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15 Super Rich Celebs That Choose To Drive Really Cheap Cars

15 Super Rich Celebs That Choose To Drive Really Cheap Cars

Would you believe us if we told you that not all celebs are fans of the luxury supercars? Although it may sound pretty irrational, this seems to be the case with guys like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. Wait, there are even more to come in just a minute! For example, Kristen Stewart – the Twilight star – seems to be enjoying her Ford Ranger as if it’s the most valuable thing in her world! Well, she can definitely splash out a six-figure sum on something expensive, like a sports car, but it doesn’t mean that she should do it. In fact, she’s so wealthy that she can afford the luxury of driving around in a Lamborghini Aventador or a Ferrari anytime she wants. Presently, the Twilight star’s fortune jumps over $70,000,000 which means that she can buy a few Ferraris and still be filthy rich. But instead, the lovely Kristen decided to be more pennywise and put more cash aside. By the way, we’ve also noticed that the phenomenal Daniel Radcliffe – our favorite magician boy – also loves driving around town in his Fiat Punto that’s worth around $17,000. This can only mean one thing: these folks just try to live their lives away from all that red carpet glamor and paparazzi. From Kristen’s affordable Ford Ranger to Daniel Radcliffe’s $17,000 Fiat Punto, today we’ll show you 15 celeb cars that you can buy without going broke!

15. Kristen Stewart’s Ford Ranger Is Both Affordable And Economical

Via Happy Depth

Best known for portraying Bella in the Twilight saga, Kristen Stewart is hands down one of the most favorite American actresses for all teenage girls out there. Her on-screen love interest, Robert Pattinson, quickly became an off-screen infatuation and the Twilight fans just lost their minds over the famous couple. After dating him for quite some time, Kristen decided to call it quits which totally shocked their fans. Perhaps this can explain why Kristen made the choice to cut her hair off and drastically change her looks. Apparently, she craved that change in her private life. Maybe she even got tired of playing a high-handed person when walking the red carpet. As you can see here, Kristen looks nothing like her on-screen personality but we kind of like it. When she’s off-camera, Kristen Stewart is just as ordinary as any other girl from the block – and this picture of her, driving around LA in a Ford Ranger, can totally prove it.

14. Jeremy Piven Can’t Say Goodbye To His 1977 Ford Bronco


Born on July 26, 1965, Jeremy Piven is a successful actor and producer with lots of prominent roles and awards under his belt. Presently, he’s 52 years old but he really looks younger than ever. As a significant part of the comedy series Entourage, Jemery Piven has the full right to brag about his great achievements, including a few Emmy awards and a Golden Globe Award. Well, this sure is enough to make many of his colleagues green with envy. Apart from his Entourage character, the 52-year-old actor was also part of the British period drama “Mr. Selfridge” which narrates the story of a guy who launched a luxury store chain. In his private life though, Jeremy is a million years away from things like luxury stores, vehicles, etc. Although his net worth is around $20,000,000, Jeremy still drives around in his 1977 Ford Bronco.

13. Clint Eastwood Doesn’t Need Fancy Cars Just His Old GMC Typhoon


With a net worth that’s even greater than Jeremy Piven’s, Clint Eastwood doesn’t seem much bothered by his limited-edition SUV. Born in San Francisco, California, Clint Eastwood has graced us with his charismatic presence all these years. His professional portfolio as a prominent movie maker and a gifted actor probably includes more films than we can possibly count. Films like Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino or Dirty Harry are just a tiny fraction of all the great projects he’s been part of. You may think of him as a conceited old man who does nothing but brag about his achievements, but he’s nothing like this in person. It may be hard to believe it but this picture clearly shows how little Clint Eastwood cares about the high life. The last thing he probably needs in his life is a supercar that costs a whole fortune. It’s not worth it, at least not to him. His old and rusty GMC Typhoon is only worth $20,000 and goes from 0 to 60 mph in 5,3 seconds – quite a speedy car, huh?

12. Leonardo DiCaprio Is A HUGE Fan Of Toyota Prius

Via Zimbio

Who could have thought that Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys driving around in a Toyota Prius? Don’t get us wrong, guys – we don’t hold a grudge against the auto titan; it’s just that we didn’t expect to learn that Leonardo DiCaprio is a fan of electric cars you can buy for as little as $19,000! Speaking of finance, Leonardo’s fortune can absolutely let him enjoy a few Ferraris or 50 Toyota Prius for that matter. But is it really necessary or reasonable to splash out millions on a vehicle? Well, this is probably what Leo has originally thought as well. So instead of wasting a whole fortune on supercars, Leo went for the money-friendly Toyota Prius that costs around $19,000. However, he clearly does not need to be frugal since his net worth is over $300,000,000! Well, he’s either pennywise or extremely stingy! But either way, he’s all about money and eco-friendly cars that not only protect the environment but protect your wallet too.

11. Colin Farrell Still Drives Around In A Fifth-Generation Ford Bronco


Another star who’s a great supporter of reliable and cheap cars is Mr. Colin Farrell. If you compare him to Leo, you’ll see that these two share more similarities rather than differences. For one, Colin is a prominent movie star and so is Leonardo DiCaprio. Another likeliness which can be spotted right away is their major fan base and impressive net worth. Although Colin’s fortune cannot reach Leonardo’s, he’s still richer than most of us. With a fortune of about $30,000,000, Colin can afford to drive whatever he wants, but instead, he prefers his fifth-generation Ford Bronco. His old Bronco dates back to the mid-90s – which probably means that it could break down at any point – and yet he still prefers his cheap vehicle to any other noisy car. All in all, this $40,000 car simply provides the whole package: it’s extra cheap, easy to drive and maintain!

10. Warren Buffett’s Cadillac XTS Is only Worth $45,000 – Quite A Deal, Huh?


Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Warren Buffett is a prominent businessman, investor, and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Even at 87, he’s still one of the wealthiest investors, shareholders, and businessmen with an estimated net worth of over $82.6 billion. So practically, he’s best known for being filthy rich. Such celebs are always associated with images of ultimate luxury, including expensive vehicles and mansions. However, Warren Buffet is clearly a rare exception to this rule. Instead of showing up in a modern nice car, Warren chose to drive a car that’s not even worth a fraction of his fortune. Even his daughter seems to hate his old and rusty 2006 Cadillac DTS he’s been keeping for years. Gladly for her, he kind of agreed to replace his unappealing ride with a Cadillac XTS that’s only $45,000. Well, it may be a new ride, but it’s worth $45,000 which is nothing for a billionaire like Warren. His daughter must have been shocked at the sight of his “contemporary” vehicle.

9. Tom Hanks Isn’t Ashamed Of His Scion xB Either!

Via Jornal dos Clássicos

What about our favorite movie star, Tom Hanks? Well, he still must find his old-school Scion xB pretty amazing. It turns out that the Forrest Gump’s star didn’t want to splash out lots of cash on unnecessary things, like cars. So he just thought that he can only modify the electric engine under the hood of his Scion XB. All his life, Tom Hanks has been starring in huge movies that helped his net worth grow more and more every year. Over the course of his professional career, Tom Hanks has racked up lots of cash so he can certainly afford flashier electric cars. But instead, he got stuck with a Scion xB that costs around $55,000 – and that’s with the modifications. The phenomenal Tom Hanks is apparently a fan of such car modifications that brought the value of the $15,000 car up to $55,000. Even though the car became much more expensive, it still means nothing to such millionaires like Tom Hanks.

8. Take A Look At David Spade’s 1987 Buick Grand National


Born in Birmingham, Michigan, US, David Spade is an amazing actor/stand-up comedian who will surely make you laugh in just a few seconds. The 53-year-old actor is best known for starring in great movies, like Benchwarmers, alongside the phenomenal Adam Sandler. Over the years, he’s earned lots of cash so it’s clear that David can afford the luxury of a supercar. However, he’s hardly interested in purchasing such a vehicle especially when he’s not a fan of it. Besides, his 1987 Buick Grand National appears to be in a pretty decent condition so there’s no point in spending thousands of dollars on a brand-new vehicle. The price of his 1987 Buick Grand National goes around $33,000 so David’s fans can afford one too. Also, his 1987 vehicle looks super cool and unique, not to mention its stability on the road. What else could you ask for, right?

7. Jennifer Lawrence’s Volkswagen Eos Is Only Worth Around $35,000


The first lady on this curious list is the gorgeous and hilarious Jennifer Lawrence. As charming as she is, Jennifer’s odd car choices will probably make you fall off your chair. As a mainstream actress, it’s quite hard to believe that a woman like Jennifer Lawrence would ever pick such a cheap car. After all, she rarely leaves the spotlight so her fans would probably assume that her garage houses a few Ferraris. But obviously, Jennifer’s last desire is to spend that much cash on a car. Well, her fortune may have jumped beyond $130,000,000 but it doesn’t mean that she should spend it on every shiny object. And frankly, that’s a pretty rational decision. All her life she’s been working so hard to get where she stands today. Perhaps this is how Jennifer has learned to appreciate her earnings, unlike most of her huge co-stars.

6. Justin Timberlake Can’t Resist His Economical Volkswagen Jetta

Via People Magazine

Surprisingly, Justin Timberlake, whose net worth goes over $230,000,000, doesn’t ride around in a jaw-dropping vehicle. Rather, the pop star prefers the money-friendly Volkswagen Jetta. Over the course of his career, Justin Timberlake has released some of the greatest singles and hits so he definitely does not need us to worry about his fortune. His fourth-generation Jetta is not only super affordable but economically sound – which is really great. Besides, we’ve also noticed that Justin rarely splashes out money on super luxury things, like clothing, shoes or cars. It turns out that his gorgeous wife, Jessica Biel, also digs her husband’s car choice even though it’s worth around $16,000. By the way, Jessica’s net worth is also pretty impressive ($18 million) which means that the couple doesn’t need any help in the financial department. Well, this surely makes him a pretty tough customer for all the auto dealers out there; he’s just too fond of his Jetta to replace it with anything else.

5. Mark Zuckerberg Wowed Us With His Cheap Volkswagen GTI!

Via Pinterest

Mark Zuckerberg is definitely the last person you’d expect to see driving around town in a super cheap car. Believe it or not, Mark’s most favorite car in this world seems to be his low-cost $30,000 Volkswagen GTI. This particular car is worth around $30,000 and he seems to relish every second with it. The founder of Facebook is currently one of the youngest billionaires in the world with a net worth of over $70.8 billion. So what naturally comes to mind is that Mark must be enjoying his life like a royalty. But in reality, it’s actually the other way around. Although he can have whatever he wants with that much money, he prefers the simpler side of life. Therefore, he can often be spotted driving around in his inexpensive GTI. In the past, Zuckerberg defended his car choice by explaining that his GTI is “safe, comfortable, and not ostentatious.”

4. Daniel Radcliffe’s Fiat Punto Costs Around $17,000


With a fortune of over $100 million, you’d certainly expect him to drive around in the latest Ferrari or Lamborghini supercar. But instead, the Harry Potter star has a $17,000 Fiat Punto that’s anything but luxurious and flashy. He got it on his 18th birthday and has been driving it ever since. This cute green vehicle is probably the most practical and economical car in Daniel’s garage. Unlike many other millionaires and billionaires, Daniel Radcliffe’s priorities in life exclude spontaneous purchases of luxury stuff, like overly priced vehicles. Even though he can totally afford all of that, he just prefers not to. Besides, why should he spend his fortune on cars when his little Punto appears to be in a perfect condition? He can always replace it with something a little nicer, but would it be a smart choice? What’s more important here is that he’s fond of his cheap Punto so he can enjoy spending cash on something else, like another cozy real estate in New York City.

3. Zac Efron And His Old But Gold 1999 Oldsmobile Alero

Via Vorply

As he climbed up the ladder of success, Zac Efron must have forgotten to upgrade his means of transportation. The handsome actor has had this inexpensive ride for years so it’s really possible that he completely forgot about its looks. His old Audi A8 was produced until the end of 2004 as it was the last car manufactured by the Oldsmobile brand. Well, he might have been a struggling actor in the very beginning of his career, but those days are long gone. Today his fortune jumps beyond the insane amount of $18,000,000 so he can totally afford something a little nicer. Perhaps his garage houses a few modern vehicles with all the deluxe features of our modern time. However, the pricier the car, the more boring it is for the fans out there. Besides, all those flashy sports cars have become so trivial that fans probably find them quite annoying.

2. John Goodman’s Ford F-150 Is A Sight To See

Via The Cheat Sheet

Born on June 20, 1952, John Goodman is a successful American actor, best known for portraying Dan Conner on the ABC TV series Roseanne. Thanks to his amazing acting skills, he even received a Golden Globe Award for best actor in 1993. Although he’s made a name for himself as an immensely talented actor, Josh hasn’t let any of that attention and glory get to his head. Even now at 65, John Goodman enjoys his fairly frugal life although his bank account is flooded with millions of dollars. The cherished actor still drives around in an old-school 1997 Ford F150, which perfectly exposes his laid-back persona. With a few Golden Globes and Emmys under his belt, he couldn’t care less about his 1997 Ford that’s worth a tiny fraction of his net worth.

1. Jay Leno Has A Thing For Classic Cars (He Has A 1991 GMC Syclone)


Best known for his love of all kinds of cars, Jay Leno simply deserves a notable place on this list. After all, his personal car collection stretches from super luxury cars to vintage rides that are certainly worth a whole fortune. Speaking of which, Jay Leno’s net worth goes near the jaw-dropping amount of $350,000,000. Yes, he’s that rich. So now that you’re aware of his financial status, it’s no longer a mystery why he’s collecting rare cars: he can simply afford them all without any problem! His luxury fleet of cars includes around 250 vehicles worth over $50,000,000. All these years he’s been collecting the rarest cars so he probably decided to move on to the vintage models, like his 1991 GMC Syclone. With only 3,000 made, Jay Leno must’ve been glad to expand his collection with another unusual car that almost nobody has these days.

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