12 Rich Celebs Who Dished Out On Cars (12 Who Went Cheap)

Oh, cars. What would we do without them? And how would we get there? Yeah, those are two great questions to start off a list like this. When people talk about cars, we, regular folks, usually think about the newest model coming out this year that we can probably afford if we save a lot of money to have the cash when a good deal appears. But, do you know who doesn’t really need to wait for a good deal in order to buy a new car? Celebrities. These people don’t even need to save money to buy an expensive car. Well, maybe that is not entirely true. After all, we have found a car worth more than $50 million. So, it is fair to say that not all celebrities could afford that one.

Nevertheless, we are here to tell you a little bit about celebrities and cars. And the first thing you should know is that, depending on the profile of a celebrity, you can pretty much guess how much money they are willing to spend on a new set of wheels. Celebrities who like showing people how much cash they have (yeah, we are talking about Kanye) unavoidably spend a lot of money whenever they go car shopping. However, there are still those who think about the environment and try to set an example by purchasing cheaper cars. Get ready to see the best of both worlds.

24 Rich: Jay-Z

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It is no secret to anyone that Jay-Z is rich. This is the kind of man who will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single bottle of champagne, so you can only imagine what kind of money he would spend whenever he is deciding to buy a new car. Well, it turns out that it is way more than anyone probably thought at first. How much more? You be the judge of that.

We don’t know what your first assessment was, but the fact in question is that the influential rapper spent nothing less than $8 million to purchase this stunning Maybach Exelero. Oh yeah, this is one of those cars you don’t see every day even if you live near celebrities in Los Angeles. With a powerful V12 engine, this beast can go as fast as 218 mph.

23 Cheap: Leonardo DiCaprio

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Leonardo DiCaprio is, by far, one of the most famous actors of all time. Some would even say that we could easily claim that he is one of the most famous entertainers of all time. After all, this is a man who headlined the second highest grossing film of all time. And yeah, we are talking about Titanic. With success after success packed up into his resume, Leo has a net worth that is somewhere north of $245 million. With that kind of money, he could go to any car dealership and literally buy any car he wanted.

Still, this guy takes the idea of being a role model so seriously that even when he is doing something like buying a car, he wants to give folks an example to follow and try to save the environment. We say that because Leo was seen driving a Toyota Prius.

22 Rich: Kim Kardashian

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We don’t know how we have gotten here, but there is probably not a single person in the world who has not at least heard the name Kim Kardashian. And no matter what anyone thinks about how Kim got her fame, you have to admit that she has done an amazing job at staying in the mainstream and staying relevant for as long as she has. People cared even when she married Kris Humphries. The attention has gone up even more after she married Kanye West. But, there is one thing you have to respect Kim for above anything else—she doesn’t need anyone’s money to buy anything she wants.

This is a woman who is worth more than $150 million. She can buy whatever she wants, and one day, she decided that what she wanted was a Ferrari 458 Italia worth something around $325,000.

21 Cheap: Britney Spears

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This is the kind of weird entry we thought we would not be making when putting together a list like this. When people think about Britney Spears, they usually think about someone who spends boatloads of money on all kinds of things. While she was in her prime, it seemed like Britney was one of the highest spenders in the world of celebrities. Nevertheless, when it comes to cars, the reality might be far from what many first believed.

We say that because it happened more than once that Britney was caught driving a Mini Cooper. Yeah, a Mini Cooper might not be the cheapest of cars, but it certainly is not expensive when we put it up to celebrity standards. The fact that Britney is someone who owns one is even more impressive. And we also must admit that she did look good in it. It was a good match.

20 Rich: Kanye West

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Since we talked about his wife, we might as well just mention Kanye West and his stunning Lamborghini Aventador. Yes, there might be more expensive and luxurious cars out there, but it is hard to deny that every single man probably dreamed about having a Lamborghini like this at some point. This is the ultimate car for a speed lover.

Think about it this way. Every guy who grew up in a generation where playing video games was not frowned upon has probably played a racing game where you can use real cars. And if you played one of these games, we have no doubt that at some point, you picked up a Lamborghini Aventador or Gallardo. Not only that, we know that you probably went up to the shop and painted that thing yellow or black just for the hell of it. Well, Kanye spent about $750,000 to fulfill the dream that every guy had and bought his Lamborghini.

19 Cheap: Jennifer Lawrence

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Let’s do a little math and comparison here. Jennifer Lawrence might be the celebrity who grew the most on a worldwide scale in recent years. Ever since she became the protagonist of The Hunger Games series, Jennifer also became one of the most famous stars in Hollywood. Every director wants her to be the star of his or her movie. With that kind of fame and reputation also came a lot of money. Her net worth is somewhere around $130 million, so we will make the same argument we made for Leonardo DiCaprio. If these people have so much money, why would they not shell out a bunch on a car since even regular people do that?

Well, we don’t have that answer, but we can say that Jennifer falls into the Leo category since she drives a Volkswagen Eos.

18 Rich: David Beckham

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Here is a misconception most people probably have about expensive cars. If you ask a poll of 10 people, probably nine out of them will say that one of the necessary traits of an expensive car would be speed. Well, we just found the exception to the rule, and it is one exquisite exception. Leave it to David Beckham to tear down this stereotype with his Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe.

Yes, this is a Rolls-Royce, so you know that this is as classy as cars come. The difference is that it didn’t have the incredible amount of speed that many people think is necessary for cars that can be as expensive as $500,000. David Beckham is a family man, so comfort and security come before trivial things like speed. Therefore, his Rolls-Royce has a top speed of just 150 mph.

17 Cheap: Christian Bale

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Bruce Wayne is one of the most famous millionaires in fiction. It is only fair that the man who made the most success wearing his skin would be one of the most famous millionaires in the movie industry. His net worth is somewhere close to $80 million, and we can only expect it to keep growing since this guy doesn’t seem to be stopping with his successes anytime soon.

If we talk about awards, Christian Bale has already won an Academy Award and one Golden Globe, which is already more than the vast majority of actors and directors can claim. Still, not even all of that money and success were enough to persuade Christian to buy an expensive car. Much on the contrary, this is a guy who drives a Toyota Tacoma, a car with a base price of around $25,000.

16 Rich: Paris Hilton

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Here is the difference between regular people and celebrities. When a regular person buys an expensive car, depending on who they are, they will probably already be happy just having the big car with the big name. But for a celebrity, just having an expensive car is not enough. Some of them need to have an expensive car that is perfectly tailored to their own little perks and personalities. If you ever need an example of what we are talking about, you need to look no further than Paris Hilton.

Is there any person in the world who you think would fit more perfectly inside a pink car than Paris Hilton? Well, Paris thought the same thing, and she decided to purchase a custom-made Bentley GT Continental a while ago. The result was this $285,000 pink Bentley that she drives around.

15 Cheap: Mel Gibson

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Sometimes, we can be led to believe that celebrities who buy cheaper cars do so in order to become examples to other folks and prove that you don’t need to drive an incredibly expensive car to look awesome. You can be a successful person and drive a popular car. But sometimes, they go so far that we wouldn’t blame anybody if they thought that the celebrities are only buying cheap cars to get away from the paparazzi.

After all, how many paparazzi have you ever seen chasing a Toyota Cressida? Not that many, right? Yeah, a car of this model is worth something around $4000 these days, which is impressive considering one of the famous people who have been seen driving this Toyota was Mel Gibson. Don’t forget that Gibson is worth more than $400 million.

14 Rich: Nicolas Cage

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Nicolas Cage has made a bunch of iffy decisions during his life and career. However, one of the decisions he made that we can proudly stand behind happened when he made the choice to purchase a Ferrari Enzo. We talked a little bit about the aura that a Lamborghini has and how many guys want to have one because of video games and everything else. If there is one particular model of car that can measure up to the Lamborghinis Gallardo and Aventador in terms of how many guys dream of having one, it is the Ferrari Enzo.

The Italian car maker only had the model in line for a few years in the 2000's, but it was enough for the model to enthrall people with its design and specs. Nicolas Cage spent $670,000 on his Ferrari Enzo.

13 Cheap: Zac Efron

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Here is an interesting thing. When talking about young movie stars, the assumption people have is that they are usually the ones spending the most money on expensive cars. Sure, there are the older guys and gals who like buying expensive vehicles to add to their already vast collections, but the ones spending exorbitant amounts of cash on cars are usually the younger celebrities. This is one of the things that impressed us about Zac Efron.

This guy is the perfect example of a teenage sensation who matured well into a young adult while maintaining his level success. However, he is not one of those young celebrities who spends a lot of money on cars. No, Zac used to drive an Oldsmobile Alero. If you look online for it today, you could probably find a 1999 model for under $2000.

12 Rich: Birdman

Poor Birdman is not even the profile that pops up when you search his name on Google these days. All thanks to that movie everyone thought was a superhero movie but wasn’t. Either way, he might not be the first name in your search history, but Birdman is still one of the richest rappers of his generation. The man is worth nothing less than $110 million. At 49 years old, this is some crazy amount of money for someone to be able to spend at his heart’s will. Still, one thing everyone will have to admit at the end of this entry is that while Birdman is notorious for spending his money, he does make some excellent purchases. None was probably better than when he bought a Bugatti Veyron for a solid $2 million.

11 Cheap: Cameron Diaz

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We made the case about Mel Gibson buying a cheaper car in order to keep paparazzi away from him whenever he is out on the streets, but some celebrities buy cheaper cars that, in themselves, explain to the public that they are doing this for the environment. After all, this is one of the main reasons why anyone would buy a Toyota Prius.

These days, a Prius is not even that cheap in comparison to some of the other cars we have added to this list. Yeah, some guys were driving cars worth just a few thousand dollars. A Prius will cost a celebrity somewhere between $25,000 and $30,000 or more. So yeah, this is a purchase made thinking about the environment. And one of the celebrities who have been thinking about the environment is none other than Cameron Diaz.

10 Rich: Flo Rida

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So, you thought Birdman’s Bugatti Veyron was a thing of beauty, right? Get ready to have your mind blown then. Yes, a red sports car is something every guy wants, but how can you possibly compare that to a golden car? We are saying that because Flo Rida spent an exorbitant $2.7 million to purchase a golden Bugatti Veyron. Yes, Flo Rida has a golden supercar. That is literally the dream.

He might not be as successful in the music scene these days as he used to be, but it is hard to deny that you must respect a person who owns a car like this. The thing about the Bugatti Veyron is that the car is not just beautiful, but it is a monster of a vehicle. The top speed of the original model was around 253 mph.

9 Cheap: Ryan Gosling

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Ryan Gosling is the kind of guy no man would complain about being. This guy has everything. He has the looks, talent, charm, and most importantly, he has the money. The Canadian actor and musician has been active in the entertainment industry for almost two decades now, and he has established himself as a solid name in Hollywood. More than that, he is one of the actors with the most massive legions of followers around the globe. And all of that is warranted. Gosling worked hard in order to get his net worth above $30 million. During his career, he received a pair of Academy Awards nominations and even won a Golden Globe for best actor for his performance in La La Land.

So what kind of car would a guy like Ryan Gosling drive? Well, he is yet another celebrity who adopted the Prius trend.

8 Rich: Jerry Seinfeld

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Jerry Seinfeld is living proof that comedians can make a lot of money if they work hard. Sure, this guy owes a lot of his fame to the success he found on television from 1989 to 1998 with the show Seinfeld. But he is still earning crazy amounts of money through comedy tours all over the world. Here, let’s just put one of these as an example. Just in 2013, Jerry had a gross income of $27 million from comedy tours alone. Yes, this is an insane amount of money for someone to make in a year. With that in mind, no one would be surprised to find out that Seinfeld is worth a ridiculous $720 million.

Moreover, he is the kind of celebrity who will pat himself on the back to reward his hard work by buying an expensive car. The car we are talking about is a Porsche 959 he bought at an auction for $700,000.

7 Cheap: Clint Eastwood

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It wouldn’t be too much for anyone to say that Clint Eastwood is one of the manliest men who ever walked on Earth. Well, definitely one of the manliest men who ever worked on Hollywood. Either way, when you hear the name Clint Eastwood, you immediately start to think about the great actors in the history of westerns and old-school movies. By that, we mean you should start thinking about Blondie from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

However, despite the myth and aura around this person, Eastwood was caught driving something that you would not imagine the manliest of men driving. To put it bluntly, Clint Eastwood is a proud owner of a Fiat 500. Yeah, that compact little Fiat you make fun of other guys for driving. That is the kind of car Clint Eastwood drives.

6 Rich: Jay Leno

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Jay Leno loves cars, and that is no secret. The guy has a television series named Jay Leno’s Garage, which should, by itself, already explain the strong connection that the former The Tonight Show host feels towards vehicles. The guy literally spent three years filming a show where he reviewed cars and motorcycles, as well as some classic cars, which were entertaining episodes as well.

But back to the topic at hand, it would be impossible for us not to add someone who loves cars as much as Leno does to our list for the mere fact that it would be weird if someone like him didn’t have a car expensive enough for us to add to the list. Of course, it turns out that he has such a set of wheels. The car in question is his Mercedes SLR McLaren, a beauty of a car not many people in the world can say they have. Only 3500 of them were made, and they cost about $500,000.

5 Cheap: Mark Zuckerberg

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If you found this article on Facebook, or if you have a Facebook at all, there is a good chance that Mark Zuckerberg has made money off of you at some point. There is no way around it, this guy is another kind of genius. He knew where the world was going, and even though he might have screwed some of his friends along the way, he became the owner of a product that could very well change the fate of entire countries, as we have already seen.

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg is a powerful human being. Just imagine the kind of pandemonium that would ensue if he decided to close Facebook. People would go insane, and there would probably be riots. That is the kind of power this guy holds. So what kind of car would be good for portraying this level of influence over other people?

Well, we don’t know because Zuckerberg used to drive a Honda Fit.

4 Rich: Whoever Bought This Car

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With this next entry, we have a mystery we would like everyone to try and solve. The fact of the matter is that no one really knows who bought this legendary 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO. And usually, we would not really care about it if only this weren’t the most expensive car in the world. How expensive? Well, only a mere $52 million.

Yeah, you did not read that wrong. It was reported that this car was sold back in 2013 by its then-owner, a guy named Paul Pappalardo, for an exorbitant $52 million. A lot of questions come to mind when we see a figure like this as a price tag for anything. Why would someone buy such an expensive car if he would not let anyone know? Then again, there is the question of security, a whole new problem that keeping the sale secret could partially solve. Either way, whoever bought this must be a celebrity in some kind of way.

3 Cheap: Pope Francis

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The Pope doesn’t exactly drive, but he does have a car. Now, whether you are Catholic or not doesn’t really matter when the subject is the car that the Pope is riding. Everyone has to admit that the Catholic Church is an entity with a ridiculous amount of money and influence all over the globe. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be wrong for people to imagine that the leader of this church would be able to have one of the most comfortable and luxurious vehicles available. Hell, there are leaders of smaller religions who are incredibly ostentatious about their wealth.

But Pope Francis is not that kind of guy. The holy father is someone who deeply embodies the idea of humbleness, and one of the ways he does so is by riding around in a Kia Soul.

2 Rich: Steven Tyler

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When people say Hennessey, your mind probably wanders towards the alcoholic beverage usually linked to party animals like JR Smith. But the Hennessey we are going to talk about now has nothing to do with alcohol. Much on the contrary, if you are a fan of Hennessey the alcohol, you should probably stay away from this Hennessey if you are under the influence of the first. Yeah, don’t worry, we confused ourselves there too.

Nevertheless, the Hennessey we want to talk about on this entry is the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder. We have seen tons of fast and beautiful cars on this list, but none of them can compare to this beast. Back in 2016, the Hennessey became the fastest convertible to date as it clocked 265.6 mph. It is only fair that one of the owners of a car like this would be Steven Tyler.

1 Cheap: Kawhi Leonard

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When we talk about professional athletes, one of the things that are a given is that once these guys become professionals, they start spending money on expensive cars and stuff like that. Seriously, who in his right mind would earn a contract worth tens of millions of dollars and not spend at least a little bit of it to buy a new ride?

Well, we found the exception to the rule, folks. And his name is Kawhi Leonard. Leonard is notorious in the NBA for being one of the most low-key guys in the history of the league. It seems almost destiny that he would land with the franchise where Tim Duncan spent his entire career. But, there is one thing in terms of humility that Leonard did that we don’t believe even Duncan would have been able to. This NBA superstar was still driving the car he had as a teenager as recently as a couple of years ago. It was a 1997 Chevy Tahoe.

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