15 Millionaire Pop Stars Who Could Drive Lambos (But Choose Not To)

Ever since I saw an article someone has written about relatively cheap cars owned by celebrities I wanted to write a piece of my own but this time to target pop stars only. And so after a LOT of research, I finally came up with my 15 best finds.

There is a good reason I wanted to write this article. It's not because I am sick of all those rich people and not because they have more money than me. No, this isn’t the reason. It is because they don’t know how to efficiently spend or value their money. Expensive houses and cars are the two biggest examples of that.

But there are some people and in this case, pop stars, that even though they have so much money that could buy themselves any car they wanted, they still drive some cheap and old models. Don’t get me wrong here, most of them own expensive models as well but even the fact that they dare drive a cheap one without being afraid about what the reporters will say about them is pretty amazing, and because of this I would like to dedicate this piece on them.

After checking out the article I would like you to leave a comment saying which car, preferably under 50,000$, is your favorite. Now, without further ado let’s check out today’s article.

15 Britney Spears's Silver Mini Cooper

Via popsugar

Back in the 1990s, a young girl released a song called “One more time (Hit me baby)”. The song quickly became one of the biggest pop hits and for many people, it was the best song of the year as you could hear it everywhere you went. That young woman was none other than the talented Britney Spears.

Throughout the years we have seen Britney drive a number of cars, most of them being pretty expensive models, to say the least. But what most people don’t know is that she owns and frequently drives a silver Mini Cooper.

Even though she isn’t the one driving it in the picture, after doing some research I found out that it is hers and she really loves it. Just do a quick Google search and you will come up with tons of pictures showing her drive the little but elegant car. It is one of my favorite cars as well!

14 Justin Timberlake's Volkswagen Jetta

Via PeopleMagazine

How do you know Justin? Do you remember where he originally comes from? Let me help you. If you are young you may not know he was part of a pop group called NSYNC almost 20 years ago. But if you ask your parents they may still remember “Bye Bye Bye” which was without a doubt their biggest hit.

Just like with any other group, after some years each member went his way and the best career so far is that of Justin's. You must have seen him drive luxury cars that most people couldn’t even dream of but he is a fan of the classics too.

Every now and then he will get caught driving his Volkswagen Jetta which, even though it looks nice, is a pretty cheap car that almost anyone can buy. But, seriously, if you are that good looking do you really need an expensive car?

13 Justin Bieber's Smart Car

Via thesun

Probably the biggest pop star currently on the planet. The songs of Justin Bieber have billions of views on YouTube and he has millions of fans all over the world. Rarely do you get to see a singer’s new song always being a hit but for him, that is an easy task.

Since you may not be familiar with Justin’s personal preferences I will let you know that he really loves cars and his collection is fairly big. But there is one thing that is really astonishing. He might be bright and uplifting in his songs but when it comes to cars things get serious.

All the models he owns come in a matte black color and even his Smart car is no exception to that rule. Really, all his Lamborghinis, Porches, and any other car at his disposal are pitch black. If you don’t believe me then do some research yourself and you will see that I am right.

12 Adam Lambert

Via: Just Jared

Even though the whole emo phase has come to an end there are still plenty of teens that rock this style. Adam may not be a teenager but still, the greatest years of his career were back in the mid-2010’s when this was in fashion.

That time might have come to an end but that doesn’t mean that Adam Lambert has given up on his music. In fact, he releases new songs every year and in my opinion, they are pretty good as well. His fan base has definitely decreased but the pop star's bank accounts are bigger than ever before.

Even though his car isn’t dirt cheap, still you can’t refer to it as an expensive model. We are talking about a Mustang GT which can be purchased for less than 35,000$ which is less than the average yearly income of a US citizen. That being said, muscle cars will always be in style!

11 Selena Gomez's Ford Escape

Via Zimbio

Previously I talked about Justin Bieber and since he and Selena are dating once again now would be a good time to talk about her as well. The young singer really loves Justin Bieber but another thing she loves for sure are her cars.

She may own a couple of expensive models but there is a specific car she really likes spending time driving across town. Of course, I am talking about the Ford Escape which, in my opinion, is a bit odd for her considering her pop star image but who am I to disagree with her choices, right?

She is a grown-up who is immensely successful and she can drive whatever she likes. That could be a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, or just a Mercedes-Benz or a BMW but in her case, it is no other car than her Ford Escape. Make sure to pump a lot of gasoline in this beast of a vehicle Selena!

10 Rihanna's Chevrolet Suburban

Via: WiseToast

My girl Riri sure knows how to impress the fans but unfortunately, when it comes to cars she isn’t so exciting. I am absolutely sure that with so much money she must own at least a couple of expensive cars but we don’t get to see her drive a vehicle often.

But she really likes the spacious cars, and for many celebrities, including Josh Duhamel, popular family-friendly cars include a Chevrolet Suburban. Not so cheap if bought brand new but if you go to the “used” category then you can find one without spending a fortune.

Just make sure that you have enough money to spend on gasoline. I am sure that this won’t be a problem for a woman like Rihanna, especially if you make as much money as she does. Keep in mind that the picture is a bit old so she may not drive or either own it anymore. But if you have so much money you most likely wouldn’t sell a car like this one, right!?

9 Katy Perry's Pink Smart Car

Via: Pinterest

I am more of a Rock music type of guy myself but I can see why people like Katy Perry so much. She is very friendly and her songs are uplifting, especially for women. She must be a feminist or something like that which is why I like her myself as well.

Now, as for the car she drives, you can catch her with one of the many vehicles she owns. Compared to the majority of pop stars she doesn’t overdo it with luxury items. Most of the time she can be seen driving her pink Smart car which is worth less than 15,000$. Pretty cheap car.

She also likes getting around in her Audi A5 which is worth around $35,000-$40,000 so you can’t say it is a really expensive car but neither is it affordable for everyone. Audi is my personal favorite car brand so I guess you understand why I like Katy Perry so much.

8 Adele's Volkswagen Sharan

Via Zimbio

Hello from the other side, the side of rich singers I mean. One of those successful individuals is none other than the beautiful and talented Adele. If there is one thing Adele must be thankful about is that her family loves her really much. And judging by her daily drive, she doesn’t seem to care for many things other than family, friends, and her music.

She owns and drives a Volkswagen Sharan which, in case you didn’t know, can be bought brand new for a price lower than $35,000, which is pretty affordable for most people. It is a family car and part of the van category.

She also owns an Audi and a Range Rover both of which are of a build and design similar to that of the Volkswagen Sharan. She must really like that type of car, right? Or she just loves being comfortable in a spacious yet elegant car.

7 Madonna's Mini Cooper S

Via BT

Of course, the Queen of Pop music couldn’t be missing from this list. And just to clear things out, I mean that in a “popularity” type of way and not that she usually owns and drives cheap vehicles. In the case of cars, it is true that Madonna has a big collection of luxury models many of which are worth more than a hundred thousand dollars.

That being said, there is still a specific car that Madonna really likes taking out for a spin every now and then. I am of course talking about the Mini Cooper S which in case you didn’t know can be bought at a price lower than $27,000 and this is about the latest model available.

For some people that still may sound like a lot of money and that is because it can really be a lot of money based on where you live and how big your salary is but nevertheless, for USA standards this is considered a fairly cheap car.

6 Pink's Chevrolet Impala

Via Bornrich

Just imagine how difficult finding this photo was for me. Have you ever tried to search for “Pink’s car”? Instead of getting what I was looking for I would only get cars painted in the color pink. But I finally did it and the results were great.

Pink isn’t so much about cars as she really likes and kind of prefers riding a motorcycle rather than a 4-wheel vehicle. Still though, she has a love for classic models such as the Chevrolet Impala. She owns a 1959 model and she really likes it, maybe even more than some of her bikes.

Naturally, you would think that such an old car would be sold at a very big price but in reality, the Chevrolet Impala 1959 can be found starting at about $20,000. It isn’t that cheap but it can’t be referred to as expensive either. But can you really put a price tag on such vintage and beautiful cars such as the Impala?

5 Miley Cyrus's Infinity G35

Via Wikipedia/Pinterest

More than 10 years ago the Hannah Montana show kicked off Miley Cyrus success and the young girl quickly became a worldwide sensation. Since then she has been publishing new songs that are always hitting the top 100 Billboard’s top positions.

When it comes to cars, Miley has a great taste. She is the owner of a Porsche Cayenne, a Maserati, a Mercedes-Benz, and even a Lamborghini. But there is a specific car she really likes to drive around town. This is an Infinity G35 which in case you didn’t know doesn’t cost that much and is at the same time a very premium looking car.

So what is your opinion about Miley Cyrus? Is she worth the fame she gets? I get her vocal skills are simply amazing but if you were to ask me I would say she is a bit overrated and a little bit over her head. But that is my personal opinion. I still like her a lot!

4 Taylor Swift's Old Mercedes-Benz Viano

Via: Pinterest

Another female pop star that has been in the spotlight especially in the last few years is Taylor Swift. With a success based entirely on heartbreak songs inspired by her real-life experiences, Taylor may not be the best person to be in a relationship with, but no one could disagree with the fact that she has style.

And she knows how to show off that style by driving some pretty luxurious vehicles. The majority of these are worth a lot of money. Except for a Mercedes-Benz Viano which is a somewhat strange example. I am saying that because the price greatly depends on which year’s model we are talking about.

It could be a used 2005 model going for $15,000 or one of the brand new latest ones with a starting price point at about $80,000. No matter what the case is it still remains a great looking car, in the interior section at least.

3 Vanessa Hudgens's Relatively Cheap Audi

Via: Celebrity Cars Blog

Before you get all angry with me hear me out. All the cars I am talking about in this article are currently worth less than 50,000$ with the exception of some being more expensive if they were to be purchased now (latest model).

In the case of Vanessa Hudgens, things are pretty weird. She owns a Mercedes-Benz which is worth way more than the previously stated price point but she also drives an Audi S4. If you were to buy the latest model you would have to spend about 55,000$ to get it but even in that case, always based on USA standards, it wouldn’t be considered such an expensive car.

How Vanessa came to have that much money to own so many high priced cars? Well, it could be due to her role in High School Musical or any of her other major roles but the truth is that you can easily make money when you are good looking and work in Hollywood regardless of if you're a man or woman.

2 Nick Jonas's Mustang GT

Via autoloandaily

Last year I was obsessed with a particular song of Nick Jonas called “Chains” and while doing research for this article I had the idea to look him up in order to find out whether he drives or owns a cheap car. And by what I ended up finding I believe that looking him up was the right thing to do.

As it turns out Nick used to drive a Mustang GT but the thing is that the photo you see above is a bit old so I don’t really know whether he stills owns and drives it or not. The reality is that anyone with as much money as he has could drive pretty much any vehicle he would want but if you were to ask me, nothing can beat a good old-fashioned American muscle car. And it can't get any more “muscle” than a Mustang!

1 Carly Rae Jepsen

Via dailymail

She may not be as popular as the majority of the other singers in this list but who can forget the 2012 hit song “Call Me Maybe” or the 2015 “I Really Like You”. The truth is that even though she may not have successfully kept up all the fame that came her way, Carly is still a great artist and produces great songs all the time.

What you may not know however is that she is fairly short with a height of about 5ft 2 and such a small sized woman couldn’t be driving a large car, right? I believe that is the sole reason she used a Fiat 500c as her daily drive.

I mean, she has enough money to buy a freaking Lamborghini or a Ferrari if she wants to. However, she is comfortable in her beautiful Fiat and this is why she loves driving it around so much! Obviously she can easily buy and drive a large and expensive car around, but it's cool that she chose to stay low-key with this pick.

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