12 Most Expensive Cars Of 2018 (12 Of The Cheapest)

Looking to buy a new car this year? Wondering if there is something in a realistic price range? Supercar or economy car? Well, chances are that no one reading this can afford a supercar...and if I'm wrong...then I don't know why those people are not just driving around right now. Regardless, let's take a look at some huge differences in budget.

2018 has been a pretty good year for some pretty great cars. Every year has their golden machines that shine the world over but there are some pretty exceptional ones out this year. That being said, there are also some pretty dirt cheap and not-so-good-looking cars out there that are probably more in the price range of those reading this article. Some of them are alright, but they're nothing compared to the supercars in this article.

Let's be honest here...if there was an option between a Smart ForTwo Pure Coupe and a McLaren Senna...I have a feeling that I know what most people here would choose. And everyone would be very right to choose the Senna. Either way though, below are 12 of the most expensive cars of 2018 alongside 12 of the cheapest cars from 2018. Let's dig into these great and ghastly cars!

24 Zenvo TS1 - $1.9 Million


Zenvo is a car manufacturer in Denmark that has created a couple of pretty high-end supercars over the past few years. One might recall the Zenvo ST1 but this is the Zenvo TS1 (very original names, for sure). This very attractive car runs a pretty steep $1.9 million. Much as I love the look of this car, I don't think I'll ever have enough scratch to get one. But it definitely has some power. It might be a hog when it comes to weight (near 4000lbs), this rear-wheel-drive car can go from 0-62mph in only 2.8 seconds. That is impressive. And its top speed is 233mph (nothing compared to the Hennessey Venom though).

23 Toyota Yaris LE - $17,285


This little three-door economy car is pretty well just meant for in-town driving. The size of the gas tank and the way it handles the highway makes it a poor choice for long-distance travel...unless you want to be filling that tank every few hours. It has the bells and whistles with a rearview cam and the touchscreen display up front but either way you look at it...it's still a Toyota Yaris. Apparently, the seating of this car is pretty brutal so this is yet another reason to keep it off the highway. This isn't the sort of car someone should be opening up to try and hammer up to its top speed of no miles per hour.

22 McLaren Senna - $1 Million


This is the McLaren Senna. This gorgeous car runs a cold hard $1 million. This is a limited edition car released by the British car company McLaren. Only 500 of these sweet machines will be running the roads or collecting dust in car collections around the world. The Senna is part of McLaren's Ultimate Series. Other notable cars in that series are the F1 and P1 (both very powerful cars). While The Senna was teased online in 2017, it made its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show this year. One million dollars of hand-built awesomeness? I think I could handle some of that.

21 Smart Fortwo Pure Coupe - $15,990


Before I even dig into this one at all, I have to admit a pretty big bias here. I get wanting to "go green" and be more environmentally conscious but...I cannot stand a single one of these Smart cars. I think they are ugly and impractical. If I can't fit a guitar AND another person in there...it's not worth the paltry $15,990 that it currently runs at. Speaking of what it runs at, this car only run with the power of 89 horses...which is pretty pathetic. It's obviously good on gas, therefore, but if you need to do a grocery run...you're probably only going to be able to fit a day's worth of groceries in this thing.

20 McLaren P1 LM - $3.6 Million


This is one pricey car, for sure. At a whopping $3.6 million, the McLaren P1 LM is one of the most expensive cars on this list and one of the most expensive cars of the year. That being said, it is not a production car. This is not a car one can just go to a McLaren dealership to buy. Of course, chances are readers here don't have $3.6 million to drop on one of these anyway. Only five of these cars have been made; designed specifically for special buyers in Japan, the U.S., the UAE, and certainly the U.K. The P1 LM runs with the power of 1000 horses. That is one mean machine.

19 Nissan Versa Sedan S Plus - $14,130


I've personally driven a Nissan Versa, but it was a 2015 compact and it at least did its job. I just needed to get from point A to point B and it did so rather boringly. At least the part of the country I was driving in was beautiful. Those who want some extra storage space compared to the compact Versa with a still very affordable car, this is a pretty good choice. That being said, there is not going to be any mind-blowing moment in this thing. It doesn't even have a USB port. I didn't realize that this was a thing that was left out of cars these days but if you're looking to hook up your iPod...you're going to have to mod the car.

18 Arash AF 10 Hybrid - $1.2 Million

This car...it runs with the power of 2080 horses. That is just freakin' insane! Try to wrap your head around that many horses powering one really hot supercar like this. I think it is hilarious that Arash actually measures the weight of the AF 10 Hybrid in terms of iPhone 6's. How many of those phones does it take to equal the weight of this supercar? 658. Though the top speed isn't being advertised just yet, this car can zoom 0-60mph in only 2.8 seconds. That is not a slouch of a car which is pretty great considering this is not one of the more well-known car companies in the world.

17 Nissan Versa Note S - $16,485


This is a very tiny car that I actually just drove a little over a month ago. This was a rental car to get me to Toronto from where I live. It got me there but without having to fill the tank a few too many times. This is not the car you want for highway driving. The tank is far too small to make it worth your while and even though it can manage to punch 109hp, it's really just meant for in-town commuting. It has a decent amount of space considering just how tiny it is but it is somehow $2000 more than the larger sedan. This makes no sense given the awful handling this car has and limited space by comparison.

16 Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli - $1.2 Million


I don't know how much I really need to say about this wonderful Italian car. To be fair, this comes from a much lesser known car company from Italy but that doesn't mean that this isn't a hot supercar that packs a punch and costs a fortune. At $1.2 million, one better hope that the Evantra Millecavalli has something good to offer. With the power of 1000 horses and a top speed of about 225mph, this Mazzanti can zoom from 0-60 in 2.7 seconds. It's not quite clear just how many of these cars have been built but there is no doubt that this is an exotic car.

15 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 ES - $15,595


If nothing else, the Mitsubishi Mirage at least comes with all the electronic bells and whistles that I think people expect from a car these days. If nothing other than that, the Mirage apparently has a great warranty with a 5-year 60k mile limited warranty as well as a 10-year 100,000k mile powertrain warranty. That's not too bad. That being said, it really doesn't make much of a difference because this car won't pump enough power to really need to worry about the warranties. It only runs with the power of 78 horses. That's just sad. At least it's good on gas though.

14 Lykan Hypersport - $3.4 Million


It's true, this car is super expensive...but it is also really hot. The Lykan Hypersport is probably one of my favorites in this article. It just has a gorgeous and super sleek look to it. In case one might wonder about the ridiculous price, just know that the headlights and LEDs in this machine are made of 15-carat diamonds...not kidding. This is apparently the world's first Arabic supercar and it's not a bad first foray into the world of mean machines worth over a million bucks. It certainly looks the part. And it can do 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 240mph.

13 Mazda 3 4-Door Sport - $19,145


This is one of the priciest cheap cars yet in this article! Still shy of $20,000, the Mazda 3 4-door Sport is probably one of the more powerful cars one could manage to swing for that price. With the power of 155 horses, this car is much better prepared to tackle highway driving as well as a bit of fun-running. It's better than some of the compacts when it comes to gas consumption both in town and on the highway, which is a truly great selling point. Otherwise, it still has all the odds and ends you'd expect in a modern car without giving away a lot of space.

12 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster - $4.5 Million


This is perhaps the most expensive car of 2018! At least if we're not considering classic or famous cars up for auction or special edition cars being sold to very elite clientele. And if anyone thinks that $4.5 million is steep, be prepared to be dazzled by the resell rate averaging about $11 million. This is what happens when you have a 50th anniversary Lambo of which only nine were made. This machine runs with a V12 engine and is powered by 740 horses. The name 'Veneno' means 'poison' in Spanish...If someone asked me to pick my poison...I might have to go with the Lambo Veneno Roadster.

11 Kia Rio S - $16,100


Right off the bat, before even digging down into the details of this car, I'm going to suggest that $16,100 is already too much for a car like this. Sure, the Rio S has all the tech features you'd expect with a touchscreen display, rearview camera, and a sound system that isn't complete garbage but there are some significant reasons to not really care for one of these in the garage. If you're looking for both space and fuel economy, there are better and more affordable cars out there that are both bigger and do better than 28mpg in town and 37mpg on the highway.

10 Koenigsegg Regera - $2 Million


This Koenigsegg is an upgrade to the Agera and Agera R. The Regera is a mighty machine that couples an intense amount of advanced tech and modern comfort with a wonderfully lightweight body ready for racing. Considering that the car runs $2 million, I think that there is every reason why it should have both comfort and speed. It takes this car less than 20 seconds to go from 0-400km. In case anyone is wondering what 400km means...that is just shy of 250 miles! This is no supercar. This machine is defined as either or both a hypercar and Megacar. That's the power of this baby.

9 Hyundai Accent SE Sedan - $14,745


Before digging into why this is a pretty boring car, I think I should at least say that this is a pretty cheap car and there are some good reasons for that. Fuel economy on the Accent is pretty awful with 26mpg in town and 36mpg on the highway. Not too good at all. Considering it is a cheap sedan, one might expect better fuel economy with this thing. Averaging just 26 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway, it has one of the worst fuel economy ratings. In addition, it doesn’t have features like Bluetooth or a rearview camera, which come standard in other cars.

8 Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio - $3 Million


This very expensive and very attractive machine was originally nothing more than a concept car back in 2013. Since then, there have only been six of these sleek Sergios made. Based on the 458 Spider, this car has the power of 562 horses and comes with an interesting comfort of special headrests built right into the interior roll cage. That's something special. I'm not sure that makes the car worth $3 million but the car was made in the memory of a son of the founder of Pininfarina. So, I guess that cranks the price up quite a bit. They have all sold...

7 Ford Fiesta S - $13,660


I'm really not a fan of the "hot hatchback" but when it comes to a dirt cheap car that can pack a decent punch with the power of 120 horses, has good handling, and decent fuel economy, the Ford Fiesta S might be the car to go to. There are some pretty high-tech gadgets in this machine too like the SYNC 3 system that supports both Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto. This is a pretty good system if one needs to check or deal with phone messages while you're driving. I think people are better off just pulling over if they really need their phone that bad, but this makes everything at least hands-free.

6 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta - $2.2 Million


For those Ford fans, you might be a little upset that the working project name for this supercar was originally "F 150". Surely that made some people wonder why Ferrari was going the way of the most popular pickup truck in the world. It is weird. Of course, once the car actually came out, I think the name was still ridiculous. Ferrari LaFerrari. I know it's because it's supposed to be the definitive Ferrari but still. While $2.2 million seems a little steep for the car, that means pretty well nothing. The LaFerrari Aperta was sold at auction for $10 million.

5 Fiat 500 Pop - $15,985


I'm pretty sure that the only reason this tiny, puny car is $15,985 is because of the badge that is attached to it. If this car was a Toyota or a Honda it would be a few grand less. The name 'Fiat' seems to fetch this car at a higher price. Sure, the Pop has all the new tech gadgets that someone might want in their economy car but the extra bucks really just go to making this thing look sporty...I'm sorry, but there is no way that anyone could really take this seriously as a sporty car. Even when it comes to the ridiculous spoiler on the back of this thing.

4 Bugatti Chiron - $2.7 Million


The Bugatti Chiron is one hot car. This is the successor to the Bugatti Veyron (which is the second fastest street-legal car next to the Hennessey Venom). Now, it might very well be that the Chiron could be faster than the Veyron but that remains to be tested. What is important to know though is that this car has been capped at 268mph but it has 1,500 horses powering it which is 300 more horses than the Veyron Super Sport. That is pretty significant...but the top speed hasn't been sorted out just yet. Though it currently goes for $2.7 million, the price is likely to jump past $3 million.

3 Chevrolet Spark LS - $15,890


Apparently, the Chevy Spark is the most affordable of all the Chevy cars out on the market right now. And the price listing here of $15, 890 is actually on the higher end of what you could be paying for one of these machines. To look at, I don't think it's anything special. And to take for a spin, it's also nothing wonderful. It sports only a 1.4 liter engine with a top speed that has not ever been discovered (because it's not like anyone is really racing these). But hey, this car does still come with a touchscreen display as well as a MyLink system and OnStar capabilities.

2 Aston Martin Valkyrie - $3.2 Million


This is not the most expensive car on the list here but it is certainly the weirdest-looking one, for sure. This tiny, futuristic Aston Martin (aside from having an awesome name) packs a 6.5-liter V12 engine that has the power of 1000 horses...that's a lot of horses! While these cars are being built right now, the delivery date on these is set for 2019. There are about 150 orders for the Valkyrie so far and I'm sure it will climb. Oh, and for those who are wondering about this going around a track...there are 25 special track-only ones being built...I'm not going to guess the price on those.

1 Chevrolet Sonic LS - $17,370


The Chevy Sonic LS is actually at the higher end of the cheapest cars of 2018. That being said, it is also bigger than almost all of the cheap rides for this year. Aside from actually having a trunk as well as back seat space that can comfortably fit people, the Sonic is pretty well made for those who really want to have a high-tech ride. This has Chevy MyLink, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. It also has several USB ports and comes with a three-month OnStar trial. Oh, and don't forget the rearview camera for when wanting to avoid backing up to shoppers in a parking lot!

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