would drive a super car but they would be wrong. He instead drives an old SUV, the Ford Bronco.

8 Good Man, Good Car?

Actor John Goodman has been a widely loved and revered actor for decades now, having achieved fame for his role in sitcom Roseanne, and acclaim for his role in the show, earning him a Best Actor Golden Globe in 1993. John Goodman has also been one of the most regular hosts of popular Saturday Night Live, as well as voicing Disney hits like Monsters Inc. and Monsters University.

For such a legendary actor, one might think that he would have a legendary car to go with it? Think again! John Goodman owns a very down to Earth car, one that is very functional and one that goes hand in hand with a dependable actor of decades, a 1997 Ford F-150 pick up truck no less.

7 Sexy (Hatch) Back!

Singer, song writer, producer and actor, Justin Timberlake is another child actor made good, having stayed on the straight and narrow and bucking the trend of those peers of his that usually go into meltdown once they reach adulthood.

As an alumnus of Disney’s famous Mickey Mouse Club, he joined boy band N-Sync and is the only member to have followed that up with a successful career of his own. His two decades of fame and success means that Justin Timberlake has some serious bank that he could spend on virtually whatever he wishes to. However, when it comes to driving a car, Justin Timberlake seems to opt for the more simple and functional type of motor and is regularly seen out and about driving a white Volkswagen Jetta.

6 Touchdown… In The Driver’s Seat!

Washington Red Skins’ quarterback Kirk Cousins seems as though he wishes to be very careful when it comes to money and wants to conserve his cash. This philosophy about saving is very wise, especially as Kirk Cousins’ career as a quarterback in football is limited by age and even worse, by potential injuries that could cut being a footballer short.

It pays then – literally – to make sure that there is enough money for when retirement causes his revenue to potentially dry up and one of those ways is by making good use of a car that works well for the time being. This is exactly what the GMC Savana with 100,000 miles on the clock, which he will only dent his $23.5 million fortune when it bites the dust.

5 Ludacris Love For A Car

Hip hop stars and rappers are notorious (pun intended) for splashing the cash and living lives of luxury and bling that most of us can only dream of. We see it as a constant reminder not only when rappers are out in public, but it is the staple diet of every rap video that has been produced for nearly 20 years.

One of the most famous and flashy of rappers is Ludacris, who has been on the rapping scene for nearly 20 years too and even branched out into acting, such as the acclaimed Best Picture Oscar winning film Crash. Though Ludacris literally did keep an old car that he crashed, the 1993 Acura Legend, when Acura helped him rebuild the vehicle he clocked 283,000 miles on over the years.

4 Running Back, To His Old Car

As the great American statesman Benjamin Franklin once said: “waste not, want not,” although Benjamin Franklin did design a huge room sized stove that never took and was a waste. However, the saying is a good life lesson and many people seem to think that it is a good life lesson to adopt, even millionaire football players as well.

This is exactly the thought process behind the running back for the Dallas Cowboys, Alfred Morris, a man who knows all about conserving energy, as a running back and sportsman. Alfred Morris still owns and drives the car that he bought while he was in college! The car in question is a 1991 Mazda 626 for $2 from his Pastor, which the man worth $5 million even got Mazda to refurbish for him!

3 Lifelong Car Commitment

Many people keep loyal to things that have served them well and even through love of just the thing in question and of course this can apply to cars as well. If something like a car represents the love and memories of a person’s youth and can summon fond recollections of the past, it is sensible to keep it as a memento, like actor Eric Bana has done with this car.

The Australian actor who once portrayed The Hulk on screen for Marvel does not himself believe that smashing things once they have been used is a good idea, because he still owns the same car that he did when he was 16! The car is a Ford XB Falcon which he even made a documentary about!

2 Braveheart, Bad Car

One of the major Hollywood greats was actor Mel Gibson, who throughout the 80s and 90s into the new millennium was one of the go to leading men in Hollywood. As a filmmaker, he won Oscars for Braveheart. He courted controversy when he made the movie The Passion of the Christ, a film depicting Jesus’ crucifixion, then his star power dwindled when he was arrested and made Anti-Semitic comments to the arresting officer.

As a person that is highly religious, living a simplistic life is a rule to follow strictly, despite the huge amount of wealth a famous actor earns. Perhaps it is for these reasons that Mel has been seen plenty of times driving Smart cars and an old Toyota Cressida.

1 Orange Basketball, Orange Car!

The car in question is not particularly cheap, but compared to the range of super cars and hyper cars that an extremely famous sportsman has available to them, it is not expected to really be the choice of someone like him.

However, LeBron James does have a fleet of cars that is a testament to his status as one of the greatest sports players in history, such as Ferraris and Porsches. But because of its strange shade and modifications, LeBron James and his bright orange Jeep Wrangler gets far more attention. The Jeep Wrangler is a car that is attention grabbing as a convertible, 3-door SUV and paparazzi lap up the garishly colored vehicle that resembles the color of the ball he plays basketball with!

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