Men Are Angry About Women-Only Wonder Woman Screenings

Wonder Woman is yet to release and the movie is already creating quite a stir. It will be released on 2nd June 2017 worldwide, and movie theaters in Austin, Texas and Brooklyn, New York have announced women-only screenings. While some men supported the initiative, others weren’t quite pleased with the decision.

In a statement published online, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema said that their theatres in Austin, Texas and Brooklyn, New York will be running several screenings only for women.

Citing their support for girl power and the message of Wonder Woman, the theater also encouraged boyfriends to buy tickets for their girlfriends so that women could come and watch one of the world’s most inspirational characters.

The decision caused a negative response to erupt online, and some men were not happy about it. They even questioned if the theater had ever hosted a men’s only screening. One person asked if Alamo would have a men’s only screening for Man of Steel or Terminator. The sexist comments didn’t stop here, and men kept on with the banter. The theater franchise, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, in the past has held special screenings for military veterans and others. So this was definitely not something new to them.

Via: indiewire.com

The several women-only screenings make the premiere of DC Extended Universe’s latest movie very special as it focuses on woman power. It is the first female-centric comic book adaptation to hit the theaters, and the first major woman superhero after Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix. Wonder Woman is also the first $100 million budget superhero movie to be directed by a woman, and that makes the movie all the more amazing. The director Patty Jenkins hasn’t directed a movie since Monster in 2003. But she has been incredibly active working on TV and has directed episodes of Arrested Development, Entourage, and The Killing, for which she received an Emmy nod as well.

People around the world can’t wait for Wonder Woman to release. The initial reviews have been encouraging and we hope that the movie is not only a hit, but also inspires people around the world. We also hope the men can let this one go, considering we hardly get to see women superheroes on the big screen.

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