Women Shouldn't Vote So Trump Can Win #RepealThe19th

It's official, we've seen it all. This U.S. Presidential Election will go down in history as the moment the stupidity and ignorance of humanity shined through all of our doubts and removed any hope we had of saving our race from self-destruction.

While many would agree that both candidates Trump and Clinton are riddled with flaws, as are we all, it seems they have set the bar way higher than anyone imagined. Not much of an argument needs to be made for which of the two is the winner in the 'flawed thinking' department.

Just when we thought Trump and his followers couldn't get any more ridiculous, a hashtag started trending. And it truly is appalling, and kind of pathetic— to anyone with half a brain, that is. According to a sample from Keyhole (they track hashtags), #RepealThe19th has reached a little over 5 million individuals. In case you don't remember, "The 19th" is the Amendment that gave women the right to vote.

Naturally, you may be curious as to what could have possibly set off this heinous trend. Well, it all boils down to two maps shared on Twitter by one, Nate Silver (@NateSilver538).

Here are the two tweets. Take them in...

Now it's starting to make sense, right? The 'logic' is that if women can't vote, Trump wins! The part that's most shocking is that there are female Trump supporters that are actually alright with this and are willing to give up their right to vote if it means The Donald comes out on top.

Of course, suspicions about the origins of the hashtag are circulating; many say that it was actually started by Clinton's bots.

Is this tweet enough evidence? Would Trump supporters have gone there anyway? We saw above that there are actual people who would back this idea... So, does the origin really matter? So many questions!

Anyway, there really isn't much left to say. So here, just take a look at more fun tweets on the subject (and don't forget to check out their comments, it's incredibly entertaining):

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