15 Luxe Cars David Beckham Empties His Bank Account For

For over a decade, David Beckham was one of the better midfielders in the world, competing for top teams such as Manchester United and Real Madrid. During his career, he managed to attain fame outside of sports to become one of the most popular celebrities. Several factors including his appearance, fashion style and business lines made him a worldwide icon. A large number of Beckham admirers have never even seen him play on the field, which speaks volumes about his popularity.

With his playing days behind him, Beckham has moved to new ventures to keep his name hot among the media. And since he isn't constantly training and travelling on the road, it has freed up plenty of time for Beckham to enjoy his lavish lifestyle along with his family. Beckham is a big spender and loves to enjoy the finer things in life from travel destinations to material possessions. And with a famous wife in Victoria Beckham, it only makes him even flashier than most celebrities. Beckham has plenty of interests, among them is driving the nicest cars out there. He has an impressive collection of rides to his name and seems to always add new stuff on yearly basis.

But that is to be expected from A-list celebrities, especially when you are arguably the most famous athlete of the 2000s. With today's list, we take a look at his life outside of the field, as we go through 15 of David Beckham's luxury cars and bikes.

15 Rolls Royce Phantom Drop Head Coupe

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When David Beckham joined the Los Angeles Galaxy to continue his playing career, he surely predicted that being in the spotlight would be a suitable move for him. The lifestyle of the city along with the weather were two of the main factors as to why he chose his new destination.

Some say Beckham was more interested in being a celebrity figure than playing soccer by that time, but we don't blame him since he was getting up there in age. But Beckham's sweet paychecks were continuing to roll in, as evident by his purchase of a Rolls Royce Phantom Drop Head Coupe. It was customized for him from the color of the vehicle to the wheels. The seats also had his number 23 designed around it, and he was spotted riding around with his sons on more than one occasion to enjoy sunny LA.

14 Bentley Bentayga

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In 2016, David Beckham added the Bentley Bentayga to his impressive collection. He wasn't the only celebrity to have done so, as many others happened to be huge fans of the model. Beckham is a family man who takes great pride in taking care of his family, so the SUV was a much welcomed addition by all Beckham members. Beckham has been spotted riding around in the Bentayga since making the purchase, and who could blame him?

Anybody who could afford it would probably be showing off whenever possible, so it makes sense that it has become one of his favorite rides. As of October 2017, Beckham still had the SUV and was proudly riding it from time to time. He may have sold it by now since Beckham likes to switch rides often, opting to get the latest models and sell the older ones once the replacements come in.

13 Audi S8

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New year, new car. 2013 saw the Audi S8 being added to David Beckham's luxurious collection, which got plenty of people talking. The car model had captured the attention of plenty of people, which is why it made headlines when Beckham purchased one for himself. It reportedly cost him $110,000, a reasonable price at the time. Unlike previous purchases, it seems like Beckham didn't do much, if any, custom work with the S8.

Perhaps he already saw it perfect as it is, which is why he opted to maintain the appearance of the car. For the next year since the purchase, the Audi S8 became Beckham's go-to choice for any occasion. A wise choice if you ask me as the S8 had quite the reputation at the time. And while Beckham is used to riding the most lavish cars around, his interviews tell us that he holds the Audi S8 in a special place.

12 Lamborghini Gallardo

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The Lamborghini Gallardo has been one of David Beckham's most famous rides as it was purchased in the prime of his playing career. When Beckham transferred from Manchester United to Real Madrid, he became an even bigger celebrity while playing for the most popular team in the world. And with his salary getting a bump in addition to promotional ads, Beckham was bringing in plenty of money.

That's how he could afford the car above. Bought in 2006, it managed to outlast many of Beckham's cars as he kept it for six years before selling it in 2012. It had become outplayed by that time so we can't blame Beckham for getting rid of it - it would have lost even more value if he continued to keep it around. But as always, whenever Beckham sells one of his rides, he tends to replace it with another fine purchase.

11 Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ was a classy addition to one of the finest car collections in the world. It was purchased by David Beckham in 2011 to become one of his signature cars, and as the association between the two grew, Jaguar reached out to Beckham. He became a brand ambassador and filmed several ads for the car model, as well as many others. The partnership was important for Jaguar since they added one of the world's top fashionable icons and someone who prides themselves in driving the sweetest rides.

It is unknown whether Beckham still has the Jaguar since it hasn't been seen in a while, nor has it been announced that the car was sold at any point. Beckham was spotted driving this model very often, and it's easy to see why Beckham fell in love with it for so many years.

10 Rolls Royce Ghost

David Beckham has expressed his love for Rolls Royce on numerous occasions, so it shouldn't come as a shock that he has owned multiple models. This vehicle was also custom made for him, which is only right for an iconic figure such as Beckham. He comes across as a genuinely humble person, which we don't doubt, but Beckham loves showing off his lavish possessions. Not exactly the type to show off on Instagram, but Beckham only rolls with the most luxurious brands.

The vehicle reportedly cost him $380,000, and as one of the highest earners in soccer history, that would be pocket change for him. Beckham also has more endorsement deals than the majority of celebrities regardless of their industry, so he will be cashing in millions of dollars to maintain his lifestyle for years to come, while also adding the newest Rolls Royce models to his collection.

9 Super Vintage 93″ Knuckle

One of David Beckham's favorite and most prized possessions is his custom made Super Vintage 93″ Knuckle. While he may come across as humble and his actions certainly justify his reputation, Beckham is extremely picky with his rides and prefers having all of them to be custom made in one way or another. This bike took a year to finish before Beckham received it and began driving it around.

He has been spotted riding this bike in the US over the past few years, where he keeps his bike collection. The average person may not be knowledgeable enough to appreciate how customized this bike truly is, as it was created specifically for the needs and demands of Beckham. And he was more than happy with the final result, preferring the bike with its unfinished look rather than a sleek bike that looked like it rolled right off a dealership.

8 Bentley Mulsanne

After having spent some time away from the UK, David Beckham began making more appearances in 2013, beginning with an early showoff with his new Bentley Mulsanne. The ride reportedly cost him $296,000 - a purchase that is justified regardless of how expensive it is. What surprised some was that Beckham didn't have his signature tinted windows when the car was spotted the first few times, but as always, he ended up getting them - a move that shouldn't have caught anyone by surprise.

Beckham's love for Bentley is well-documented, and while he may have represented different brands over the years, it seems that Bentley always goes back to being his top choice. As for Bentley, they have a great unofficial ambassador who influences plenty of people to copy his style, so you can bet that those who can afford it have already bought a Bentley Mulsanne - although they will never quite get the full David Beckham experience.

7 Cadillac Escalade

You know David Beckham is a huge fan of a model when he chooses to purchase the same type when a new release arrives. In 2007, David Beckham purchased a Cadillac Escalade which he kept around for many years before upgrading to the newest model in 2015. With his latest addition, Beckham chose to once again customize his ride. Beckham is very picky when it comes to his cars and we can't blame him for that.

Not only does he always get the tinted windows, but he loves adding his own personal touch - which usually turns out to be the number design. The Escalade seems to be among his top choices when the family is around, but not necessarily when Beckham is by himself. One could say that Beckham has a specific car for every occasion out there, which is why he switches from one ride to another as necessary.

6 Ducati Desmosedici RR

Another bike that has been in the collection for a while. The model gained further mainstream popularity when it was revealed that Tom Cruise owns one, which apparently influenced some of his famous pals to do the same. Being the fashionable celebrity that he is, Beckham followed Cruise by buying one of his own. And he sure loves to drive it as he has been seen multiple times just cruising around whenever he is off.

The bike was also very complimentary to Beckham at a time when he was rolling with the biker's look for a while. Some bikers weren't applauding him for it, but Beckham continued to do what he does best in ignoring the press and living as lavish as he can. This classic bike is one of the bikes that Beckham would never consider selling.

5 F131 Hellcat Combat

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David Beckham is as proud of his bike collection as he is of his cars. Some may not be aware that he is equally as patient about both, and often likes to switch from one to the other. While it may not be as extensive his car collection, Beckham does have some fine bikes to brag about, including the F131 Hellcat Combat. With a choice like that, no one can question Beckham's love for bikes even if he may not be famous for it.

Despite having sold most of his possessions to upgrade with newer models, this bike has not lost its place in Beckham's garage. It seems like it belongs on the no sale list, which only contains a few other rides. Beckham has rarely been spotted with the F131 Hellcat Combat, but surely manages to make headlines whenever he is seen riding it around.

4 Aston Martin V8

David Beckham's stint with Real Madrid got off to a great start in 2003 off the field, as his income reached its highest figures. And that brought on many of the beloved additions in the David Beckham collection, including the Aston Martin V8. It was reportedly purchased in 2004 and kept in Spain where Beckham was playing at the time and for the next three years.

What separates this vehicle from many of the entries is Beckham's refusal to part ways with it. Regardless of how much he may like to upgrade his rides, he does leave a space for the classics including this model. Beckham has been randomly spotted driving around this car from year to year, so it is evident that he hasn't just kept it as a prize. Not only does he enjoy riding around in it, but equally loves showing off this vintage model to the world.

3 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

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If you have been waiting for the Porsche to pop up, then you will be pleased to see this entry. 2008 was another rebuilding year for David Beckham who went through his collection to separate the unwanted vehicles from the keepers. And whenever that happens, Beckham likes to spoil himself by making a strong investment in a new ride. The Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet became one of the most famous celebrity cars upon seeing Beckham driving it around, as his fame continued to spread around the globe.

He wasn't spotted very often in this ride as it was maintained for special occasions, but Beckham held on to it for three years. And when 2011 came through, everyone was sad to see the Porsche depart to a new owner. It is one of the stand outs of the entire Beckham collection and one of the very few vehicles guaranteed to turn up heads every single time.

2 Chevy Camaro

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Everyone should know by now David Beckham's preferred colors for his cars: black and grey. It seems like he sticks to what he knows will surely work, and switches between the two colors from one purchase to another. The Chevy Camaro SS found its way into the Beckham collection in 2011 - a time when he sold many of his past cars and decided to rebuild his style.

And we can all agree that he made the right choice since the Camaro is one model that you can never go wrong with - even when it gets played out. Beckham was supposed bored of his Porsche Turbo when he decided to sell the vehicle and trade it for his newest custom made Camaro SS. Sounds like a common habit for him judging by this list, but that's what makes him special.

1 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

When you happen to have a flashy and expensive car collection, it is only expected that you should have a Ferrari. David Beckham is no stranger to that fact which is why he has the 612 Scaglietti model in his collection, which he bought during his time in LA. Like so many of his rides, it was custom made for Beckham with some specific details, including the number seven found on the back of the car.

He reportedly paid $300,000 for the car - a larger figure to say the least but nothing that is out of range for Beckham. His wife Victoria also seems to be very fond of the ride as she has been spotted driving it on numerous occasions. And when you have the wife's approval, that means the car is likely to stick around for a while as we have seen happen with the Ferrari.

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