15 Celeb Drivers Who Act Like They Own The Road With Their Luxury Cars

There’s nothing that can turn a good road trip sour so fast like having a bad companion or rather the wrong travel companion. And, while we have the luxury to pick the people that we are stuck driving with for hours and hours on end if you are given a choice to pick, it helps a lot if you have to think about it both practically and a bit scientifically. That said if you had the lucky chance to pick a celebrity to go out with on a road trip who would you pick? Well, this news might be overwhelming to most people, we have a long list of celebrities that we would love to hang out with, or just get a glimpse of.

Getting the right celebrity to go on a road trip isn’t an easy task either. And Tom Cruise might just turn out to be as annoying as your childhood buddy Todd. Therefore, before you find yourself on 10-hour return flight, wishing you could trade the person next to you for a hungry, restless toddler in row 15, you might need to rethink your options before calling Zach Galifianakis for another horrifying road trip across the country. Here we have compiled a list of 15 celebs who might be really questionable drivers.

15 Norman Reedus

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Reedus may not be acting as terribly hard when he is Daryl Dixon on America’s favorite Television series The Walking Dead. It's not hard to envision him roaring alone with his hog down the highway, doing whatever he needs to do to stay alive, also being vigilant and cautious should anything that may cause harm to him cross his ways. While Norman Reedus may not be wielding a crossbow when you go visit him at home during the weekend in real life, but you get a good sense that he would be able to crack a shot within a few seconds of picking up a crossbow. You have got to hand it out to the man, he exudes some sort of manly adventurous spirit in him. It’s with this kind of ethos that AMC (America Movie Classics) gave a green light to Ride with Norman Reedus, which is a six-episode unscripted series that documents Reedus and another companion on a variety of bikes around the country.

14 Adele

Via Daily Mail

Just like the rest of the world, we are definitely riveted when it was Adele’s turn to showcase her talent at Carpool Karaoke for The Late Night Show with James Corden. If you ask me, the British singer can rap, and there’s a whole lot of evidence behind that statement after she crushed Nicki Minaj’s verse on Kanye’s track “Monster.” Well, if you are offered a chance to go on a road trip with Adele, you better not blow it. First things first, Adele is down to earth, down to clown around, and she clearly can’t keep warm beverages from spilling onto her lap during a drive. Come to think of it, celebs are just like us. So what would driving around the country with Adele be like? Well, first, you might need to turn off the radio and fire song titles for her to perform. There’s no way you’d get bored with her around.

13 Robert Downey Jr.

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Let’s face it, he is hilarious! And his movies are some of the best in the world. If you are ever going to have a great road trip celebrity companion, why not Iron Man himself. While this trip might be quite captivating, you might have to worry about your safety considering the number of enemies Ironman has. In case driving gets too boring, you could always ask him to get his jetpack out and fly into the skies. On a more serious note, Robert Downey Jr. would simply make a great celebrity road trip companion because of his charismatic nature and the comical relief you will get from this experience. It’s definitely going to be one hell of a road trip if Robert Downey Jr. tags along, and better yet if he carries a few of his gadgets.

12 Chadwick Boseman

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He might never be referred to as Chadwick in his life again, not after Black Panther. Chadwick Boseman has earned himself a lot of favor with the ladies after the premiere of the Black Panther. It’s definitely his time to shine, and what better way to enjoy his glory than go out for a road trip with him. He is definitely one hell of a travel companion; he lives in the African jungle for crying out loud. You won’t have to worry about food when you get stuck in the wilderness, he will hunt down something or bring you a basket of berries. He has quite the personality, a charmer, with awesome characteristics. He is the type of person you immediately want to become friends with once you meet them (he is the Tchalla after all). You will definitely enjoy calling him Tchalla with the African accent of course.

11 Jim Carrey

Via EW

If you don’t love Jim Carrey, then you need brain surgery, or better yet, go back and watch Ace Ventura Pet Detective. Jim Carrey has to be the mother and father of all new age comedians, and a part of me always has this feeling he crossed over from the cartoon world. Jim Carrey will make you laugh so hard you will cancel the road trip as soon as it started. It’s hard not to laugh at Jim Carrey’s funny faces; he has the sort of humor that will make you forget you are far from home hurdled up with a stranger. Just pray he is not chasing after some girl, or the road trip might change into a rollercoaster of dumb and dumber ideas. You better get him off the wheel too if you don’t want to lose your car and get back home with a costumed Dog van.

10 Jennifer Aniston

Via: Pinterest

She definitely has to be the best road trip celebrity companion on our list according to us. The friend's star has mastered the art of creating a balance between being fun and being laid back. If there is any celebrity in the world that you would hit it off so first, then it has to Jennifer Aniston. Judging from her personality in Friends, you are going to get a mixture of fun, tones of jokes, great stories, and peace of mind. Jenifer Aniston is arguably one of the most down to earth celebrities you will ever meet. You will definitely have a hard time trying to make her shut up, but the experience is going to be worth it at the end. She has the kind of personality that will keep you relaxed and entertained, and not in any hurry to come back home to reality.

9 Zach Galifianakis

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He wouldn’t be on many people’s list but he would definitely be on mine, if you are into annoyingly funny people. The characters he has played so far are obnoxious to travel with, and in case you need evidence then you need to watch the Hangover or worse, Due Date, but on a road trip, he would be a dream. First, we expect him to tag along a giraffe or worse a lama and would end up spending all of your gas money. Trust him to pick up fights with veterans at a Western Union store, and if you think that is about it, wait until it’s time to take a nap. What Zach Galifianakis will do to your road trip is make it epic, and memorable. It will never get any better without him. Of course, you are probably going to get arrested or find a naked Chinese tycoon locked up in your trunk, but the experience will be worth it.

8 Tom Cruise

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We know all the ladies want a piece of him, and road tripping with him would definitely mean a honeymoon experience for most single ladies out there. At first blush, Tom Cruise may seem sort of annoying psycho with a very bad business idea. However, provided you do not speak of Xenu or L.Ron, then you should enjoy a pretty legit ride and companionship. So what makes his so perfect for a road trip? Well, for starters, you might not need to lift a finger to pay for anything, perhaps in a bid to make you like him (or perhaps he is truly benevolent). He likes to do everything. Therefore, he will drive, fast, set up camp, even attack the bears in the woods while you sit back and relax. And while at that, you could ask him about the $30,000 car he bought for his young daughter.

7 Idris Elba

Via autoevolution.com

In 2013, Elba was the host of an underrated BBC series that was known as the King of Speed that saw the praised actor traverse the continent trying to find different motorsports that he can attempt to master. In the show, whether he was talking to underground racing enthusiasts in Detroit or was taking a few laps off a NASCAR, Idris Elba has proved every single time that he could be a proper grease monkey. You don’t need to panic yet because it’s highly unlikely that you will be road tripping with a rally car. Therefore, it’s perfectly fine to hand over your car keys to Elba. Or better yet, you could let him shotgun as he regales you with tales of his epic automotive tales of glory. For the ladies, we know this is music to your eyes.

6 Ewan McGregor

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Well, this star actor is in love with motorcycles and ultimately long trips, making him ideal for a road trip companion. He loves going on road trips so much that back in 2004 he and a friend embarked on an epic journey that covered 13 countries in 115 days only. This epic trip was from London to NewYork City where they traversed all of Western and Central Europe, Mongolia, Russia, Siberia and Canada. The only time they stepped out of their bikes was at the channel, the Zilov Gap, and also when they had to take a flight from Russia to Alaska. Before, this epic trip, they were trained in first aid and survival skills. He is perhaps the best-equipped celebrity out there to go out with on a trip. His adventures clearly speak for themselves.

5 Sabine Schmitz

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Sabine Schmitz is one bad girl but all for the good reasons. She is by far the ultimate road trip companion that is if you let her take on the wheel. She drives super-fast and ferociously too. You might need to prepare your cords for screaming because this girl can drive. Christened as the Queen of Nurburgring, she got her fame by driving one of BMW M5 “Nurburgring Taxis” around the track, giving her passengers one hell of a journey. However, while she stopped her career of ferrying eager passengers at neck breaking speeds back in 2011, she was tapped to be one of the new presenters for the New Top Gear show, and she is off to a strong start. It’s rumored that she made Chris Evans vomit during one of her laps around Laguna Seca.

4 Russell Brand

Via Just Jared

If you just want to have a good time, but get to the ER due to a broken rib because you laughed too hard then Russell Brand is your guy. You are definitely going to have an awesome time, just make sure you keep your eyes on the road when you laugh too hard. He’s also friendly, meaning people will love you everywhere you go, as long as you are with him. Perhaps this would be the perfect time to question him about his fashion. A survey that was taken by film fans about which celebrity they would love to be on a road trip with favored Russell due to his comical character. If you will be going off the grid, he might become a bit of a baby, and you might feel like you are traveling around with a toddler. He’s definitely a good pick.

3 Gerard Butler

Via Motofire

The Law student turned film star would make a great road trip companion. The Scottish actor started his film career after quitting law school back in 2002 where he co-starred in the film Reign of Fire. Butler has got a powerful personality, part of the reason he makes such a good road trip companion is the strong commitment to his ideas, vision, and flexibility. You won’t have a problem trying to make him fit in, he already does. And in case of any trouble, you could always trust him to get into character and kick whatever might be out to harm you into a dark hole as he did on 300. He is definitely a good travel companion as seen on the 300, he will keep watch as you sleep, and he will definitely make sure you get to your milestone.

2 Susan Sarandon

Via NY Daily News

She’s got quite the personality, it will be hard to get bored with her around. Be sure to hear countless stories, and they will continue deep even as you sleep. The Hollywood actress is quite the charmer; she’s also an activist, an Academy Award winner and so much more. But best of all, she makes one of the best road trip companions, landing her on this list. If you are wondering why she would have countless stories, it’s because she has seen it all. She’s also going to make this ride better since she is down to earth, and probably won’t wait for you to start talking. While she won’t be able to drive all the way out, be sure to have a learning experience, a good laugh, and an awesome time.

1 Dustin Hoffman

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Who wouldn’t want to ride with Dustin Hoffman? It’s hard to resist hanging out with the 70-year-old actor. Apart from all the controversy, Dustin would make a great road trip companion. He has a great personality landing him on this page. Dustin Hoffman is cautious; it’s a vital characteristic to have when going for a road trip, you can’t take chances when you are out on the highway. He has been known to take life realistically and never gets carried away by overly optimistic ideas. This road trip might feel a bit like traveling with your dad, but in a cooler, more interactive and exciting way. He is probably going to give you life advice at some point, but when the fun begins; his 70-year-old body has proven to be able to keep up. If you are looking for an older celebrity to go road tripping with, he is your best bet at having a great time.

Source: thedrive.com

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