1962 Ferrari Worth $45 Million May Set Auction Record

Cars can cost a lot, but who would have thought that one could go for a whopping $45 million. Yes, you heard that right!

According to Fox News, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO will be offered for sale with an estimated value of $45 million. Wowza! We all know Ferrari to be a high-end car brand, but this is definitely a first. The 1962 Ferrari could easily become the most expensive car ever to be sold at an auction when it crosses the block at the end of this month. The two-door red car, with custom features including the numbers 23 painted onto the sides, the back and front of the car, is making headlines as it soon breaks a record.

According to RM Sotheby’s, the vehicle has an estimated value in excess of $45 million, let’s just say that together, $45 million. The 250 GTO is already known to be one of the most expensive and valuable cars to be offered in a public sale, but it can now surpass the current record. The current global record for a car sold at an auction was set by of course another 250 GTO that went for nearly $38.1 million during an auction in Bonhams in 2014.


Via Fox News

It goes without saying that these 250 GTO cars are not playing around. What makes the car so valuable? Well, Ferrari has only made 36 of these 250 GTO cars worldwide, making it one of the rarest cars to find. Not only is it hard to get your hands on one, but also the vehicle has an extremely high history of racing, which is what many collectors crave.

Dr. Greg Whitten currently owns the car, which was offered by RM Sotheby’s, has since competed in various vintage car events, including four GTO anniversary tours. “Due to the evolution of technology and safety regulation that followed, the GTO was essentially the final true road racer,” RM Sotheby’s car specialist Shelby Myers said in a recent news release.

Not only is the car a beauty to look it, it remains as one of the last racing cars that can be parked in your garage, brought to the track, win the race and brought back home all in one day. Whitten, who is an early Microsoft employee and chairman of Numerix, since 2000, is now auctioning the car off to the highest bidder.

The vehicle will go up for sale at RM Sotheby’s Monterey, California, event, which is taking place the weekend of Aug 24-25, 2018. The car holds immense value in ways that surpass its name and make, and whoever ends up walking away with it, will be one lucky person!


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