Yoga Pants: Still The Hottest Thing To Wear In Hollywood Since 2010

Ah Yoga pants, making women comfortable and making men drool for years now.

When it became trendy to wear active wear on the regular people thought this would be a flash-in-the-pan fashion boo boo that would go away, never to return. Except in this case it never left, and is still going strong years later. Even we can't get enough!

Yoga pants/stretch pants/leggings have become increasingly more comfortable over the years. Ladies don't want to take them off, or wear something that isn't as breathable like denim or khaki (ick). So, yoga pants are here to stay, and nothing proves this more than the number of celebrities who still sport them out. Take for example:

Candice Swanepoel

Swanepoel Stretching It Out

Kim Kardashian-West

Kim and Blac Chyna


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Kendall Jenner

this was fun

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Jenner Walking The Dogs

Jen Selter

The Jen Selter Challenge

Nicki Minaj

5 more lbs to go

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Nicki Posing With Her Lambo

Jennifer Lopez 1

Via fabmansion.com


J-Lo 2

Kate Hudson

Yoga On The Beach

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Sofia Vergara

Via univision.com


Yoga Class

Selma Hayek

Via pinterest

On The Set Of Grown Ups 2

Jessica Biel

Via fabzz.com


Biel Working Out

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Kelly Brook

Lookin Good From Behind

Via hawtcelebs.com

Kristen Bell

Via santabanta.com

Bell Taking A Walk

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Megan Fox

Via popsugar.com


Fox Going For A Drive

Vanessa Hudgens

Via fitavation.com


Hudgens With A Friend


Here's hoping this trend continues and yoga pants are here to stay forever!

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