You Can Now Finally Own Your Own Jet Pack

There is no question that driverless cars will become the most preferred method of travel in the years to come. The idea that people will no longer have to be stuck in traffic the way that we know it now feels like something a 1930's author conjured up while in the bathroom, high as a kite on mushrooms. But alas, technology is moving forward so fast that people may no longer have to pay attention to the road and finally relax in their own vehicles as they do on airplanes and buses now.


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But that method of travel is for wimps. After thousands of years of human innovation, hundreds of years of the development in travel technology, and countless Iron Man movies, the good people at JetPack Aviation are finally helping regular people avoid not only street traffic, but will also help people physically rise above mere mortals with their own jet pack. The company has not put a price tag on it yet, but they are stating that "well qualified buyers" are able to purchase their jet packs; whatever that means.

Approaching Sea Level

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Never fear though because the company is running a contest to allow some individuals to take a flight in this amazing technology. The jet pack can only get people in the air for about ten minutes, but by being able to elevate 1,000 feet per minute makes those ten minutes totally worth it.

Long Way Down

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Shall walking forever be damned in the future.

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